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Making Drinking Water Simpler – Importance of Drinking Fountains

Added: (Thu May 18 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The Water Cooler Company offers useful tips about health and drinking water fountains
London, UK: Plumbed-in water coolers are the ultimate long-term water solution to invest in. Drinking fountains are extremely important to have in schools, universities as well as general access areas in large working environments as they play a role in developing our bodies and brains.
The Water Cooler Company offers you drinking fountains that are affordable, reliable and convenient. They reduce the costs normally associated with ordering water bottles whilst providing safe, clean and an unlimited supply of drinking water straight from your tap. All those bad tastes and odours you get from your normal tap water is eliminated immediately through filters.
Having easy access to clean drinking water is essential for all humans especially in places such as schools and offices. When you are at work or at school you need to be super alert and productive therefore need an ample amount of water to get your body working to its full potential.
We all know that our bodies need 7-8 glasses of water a day. Many of us spend most of our days at school or work so it is crucial for us to get the correct amount of water intake in order for our body to function optimally daily. Dehydration has many side effects such as poor concentration, memory loss, headaches and fatigue.
With summer around the corner its getting hotter by the day, therefore, we need to make sure we fully equipped when it comes to our water supply. By providing your staff and learners with easy access water you not only increase their health but also their working ability. When there is access to water people to tend to drink it more as it saves them money, time and effort.
About The Water Cooler Company: At The Water Cooler Company, we offer a range of plumbed in water fountains for both purchase and rental. The benefits of a plumbed in water fountain is that you won’t need to regularly top up on water bottles as it is already connected to your main water supply so don’t need to stock up or order water bottles.
Hop over to our site https://www.thewatercoolercompany.com/ or give us a call on 0845 500 4455. We offer our wide variety of hydration solutions whether you’re looking for floor standing, plumbed in or even counter top. We stock them all at affordable prices.

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