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AskGPS1st.com Opens New Avenues of Discussion with GPSBest.net Blog

With both a commercial and informative site at his disposal, Dan is improving his store's customer service while simultaneously communicating with his shoppers directly Merrill, WI, March 21, 2008 -- Dan Nicholson recently opened his GPS superstore at www.AskGPS1st.com, and is now supplementing(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)



Tim O'Brien Changes it Up: Chameleon out on Proper American 31 March

NASHVILLE—Mulitple IBMA and Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Tim O’Brien changes it up this Spring with a solo effort entitled Chameleon out on Proper American 31 March internationally. Chameleon is O’Brien’s first release since winning the 2006 Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album (for (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Celebrity rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Ditch, and more for Snoops cd release party and bas

Tom Green, Chaz from Beverly Hills Pimps and Ho's, Rapper Ditch, Bishop Don Juan, Too Short, Bill Maher and many more celebrities all appeared at the Snoop Dogg cd release party for his new cd Ego Trippin last night at Club Opera in Hollywood,Ca. The stars were all in attendance at the over capacity(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Peruvian artist has first UK exhibition at Spice Art Studios, Southampton

Peruvian artist Juan Bautista exhibits his work for the first time in the UK at Spice Art Studios, Southampton. Juan Bautista is exhibiting his vibrant abstract art works at one of Southampton’s finest contemporary art galleries, Spice Art Studios. The exhibition starts with a private view on F(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Charlie’s Song has a message for teenagers: Find your dream and pursue it with your heart.

Charlie’s Song has a message for teenagers: Find your dream and pursue it with your heart. Young teenagers are bombarded with mixed messages these days — not all of them particularly positive. And the messages come thick and fast, thanks in large part to today’s instant media and instant electron(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Cleveland Alternative Fuel Technology Company Updates Name to Arisdyne Systems

Cleveland fuel production systems manufacturer FST Fuel Technologies recently changed its name to Arisdyne Systems, Inc. to reflect a new, separate identity. “Our company had evolved from our parent organization to better serve our customers’ production equipment needs within the alternative fuel(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

This Art Show Really Stinks! "Smelly" Work Gets Destroyed by Gallery Director

While it’s not uncommon to see audiences turn their noses up at contemporary art, a recent project by the art group, Center for Tactical Magic (CTM), has one gallery director pinching her nostrils. The military-style packing crate filled with a dozen egg-shaped stink bombs was installed at the ISE (Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Cable&Wireless QueueBuster comes up roses for Interflora contact centre at Christmas

Cable&Wireless QueueBuster comes up roses for Interflora contact centre at Christmas Flower and gift company opts for network-hosted queue management system based on Netcall’s QueueBuster Cambridge UK – 20 March 2008: Interflora, the world’s largest and most popular flower deliver(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Cauchemars: comment les comprendre

Selon certaines traditions le cauchemar est un bon signe et promet un avenir meilleur au rêveur. Ainsi, d'après une pensée commune à l'Occident, à l'Inde et au Japon, le cauchemar est bon signe lorsque le rêve idyllique est considéré comme moins bon. Ce courant voit le rêve comme présageant le contr(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Kitchen Worktops

Having the looks of your kitchen so elegant and glamorous could be one of the best projects you can make in your homes today. Nothing beats cooking in a beautifully designed kitchen worktops with our company's top of the line and known durable hard stones. At Discount Granite Worktops we make your d(Added: Thu Mar 20 2008)

Exclusive Access to the Quickest Ways to Make $1,500 per DAY - from the comfort of your own home!

For Immediate Release: Do You Want Exclusive Access to the Quickest Ways to Make $1,500 per DAY - from the comfort of your own home - and Do You Want To Get Started Minutes From Now? Help, Support Tools and Membership For Life. READ THE TESTIMONIALS - EVERYONE LOVES IT! By: Sandra K. Adams(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Fosse Financial to Announce Acquisition of fund management businesses of Deutsche Bank

Fosse Financial is, according to rumours emanating from within the ranks of the prominent European Financial Advisory Firm, due to announce the acquisition of certain Austrian Fund Management Businesses of Deutsche Bank. Sources close to Fosse Financial say claim that Fosse Financial is due to anno(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Dr. Bruce Freund Announces the Addition of Renowned Aesthetic Consultant, Stephanie Popper to NJ Cen

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (March 12, 2007) Dr. Bruce Freund announces the addition of renowned Aesthetic Consultant, Stephanie Popper to The NJ Center for Dental & Facial Enhancement. Dr. Freund’s vision is making sure patients who are trying to achieve an overall optimal cosmetic result can do so by (Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Fosse Financial Introduces Automatic Rebalancing Of Mutual Funds across a Portfolio

Fosse Financial has introduced automatic rebalancing of mutual funds across an entire portfolio with its revolutionary Fusion investment program. Sources close to Fosse Financial have revealed that investment representatives have often requested that Fosse Financial simplify the process of buildi(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Traditional Navajo Weaving Techniques Inspire Collectors at Garth’s Auction

Santa Fe, March 19, 2008--Seated on a sheepskin outside her Hogan the Navajo weaver sings and prays as she weaves her blanket in front of an upright loom. A baby strapped to a cradleboard rests nearby. When she started out her patterns were simple. Over time they grew dramatic as though inspi(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Fosse Financial Comment as Oil Settles at $109 a Barrel Supported by weakening US Dollar

Fosse Financial commodities analysts remarked after oil reached a record nearing $110 a barrel recently. Sources say that the analyst team at Fosse Financial commented recently as Crude reached yet another record of close to 110 USD a barrel. According to the sources close to Fosse Financial, a (Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Showing the love with Eternity Rings popular

An Eternity ring can be described as an anniversary ring or dress ring. Sometimes they are used as wedding rings. There are two main types of eternity ring, a half eternity ring or full. This ring is usually worn on the wedding finger, which is the third finger on the left hand. There is an order(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

"Song for Pickles," A Brand New Jazz Album from Composer, Lyricist, and Pianist Larry Gelb

Englewood, NJ (March 17, 2008) - Composer, lyricist and pianist who introduced I’ll Remember Love The Larry Gelb Songbook Volume I is now expressing his wonderful talent through jazz. The new jazz album entitled Song for Pickles is a compilation of twelve great new tunes composed by Larry Gelb. “Pic(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Pashmina –Pashmina Shawls Dubai

Most renowned of Kashmir handicrafts, is the Pashmina Shawls; The handicraft gallery is one of the main pashmina shawls seller in Dubai and UAE Most renowned of Kashmir handicrafts, is the Pashmina Shawls; it is the name for the finest Cashmere. Pashmina, the queen of all wools which originat(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

North Cyprus Villas...A Different Side Of Cyprus Awaits You

North Cyprus is a neutral country when it comes to religion and you will find a very cosmopolitan mixture in this region of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is the 3rd largest throughout the Mediterranean coming after Sardinia and Sicily, and it is situated at 65 km south of Turkey. There are several ot(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Posters – Today Tomorrow and Ever

Posters - A larger piece of paper which may be larger and medium size also. Posters can be in the way of graphical and a textual source also. Posters are usually used to advertise and also as a motivational posters. They are usually in the form of cartoon posters, celebrity posters, sports posters, (Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)


Despite having a flawless driving license and no motoring or drug convictions to speak of, squeaky clean Daniel Radcliffe has to pay nearly four times (367%) more than Babyshambles front-man and notorious hell-raiser Pete Doherty for his car insurance, says Confused.com. Based on 18 year-old Ra(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Play Radio UK grows again!

Two new live stations for the Internet radio network March 2008, West Sussex, UK: 2 great new services will begin broadcasting at Play Radio UK this Easter, with the UKs biggest online radio network offering two new live stations, Play One UK and Play Two UK, delivering even more choice to the rapi(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)


A book which exposes the truth and the fiction behind Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code has been relaunched. The Da Vinci Decode has proven so popular, that it is now being offered with additional resources for those who are serious about finding out the truth behind Dan Brown’s book. Eliezer Go(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

How to Use Color in Your Perennial Garden

Just like most things in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If purple blooms put a smile on your face, then you should most definitely use plants with purple blooms. The same is true for any color you find pleasing. There are different disciplines to pull from when trying to decide on color(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

How to Make Every AdSense Ad on the Google Network Pay You!

Wouldn’t it be great if every keyword in Google’s entire inventory could be relevant to your site? Imagine that no matter what any person searched for, all of the ads that came up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) paid you whenever someone clicked on them. Sound good to you? That’s great(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Digital landscape photography

Within a period of just a few years, digital photography has become the preferred medium of capture in photography for the massive majority of photographers from amateurs through to high ranking professionals. There are many reasons for this:
1. Convenience in being able to see results almost(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Meeting "The One" in Crowded Maze

Meeting "The One" in Crowded Maze How often have you heard the story of the lucky person who just happened to be "in the right place, at the right time?" We've all heard the tales about the lottery winner who bought the winning ticket on a whim while on vacation. Or the successful business tyc(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Image Source Announces New AXIS Collection - Cultura

Image Source, the world's leading independent producer of royalty free stock photography, is pleased to announce that its AXIS service, which allows third party production companies access to Image Source’s sales and distributor platforms, has signed its latest collection, Cultura. “This content(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)
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