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On Track for First Art Exhibition

Visit the first ever Art Exhibition of Debra Wagner, at Stone Railway Station, Staffordshire, on Saturday 27th May 2006. Debra works in acrylic colours to produce vibrant paintings including a broad variety of different subjects, including the complete Railway Collection, Animals, Portraits and Pop (Added: Fri Apr 28 2006)

Eastern Europe due for a taste of the British banger!

One hundred brave souls will place their trust in a hundred quids worth of scrap metal before taking on the ultimate European driving challenge this August. Wimbledon based company Bedlam Events are hosting the Ramshackle Rally - essentially the Gumball on a shoe string. The rules are simple:(Added: Fri Apr 28 2006)

Amazing Gracie

A witty and charming debut novel from talented young British author Lisa Jane Weller. An accomplished piece of fiction believable characters, a compelling plot, an entertaining and very readable novel Golgonooza The Plot Dumped by her fianc, stuck in a dead-end job, and living at home(Added: Fri Apr 28 2006)

Sven The Squirrel Is nuts about the World Cup

PRESS RELEASE FOR RELEASE MAY 2ND Contact: Stuart Smith Address: 23 Springfields, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Tel: 0870 8034061 Email: stuart@celebrityvoices.co.uk URL: www.celebrityvoices.co.uk Sven the Squirrel is nuts about the World Cup! As the World Cup draws ever closer and Squirrels (Added: Fri Apr 28 2006)

Hot Stuff: Erotic Fiction for Women Is Here to Stay

Huntington Beach, CA--When Spice author Jina Bacarr opens her podcast with a story about desperate housewives who withhold sex from their husbands until the men stop the war, she's quick to point out this erotic story isn't new. " 'Lysistrata' was written in 411 B.C. by the Greek playwright, Aristo(Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

Learn How to Create a Successful Franchise Business on StartupNation Radio May 27, 2006

Jeff Sinelli, creator of the Which Wich? sandwich-shop chain, will reveal how to craft a franchise-friendly business on StartupNation Radio, www.startupnation.com What: Jeff Sinelli, creator of the highly successful Which Wich? sandwich-shop chain will discuss how to build a franchise startup. (Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Shareholders Group Calls For Unity Among Fellow Shareholders

A group of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. shareholders are calling for unity among fellow shareholders until at least May 16, 2006 in order to allow the CMKM Task Force time to complete the daunting task before them. Barry Shipes, owner of Sterling's Academy on PalTalk.com, along with his administrators and a (Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)



Singers and Bands Wanted

We are urgently looking for singers and bands for our database for forthcoming projects and events. In addition we are looking new singers and bands for potential record deals. If you believe that you have got what it takes, you have passion and the drive to succeed in the music industry, send us yo(Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

New book launched entitled Book's Chronicles by Timothy Balmford

A Tale of Wizards and Dragons New author Timothy Balmford has written a fantasy novel to rival Harry Potter and J R. R. Tolkien called, Books Chronicles Volume One. Using books he read as a child and a world he created for the fantasy, role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, for inspirat(Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

Depression Glass Trivia at the Midwest Emporium

Do you know how to measure your Depression Glass pieces and determine their names or values? Why isn�t your piece listed in the Glass Book? While our country struggled from the Stock Market crash, some marvelous treasures were manufactured and sold or given away. There are some interesting facts(Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is an astonishingly beautiful and diverse country, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali people also foster a wealth of cultural diversity, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout(Added: Thu Apr 27 2006)

management deal for Hillbilly Soul singer/songwriter Tim Harwill

For Immediate Release � management deal for Hillbilly Soul singer/songwriter Tim Harwill April 26, 2006, Harwill Music is pleased to announce a 5 year agreement appointing Judith Pociwauschek as Business Manager for hillbilly soul recording artist Tim Harwill effective December 1, 2005. Judy w(Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

New York City Singer/Songwriter Awarded Honorable Mention in Billboard Contest

April 26, 2006 -- Independent Singer/Songwriter Guy Michetti was awarded honorable mention in the 13th annual Billboard World Song Contest for his song "All In My Mind" "All In My Mind" is the sound of a man who has studied the greats - the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan - and passed the e(Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

Horror author Brian Keene releases new novel and launches �Got Worms?� book tour.

In �The Conqueror Worms,� one day the rain just didn�t stop. As the flood waters slowly rose and coastal cities and towns disappeared, some people believed it was the end of the world. Maybe they were right. But the water wasn�t the worst part. Even more terrifying was what the soaking rains(Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

Comic Strip Exhibition

Simon Mackie now has an exhibition of comic strip art showing at Club Lounge, Take 5, 6 Duke Street , London W1 3EN (Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

Centra Talent Competition Held for $1,000 grand prize

(Providence, RI, USA) Joe Cantone of Cranston, RI was the big winner of Centra Entertainment's prize competition held at Club Ultra in Providence, Rhode Island last Saturday. The competition began with Tony Caramadre, known locally as "Rhode Island's Man of Music" introducing the event to a pac(Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

New AV MP3 Player – Morpher 3.0 – Free For All Music Enthusiasts

24 April 2006- Audio4Fun.com – Audio4Fun (corporately registered as Avnex Ltd.) today unveiled the new AV MP3 Player – Morpher 3.0 with many new special features and for free for all music lovers. AV MP3 Player – Morpher distinguishes itself from other normal MP3 Player as this software can(Added: Wed Apr 26 2006)

The Top Personal Trainers in the Philadelphia Region are Now Offering a Nutrition Planning Service

Stay Young Fitness Corporation is now offering a nutrition planning service to its clients who live in the Philadelphia region. They will analyze your current diet, and create a custom meal plan that will tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat. This is, by far the easiest way to l(Added: Tue Apr 25 2006)

I Don't Wannabe a Librarian! - Innovative website launched by dissatisfied Library Assistant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 25 April 2006 I DON�T WANNABE A LIBRARIAN! - Innovative Photographic website launched by dissatisfied Library Assistant A new website has been recently launched by Chiswick resident Library Assistant/Photographer Philip J.Bigg. The aim of Philip�s website http://www.I(Added: Tue Apr 25 2006)

New website for collectors of rare books, prints, maps and photographs

Bernard J Shapero Rare Books, a leading dealer in the rare and antiquarian book trade has just launched their new website. The site caters for dealers and collectors alike, providing advanced search facilities and filtering capabilities that allow visitors to drill down to exactly the stock items th(Added: Tue Apr 25 2006)

Has Generation Y found its voice?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHICAGO - 25 April 2006 - The Jazz Age and the Lost Generation had Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Now Generation Y -- specifically the 60 million Americans born between 1981 and 1995 -- may have found their literary spokesperson. Just don't tell Marshall James that. "I only sp(Added: Tue Apr 25 2006)

To hell with American Idol

Who needs American Idol? The Orange Cats are out to prove that you don't have to sell one CD in order to go platinum. The R&B duo are on their way to becoming the first platinum selling artist strictly on the Internet. The Orange Cats are fast becoming one of the top selling and most Influential (Added: Tue Apr 25 2006)

Miami Valley Mission: City Reaching and City Transformation in Ohio

Reaching and transformation of city by the reaching and transformation of the individuals living therein lies at heart of Miami Valley, Ohio, ministry.

Soft-spoken, thoughtful and passionate - and all at the same time - the Reverend Dr. Bud Ford has been involved in c(Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)


FOR IMMEDIATE INTERNATIONAL RELEASE CROSSING JORDAN: BOOK ONE OF THE KEENEY CHRONICLES is set to hit all major bookstores this Summer 2006. This historical/genealogical novel is the first in a series of books telling the thrilling story of one of America's founding families. In this first(Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)

First "global" film: thousands of internet users involved

Today sees the launch of a project entitled "The Circle", brainchild of the videoartist Mauro Di Flaviano. It aims to create the first global videoartwork, with the participation of thousands of Internet users throughout the world. The circle, a symbol to be found in all cultures, has been chosen (Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)

Dj Lance Cunningham@Dirty Funk in Blackburn, Evolution Lounge.Sat 29th April

Dj Lance Cunningham, playing at his monthly residency with the Dirty Funk boys at the Evolution Lounge, Blackburn town centre playing the best in Funky House and Electro. 9-3am. FREE ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember: BAD ASS BEATS 4 SOULED OUT FREAKS!!! www.souledoutevents.com(Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)

Aural Night: Grand Debut Album Out!

For Immediate Release April 23, 2006 Aural Night aka Miika Warsell is a composer, pianist, and a keyboard player hailing from Finland. His recent debut album, Voyage, is a masterful rollercoaster ride of melodies, evocative sounds, and peaceful soundscapes. The genre is film music � a blend (Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)


missfit productions present their debut event: WRITE SIDE OF THE BRAIN An annual event combining the best new writing from playwrights, performance artist and performance poets Dates: 16th to the 21 May 2006 (There are two new performances every night) Ticket Price: �8.00 (for both (Added: Mon Apr 24 2006)

Culturepoint Europe Foundation working to show the Richness of Cultural Diversity

The Culturepoint Europe Foundation begins its work as the �starting point� of a European network. Individuals and organisations working together to create a Europe encouraging a culture-rich society embracing cultural diversity by means of benefits, media shows, competitions, magazines and e-bu(Added: Sun Apr 23 2006)
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