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Growth Leads GlobalRegulatory.com to Expand to Other Industries

GlobalRegulatory.com expands it's successful Regulatory Services to additional industries. GlobalRegulatory.com had previously specialized in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, clinical trials, food, dietary supplements and cosmetics industries. Based on our success and rapid growth(Added: Mon Mar 26 2007)

Pissedpoet Pics Does Glamour, Almost

The latest guest exhibition at www.pissedpoetpics.com “As Dreams Go By” by Mark Velasquez has all the hallmarks of glamour shoot. The Barbie doll beauty of the female models, the staged unreality, the flawless lighting, the oozing sexuality and the packaging is the product is all there. But, “As(Added: Mon Mar 26 2007)

Coach Mike Ditka shows of his wine with Les’ Wines & Vines Syndicated Radio

(LAS VEGAS - - March XX, 2007) Les’ Wines & Vines (Nationally syndicated radio broadcast) made the news recently when his featured guest was hall of famer and long time Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka’s wines at Texas station Casino in Las Vegas. With the usual live audience of about 45 invited guest(Added: Sun Mar 25 2007)

Las Vegas Dance Label Soulsupplement Records Announce The Release of Harmony Lessons

Soulsupplement Records is proud to announce the March 2007 release of “Harmony Lessons” from Beat Sanctuary’s Rick Harmony. “Harmony Lessons” is a collection of remixes by Glasgow based Rick Harmony of Beat Sanctuary. The original songs are selected from the debut Soulsupplement 12” release ti(Added: Sun Mar 25 2007)

Houdini's family on wife's side against having Houdini exhumed

HOUDINI LIVES! The latest Houdini headline is that several people want to exhume his body to settle once and for all the exact cause of his death. Hair samples could tell the story. Just heard from the closest living relatives of Houdini on his wife's side. Ruth, sister of Houdini's wife, Bess and J(Added: Sun Mar 25 2007)

A win for erotic fiction: The Blonde Geisha Wins the RIO Award of Excellence in Mainstream Fiction

Huntington Beach, CA--Who knew a geisha with blonde hair, green eyes, and a saucy attitude could take the top spot in mainstream fiction? The Blonde Geisha by Jina Bacarr has won first place in the Mainstream Fiction category in the 2006 RIO Award of Excellence, one of the most prestigious mainstrea(Added: Sun Mar 25 2007)

Limca Book of Records 2007 publishes Nikhil Parekh’s record entry

Year 2006 brings more glory to Internationally acclaimed poet Nikhil Parekh. The latest edition of Limca Book of Records India 2007 released recently, has now published the most recent record entry of the poet. His entry of 'Being India's 1st and only Winner of the EPPIE award for best poetry e-book(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Celebrity Records Presents John Dote'

Paul Loggins handled such giants as Elton John, Mariah Carey & John Dote' _______________________________________________________________ In 1998, Celebrity Records hired Loggins Promtions agent, Paul Loggins in Hollywood, California to promote a series of releases which included the "Hard L(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Hansom Pilot EP - Out Now!!

To hear clips, download a free track and purchase EP, visit http://www.myspace.com/hansompilot or http://www.hansompilot.com EP also available to download on ITunes. With their infectious style of pop-rock and an energy-packed live show, it's no surprise that big things are predicted for Han(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Hyderabad Real Estate. Its Cool in Hot Summer! Apartment, Plot Prices Stagnate.

Hyderabad, India) The property prices in the once sleepy city of Hyderabad started taking off from the year 2002, spurred by growth of software and BPO business. Hundreds of US firms and leading Indian IT Players, have been ramping up scale of operations at Hyderabad. In recent weeks, the Real Estat(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Training is a waste of time!

Many millions are spent by organisations throughout the world on staff training each year but that's just a waste of time and money according to London Hypno-Psychotherapist Alan Crisp. Alan says "training really is a waste of time unless you add motivation" Alan goews on to say "this is not about (Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Go By Road- Internet Bus Reservations Site

Go by Road is a new way to manage your travel needs in India. We will assist you in planning your travel by road. We cater to online Volvo bus ticket booking for destinations all over India. Visit us at http://www.gobyroad.com to learn how easy it is to book a bus ticket with us. (Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Je veux jouer au poker virtuel en ligne

http://www.francecasinos.org/ Roulette - Poker- Jeu Casino – Casino Ligne. Jouer au Poker comme Patrick Bruel Les Casinos Virtuels Ce sont les Casinos en ligne pour des joueurs qui veulent éviter de faire partie des grandes ruées des joueurs de Las Vegas. Ils votent pour leur du confort depuis l(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Folder of 25 Previously Unknown Documents Pertaining To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., To Be Sold By G

( EMAILWIRE.COM, March 23, 2007 ) Atlanta, Ga. - An unassuming Pendaflex file folder, still green but weathered with age and frayed around the edges, holds a treasure trove of about 25 previously unknown documents pertaining to slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The papers will (Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

Investment Property Specialist Integrates Google Earth To Show Properties For Sale

Investment property specialist David Stanley Redfern Ltd. is the first real estate agency in the UK to offer clients the chance to see properties they wish to purchase in real time with Google Earth. Live on davidstanleyredfern.com from Saturday 24 March, visitors to the web site will be able to(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

New Medical Breakthrough in the Treatment of Hair Loss/Baldness. popular

Plant base Propecia Biostim is Propecia but without the side-effects.The most common form of hair loss is genetic. Androgenetic alopecia occurs in approximately 60% of men and 10% of women in the U.K. However, if you are a sufferer you do not have to simply live with it as your parents and grandp(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

What Is the Hair Growth Cycle?

It is normal to lose 75-100 individual hairs daily. With male pattern baldness, new hair growth is diminishing in taking the place of hairs that are shed. Hair is constantly growing in cycles. These cycles are as follows: ANAGEN - This is the growth cycle in which cells divide and elevate to the upp(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

Access-funds, government funding, access funding, charity funding, charitable funds

Access-funds, for charity funding, fund raising ideas, goverment grants, government funding, fund raising, grant funding, funding, arts funding, access lottery(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

Mayflex encounter the limitations of traditional racking and shelving

Hänel’s automated storage systems provide an automated alternative to standard racking and shelving systems. Requiring only a few square metres on which to operate, Hänel’s systems bring goods to the user at the touch of a button and at an ergonomically positioned level. This enables quicker stock(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

Monday Club E.P Launch Wed 28th sugar Club w/ Dirty Epics

The Monday Club Winners of The King Kong Club Grand Prize 2006 * The Monday Club launch their prize - a 4 track EP - with a special show in the Sugar Club, Wednesday March 28th, 8pm. Support is from competition runners up, Dirty Epics.* Running from March to December of last year The Ki(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

Nokia 7373 Pink: Fashion or Features?

Nokia 7373 Pink is a hit with womenfolk for two reasons. First, it is a fashion phone that is especially made for fashion conscious people particularly ladies. Second, it comes in a mushy pink colour which happens to be an all time favourite of all the females around the world. Automatically,(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

John Dote And Rockford Files

ENTER THE OFFICIAL SITE AT http://www.freewebs.com/jodo777d48/ JOHN DOTE' & ROCKFORD FILES Soundtracks from the long-play album "Hooked On Themes" U.S. Detective Drama The Rockford Files is generally regarded (along with Harry O) as one of the finest private eye series of the 1970s, a(Added: Fri Mar 23 2007)

3d icons. Free icons. Messenger icons for pc.

3d icons. Download windows icon. Icons for linux only this site.(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Do you like to laugh while you learn?

Do you like to laugh while you learn? Imagine a book that uses humour to make a point, but pulls no punches and speaks directly to you the reader. Imagine a book that builds your mental and emotional health, but written clearly in simple language without the confusing gobbledygook and psychobabb(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Arte Communications for the 52nd Visual Arts Biennale in 2007

Arte Communication is a company specialised for the concept, organization, and realization of exhibitions and cultural events. We are delighted to announce our programme for the 52nd Venice Visual Arts Biennale 2007. National Pavillion GEORGIA PRESS CONFERENCE: Saturday 9 June 2007 at 11.(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Alex Corina's Unusual Approach to Exhibiting Art

Alex Corina Announces an Unusual Approach to Exhibiting his Art Former Wirral Metropolitan College Fine Art Degree student, Alex Corina, will be holding an unusual Art Exhibition, at his home in Liverpool, on Sunday 1st April 2007. Alex has taken the unusual step of advertising his home for sal(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

New Recruitment Forum Brings Together Job Seekers, Recruiters and Employers

March 22, 2007, London – It’s rare to see job seekers, recruitment agencies and employers in the same place. Despite the fact that everyone involved in the recruitment process wants more or less the same thing – the right people in the right jobs – the process is often seen as more ‘them and us’ tha(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Bio-Plastics Factory Opens in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

Zelfo Australia recently launched the world’s first commercial production facility for Zelfo Material in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW of Australia. On March 16th ,2007 a small group of Australia’s leading designers, press, local and state Government representatives visited a new Earth friendly busines(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Caffeine Nights Publishing introduces a new form of fiction…Chick Noir

Author Darren E Laws has his second novel ‘Tripping’ published on April 10. Tripping is the first book to be published by Caffeine Nights Publishing. Tripping is a modern day fable which Darren’s publishers call ‘Chick lit with a dark side’ and they have now coined a new phrase to describe the boo(Added: Wed Mar 21 2007)

LDSTunesNow Features Entire Inspirational Music Showcase Catalog

Eagle Mountain, UT - March 23, 2007 - LDSTunesNow, the MP3 music download sister-site of LDSMusicNow.com, is pleased to announce that the entire Sounds of Zion/Inspirational Music Showcase music catalog is now available for purchase. "It's been a privilege working with Sounds of Zion's Inspirati(Added: Wed Mar 21 2007)
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