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Brussels-based Briton pens hit Brexit poetry collection

Added: (Tue Sep 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A British writer living in Brussels has plenty of rhyme and reason to envision a bleak future for Britain with his new anthology.
Stephen Gospage’s despair at the Brexit referendum vote has ruled out any chance of him and his wife returning home to the shores of Britain.
In response to the leave-vote the 64-year-old, who has spent over 35 years working in the Belgian capital, has penned a poetic collection of conjecture from the continent, The Brexit Queue: A Nightmare.
Since its release The Brexit Queue: A Nightmare has reached number two in Amazon’s politics charts and also Amazon’s poetry charts.
Stephen said: “Leaving the European Union will change the face of the United Kingdom and there is a real risk of the country becoming a more mean-spirited and unwelcoming place, following backward policies inspired by reactionary forces at home and on the other side of the Atlantic.
“Given the current uncertain situation, I still have some hope that Brexit will not happen, but the odds must be that the break from Europe will go ahead. When this occurs, the world will not change overnight; concrete, day-to-day evidence of the impact of Brexit may initially be hard to pin down.
“We will have to look hard for the signs. The book attempts to represent these somewhat elusive Brexit effects in a poetic form. It has no pretensions to deal with the politics or the Article 50 negotiations, or anything like that. It is work of imagination and allegory which focuses on real life: more “supermarket” than “single market”.
“This work was inspired by my frustration at the Brexit vote. It is not directed against the people who voted leave but at the dishonest campaign and its potentially serious consequences on so many levels. As a convinced internationalist and pro-European, I voted to remain in Europe in the 1975 referendum, but, like many British citizens living abroad, my wife and I were last year denied a vote in the most significant decision that the country will take in our lifetimes. It has led to us ruling out a return to the UK.”
The Brexit Queue: A Nightmare is broken down into three parts, The Promised Land, The Journey and The Reckoning.
Stephen, who has already published an anthology of poems as well as a novel, pens a powerful poetic prognosis of how the pitfalls from divorce with the European Union will emerge. In 46 pages, it speculates on how grass-roots life may become less pleasant, and more ridiculous, for the ordinary citizen. The serious nature of this theme is leavened with many flashes of humour.
Stephen, whose poem The Regret was published in the New European newspaper earlier this year, added: “The message from The Brexit Queue: A Nightmare is simply that I believe that Brexit - whether hard, soft or extreme - will change British society, and not for the better.
“In spite of all the waffle about “taking back control”, de-regulation and the smaller state could lead to the emergence of new, self-appointed elites taking charge of people’s lives.
“Class structures will reassert themselves and social divisions will widen.
“At one point, the poem fantasises about “new leaders” of great houses in the shires, taking imaginary pot-shots at their harassed customers - the general public, a.k.a. the hard-working families, forking out huge sums at the metaphorical gate.
“In the end, however, it is poetry and people will interpret it as they see fit.”
For more information go to Amazon and search for Stephen Gospage, where the Kindle and paperback versions of The Brexit Queue: A Nightmare are available.

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