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Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. Provides Excellent Liquid Flooring Screed Solutions

Added: (Wed Sep 13 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. are the pioneers in distributing an extensive range of floor screed solutions and types, to such industries as Cemex, Tarmac and Aggregate. Recently, they expanded their services to include a preparation guide and site requirement guide to maximise the successful completion of new or remodeling projects. They have a long track record of handling both domestic and commercial projects of all sizes. They constantly strive to offer superior quality flooring solutions that meet and exceed the expectations and needs of any client.

“As a leading and highly-experienced flowing screed contractor, we work hard to meet the quality and budget requirements of our clients. We offer flowing screeds that can be bonded, unbonded or floating. Our flowing screed is an exceptional quality and has helped lots of builders and renovators to create a smooth level surface for laying flooring of any type”, says a spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “Our liquid screeds are in great demand because we continue to maintain the highest standards possible. Flowing screeds are sturdy enough to withstand scratches and heavy traffic. It is the perfect foundation base for laying wood, laminate or tile flooring”.

Liquid or flowing screeds are becoming increasingly popular among decorators, builders and renovators. This is mainly because screed is extremely easy to apply and install. Also, it has a fast drying time, so allowing builders to complete their projects quicker. Once the screed is laid correctly then the performance and lifespan of the floor is increased significantly. Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. aims to remain number 1 in the UK by only supplying the highest quality flowing screed possible at very competitive prices.
The CEO of the company says, “We do not just provide our clients with flowing screeds, we offer a whole lot more. We understand that a lot of people are still using traditional sand and cement flooring methods and are perhaps unaware of the uses of liquid flooring screeds. In order to spread awareness and make it easier for our clients, we offer them with flowing screeds, along with all the guidance and assistance they need to properly install it”.

“From the requirements of the site to a preparation guide and an aftercare guide, we provide our clients with everything they need to ensure a successful application of liquid screed. We also provide technical information on what the screed is composed of, its uses, benefits and so on. We go the extra mile because we want our clients to believe in us and know that we are providing them with the next-generation of flooring”, adds the CEO.

The company, Liquid Screed Direct Ltd., stands out from the rest because their responsibilities do not just stop with the delivering of liquid screeds. They offer their clients all the resources and help that they might need for the successful completion of their project. As a part of their business objective, they have also expanded their offerings to include underfloor heating solutions.

“We completely understand that selecting a particular type of screed can be a daunting task for our clients. This is why, we decided to offer a complete solutions package. We have an in-depth knowledge about the industry and we are eager to share this wisdom with our clients”, says the spokesperson of the company.

At present, liquid screeds are the best flooring option on the market. It not only reduces manual labour, which can save you money but also helps in reducing your energy bills.

Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. for all your flooring solutions.

About the company: Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. is the premier supplier of liquid screed and other related solutions, such as underfloor heating. They offer their services to residential and commercial clients anywhere in the UK at competitive rates.

Freephone: 0800 0599959
Mobile: 07926235618
E-mail: info@lsdirectltd.co.uk
Registered office:
Liquid Screed Direct Ltd
86-90 Paul Street,

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