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Niche targeted advertising service caters to advertisers with gaming related products and services

GamerClix.com strives to create a service allowing gaming advertisements to meet the right audiences. Bernie, Missouri,Jan.07,2008 -- The GamerClix advertising network came to be in October of this year, officially opening its doors to advertisers in December. This website is offering a service(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

KaDonk announces the latest release of LiveProject Professional 2.2 Project Collaboration tool.

LiveProject Professional is a stand-alone desktop application for collaborating and sharing Microsoft Project ® files (.mpp). New users will have a minimum learning curve and managers will find unique value in sharing and collaborating on project plans that their teams can view and und(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Genesys Worksafe Now Offer Emergency Lighting Testing Services.

Genesys Worksafe Limited, based in South Wales covering all Wales, the Midlands and Southern England is now offering an Emergency Lighting Testing Service. The purpose of emergency lighting testing is to ensure that emergency lights remain fully functional (for the specified duration) during mai(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Tata Interactive Systems named on IITT Awards shortlist

A game, developed for ICICI Bank in India by the global learning provider, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), has been shortlisted for an award in the ‘E-learning Project of the Year’ category at the forthcoming Institute of IT Training (IITT) Awards. “A key factor in improving bank customer satisfa(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

College Recruiting 2008

Interactive recruiting strategies to meet Gen Y expectations September marks the beginning of another year at colleges and universities across the United States. A few days ago, I was at Dartmouth University watching the frantic scramble of groundskeepers, maintenance staff, and academics as they(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

metal detectable marker pens

Contamination of food or pharmaceutical products can cost you money and your reputation. E-Components & Chains Limited of Pocklington UK manufactures and supplies a range of metal detectable products designed to overcome the problem of contamination. ECC’s range of metal detectable products can (Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

GotApparel.com launched its new wholesale website

GotApparel.com launched its new wholesale website on Dec 01, 2007. The new online store is different from most online Clothing (Apparel) websites. GotApparel.com sells many types of clothing (Apparel) specially blank t-shirts. It’s specialized department stores are T-shirts, Athletic Wear, busine(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Bar Lovers - Bar Accessories | Wine Products | Online Alcohol Shopping

Bar Lovers - A online shopping service provider engaged with a wide assortment of bar accessories, mens gifts, alcohol merchandise, wine products and much more. (Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Before You Grab That Online Job Opportunity

While online, there’s a big possibility that you could’ve stumbled upon an online business opportunity advertisement like “Get paid to surf”, “Get paid for online surveys”. It could’ve been sent on your email or you’ve seen it on a classifieds site, forum or in a site’s banner. Earning extra mon(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Your Website at #1 Position on 40 Top Search Engines FREE

Use 1on40's 100% FREE submission service and YOUR site will be NUMBER ONE on Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP search engines for FREE. Use our search engine submitter once. Experience the revolutionary FREE service and watch your web site shoot to the FIRST result of Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP (Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Get Paid for Every Visitor to Your Site(s)

Get Paid Every Time Anyone Visits Your Website-No Clicks Necessary Get Paid for Every Visitor to Your Site(s) Next big thing since Adsense It's the new 'Pay Per Play' network. ... and has been receiving some major press in the last couple of weeks. This is how it works. When a v(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Car Hire Faro

Car Hire Faro - Yor-Car.Com . New webpage. WELCOME. Have A breal..Have a holiday in Portugal. Looking for an affordable car hire in Portugal? You’ve come to the right place. Yor-Car.com is a car rental company that services Lisbon and a large portion of Southern Portugal. Algarve Car rental exper(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

US Government vehicle auction company launches new promotional scheme

Australia - 01/08/2008---Gov Auctions the largest US Government car auction listing service has launched a new promotional service for it valued customers. Customers can now access vehicles up to 95% off on many Government vehicles that will go under the hammer in one of the many Government auto auc(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

SnapNwin™ may be the Hottest Marketing Idea, Ready to Revolutionize the Instant Win Game Market, Rep

January 4, 2008, Oakville, Ontario, Canada – Norprint Inc. announces the introduction of their new SnapNwin instant win cards. A new approach to incentive award and contest cards, SnapNwin cards offer a cleaner, more durable and secure method of delivering a hidden message or prize within a card. Co(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle presents “An Audience with Rabbie Burns”

Ayrshire Scotland 7 January 2008--The next meeting of The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle will be a Burns-related lunch, to be held at Fouters Restaurant in Ayr at 12.30 for 1pm on Friday 18 January 2008. The guest of honour will be the Bard himself, Rabbie Burns, who will be giving his no doubt t(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Cruise to Cash Ricky Hickman Joins Forces With Top Income Earner Randal Williams 500k Mentor

United States of America January 7, 2008 -- “WOW, is an under statement”, says Ricky Hickman who recently joined forces with Randal Williams (500k Mentor) in Cruise to Cash.“The digital age is here and ready for global expansion. With all my online communications residing in one location and complet(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Pakistan ranked among top countries in IT offshore outsourcing sector

Pakistan has been declared as one of the top countries in Information Technology industry and this became possible due to government’s long term policies, specially in IT sector. In a press release Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company said that Pakistan has been numbered (Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

Portal for Hyderabad real estate services

Maaproperties is a one stop shop for all your Hyderabad real estate requirements. Maa properties provides property services in Hyderabad like buy,sell,rent,lease,providing tenants and maintenance for NRI's under the following four categories: Property Deals, Property Analysis, Tenancy Management(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

New Job Board Software

Job Script launched on Jan 1st, providing job board software for employers,recruiters and webmasters. The software offers 5 types of job board depending on the needs of the user, Boards can be setup to cater for certain areas or categories. Aimed to help employers, recruiters and webamsters al(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

New travel website

TravelAdriatic.NET has announced the launch of Travel Adriatic (www.traveladriatic.net), a new online website, offering travel deals, accommodation information and reviews of popular destinations. The areas covered include the complete Croatian coast: Istra, Kvarner, Northern Dalmatia, Central Dal(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Selling business

SoldMyBiz.com is a company that is dedicated to helping business owners retain control while selling their businesses. Soldmybiz.com allows you to save a significant amount of money by selling your own business, without paying a broker commission. The process of interacting with a potential buyer us(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Learn Trade Secrets From one of Michigan’s Top Realtors at the Mega Evening Event on January 17, 200

Livonia, MI -- Over 200,000 homes in Michigan have been foreclosed and as a result, the property value of homes in Michigan has lowered. Now many home owners have property worth less than the balance of their loan. Furthermore, Michigan’s economy is worsening with no signs of improvement. Factory(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Opportunity for New Investors and Homeowners in Michigan Real Estate Market Despite a Struggling Eco

Livonia, MI -- Michigan’s dwindling job market and increasing foreclosure rate may scare new investors and home owners. However, veteran realtor Ralph Marcus Maupin sees opportunity for anyone looking to make money in 2008 using the methods he will explain at the upcoming Mega Evening Event on Janua(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Online Glasses Resource Site Offers Dropshipping

Hong Kong,January 2,2008. www.cheaponlineglasses.com, a Hong Kong based and china mainland manufacturers directed online glasses entity, recently announced its worldwide dropshipping service to its clients, which mainly consist of owners of personal business, home-based business and online auctions.(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Mazda Sales Set All-Time Record In Canada

As most of the automakers worry how to boost their sales, one automaker will be celebrating. Yes, the Mazda Motor Corp. is jubilant to announce that it has inked an all-time record in Canada.
Mazda Canada set its fourth consecutive annual sales record by retailing 86,659(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

The Miskeen in Us

Want to make a statement for yourself? Well here’s a treat for you, the miskeen clothing line. The miskeen clothing line is the only clothing line that provides a way for people to feel unique and feel more like themselves. But what is this miskeen clothing line? Where did it come from? And who are (Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

The Reason behind Better Driving

Building automobiles involves complicated procedures as auto parts must be well-coordinated with each other to perform the required functions for a vehicle. For instance, the powertrain or drivetrain is composed of essential car components that support the structure of an entire(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Brake Boosters and Effortless Stopping

As its name implies, the brake booster makes it possible for a driver's light step on the brake pedal to have a considerable impact on stopping a vehicle. In the past, however, things were not this easy. A driver really had to step hard on the brake pedal just to make sure that (Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Brake Caliper: Friction and Effective Brakes

Found on both sides of the brake rotor, the brake caliper is one of the most important components of an automobile’s braking system. When there is a need to stop the wheels and, with it, the motion of a vehicle, the brake caliper stops the rotor. The brake rotor, which spins in (Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

Brake Dust Shields and Great Wheels

Every vehicle needs reliable brakes. Comprised of cleverly integrated components, the braking system slows down a vehicle or completely stops it according to a driver’s direction. As the system goes about stopping the vehicle upon receiving commands to do so, meanwhile, it sheds(Added: Sat Jan 05 2008)

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