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Mental health practitioners announce treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder using IEMT

Added: (Mon Nov 13 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - West Sussex, UK: Traumatic experiences can leave a permanent dent in the minds of individuals, which can result in severe emotional problems and consequences. Treating trauma is a social responsibility that humanity needs to take serious, to help suffers overcome depression and stress. The Association for Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioners is proud to announce their therapy sessions designed to help overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. IEMT was developed as a method for exploring areas of undesired emotions and bringing the client back into the present, to enable them to stay away from negative experiences of the past. Practitioners are adequately trained to identify traumatic disorder symptoms and find ways to help clients overcome their situation using tested and efficient methodologies.

Get more information about IEMT by visiting the website at www.integraleyemovementtherapy.com.

"Traumatic disorders are life sucking and can affect your career, personality, and overall human development. No one should ever have to go through so much pain because of something that happened to them, of which they probably had no control over. Our association is committed to helping people find alternative ways to get ahead of their traumatic symptoms and side effects. We have expert IEMT practitioners who have been well trained and have experience working with numerous at-risk individuals, including soldiers. We hope to help as many people as possible to overcome their difficulties, through our methods so that they can live a normal and fulfilled life," said Andrew T. Austin, Director.

IEMT identifies traumatic stress symptoms
Identification of manifested symptoms is one of the core principles of using IEMT methodologies to find a solution to people hurting from past traumatic experiences. The manifestation of symptoms is divided into three groups including intrusive memories, social avoidance, and emotional arousal. Practitioners of IEMT are trained to identify any of these symptoms in clients and adequately document the effects. They employ different methods and treatments to help clients get through the difficult times so they can be free to go on a live a healthy and fruitful life.

"After one session of IEMT, a client of ours went back to a therapist she's been seeing for 15 years and told her about the experience she had with IEMT and the amazing difference it made. The therapist said, "Oh, really... and what new medication are you on?" We're expecting a call..." James Cervelloni, Mindopoly Center for Change, New York.

Seeing a professional mental health practitioner is the first step to overcoming hurt caused by traumatic events of the past. The future holds exciting promises, and everyone has the right to enjoy life the way want.

The Association for EMT Practitioners Ltd aims to promote the interests of IEMT practitioners worldwide, through quality training, certification, and standardization. They also encourage research and development of treatment protocols, create liaison with other fields, and raise awareness on IEMT as a viable alternative treatment for trauma. For more information, please contact (UK) 07838387580, associationforiemt@gmail.com, or visit www.integraleyemovementtherapy.com.

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The Association for EMT Practitioners Ltd

Andrew T. Austin, Director
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Rustington, West Sussex, UK


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