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Strike-Hold Enters International Market

VENICE, FL (July 14, 2005) – U.S. based company, MPH System Specialties, Inc. has established two major International Authorized Distributors of their up-and-coming cleaner/lubricant for metals, already widely used throughout the States. Strike-HoldÒ was originally introduced into the U.S. market (Added: Tue Jul 19 2005)

PWC Logistics Appoints TRACCS As Its Public Relations Agency in

Amman, Jordan (July 2005)—PWC Logistics’ Jordan office has signed an agreement with Trans-Arabian Creative Communication (TRACCS) Jordan to be its official public relations agency in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. TRACCS Jordan will formulate, develop and implement a public relations program to su(Added: Tue Jul 19 2005)

A great place to be......North East of England

For anyone who lives in, works in, studies in or has ever visited the North East of England, the news that the region is a great place, will hardly seem worthy of a press release. However, for anyone who hasn’t been to the North East of England, your perception of the region may be different from(Added: Tue Jul 19 2005)

Graduate Firm Launches DVD for Franchises

Graduate Firm Launches DVD for Franchises. Wilmslow 19 June 05 – Graduate recruitment and sales training firm Pareto Law has launched a corporate DVD aimed at potential franchisees. The DVD explains the Pareto proposition whereby franchisees benefit from two revenue streams: fees on placement and(Added: Tue Jul 19 2005)

The solution matrix

We are a business solutions resource that offers any operation a matrix of highly creative, flexible, and scalable technologies, tools and training that can virtually change the way you do business, and give you a distinct competitive advantage. Our solutions are unique. For instance, instead of d(Added: Tue Jul 19 2005)

“Southern California’s Economy Will Grow through 2006, With Support From Aerospace, Business & Profe

Los Angeles, CA-Southern California’s economy will grow at a healthy pace in 2005-2006, according to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s (LAEDC) “Mid-2005 Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook Update,” presented this morning (Tuesday, July 19, 2005) at a business breakfast at th(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Top-notch Performance Headers now on sale at Inner Auto

Are you tired of your engine's performance? Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can use to improve an engine's performance. Headers make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. The idea behind an exhaust header is to eliminate the manifold's backpress(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Honda Turbochargers at Inner Auto: Excellent Quality at a Low Price

A turbo is an ingenious little design that harnesses the wasted kinetic energy we dump out through the exhaust system force more air into the engine. A turbo can be a simpler, more compact way to add power, especially for an aftermarket accessory. The basic turbo system comes with the turbo, exhaust(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn Releases cookbook

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Moonlite announces the release of its new cookbook, NOW AVAILABLE. Title: Family Favorites From Moonlite Sub Title: Recipes that Founded A Kentucky TraditionISBN: 0-9766896-0-x List Price: 18.95 Binding Type: Spiral Finished Size: 61/4 x 8 3/4 inch Cover: Hard Back (Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Petrol Oil and Gas Increases Field Production from 5 New CBM Gas Wells

News Release July 18, 2005 Petrol Oil and Gas Increases Field Production from 5 New CBM Gas Wells New CBM Wells Generate 150 Mcfd of Gas Production LAS VEGAS - July 18, 2005 - Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTCBB: POIG) announced today that four of its five new CBM gas wells on its Petrol-Neode(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

AutoeBid helps car dealers to beat a downturn in 2005

As fears of a downturn in the economy become increasingly widespread, AutoeBid, an established award-winning e-commerce business, allows car dealers and brokers to take advantage of the ever growing online sector of the car industry, whilst reducing its costs and increasing its exposure to new custo(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Graduate Firm Open For Business in Surrey

Graduate Firm Open For Business in Surrey Pareto Law Launches Second Franchise Wilmslow 18 July 05 - Graduate recruitment and sales training company Pareto Law has extended its franchise network with the launch of an office in Redhill, Surrey and the appointment of Miles Hall, 27, as franch(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Partnership agreement to make learning relevant to business

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), the global e-learning pioneer, has concluded a partnership agreement with the Netherlands-based consultancy Scientafix. Under the agreement, TIS will provide e-learning content development services to Scientafix clients; while Scientafix will supply TIS clients with s(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Bulgarian properties

Bulgarian properties for sale by team of experts. You will find in our site a lot of information like photo materials, legal advice, currency and weather information etc..(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Ethics Expert to Corporate Crooks: Shattered Lives are No Proud Legacy

HADLEY, MA (US): Former WorldCom and Adelphia CEOs Bernie Ebbers and John Rigas have forfeited almost all of their own and their families' assets, and are likely to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Meanwhile Enron has agreed to pay $1.5 billion to the states it fleeced; its top brass still a(Added: Mon Jul 18 2005)

Mentors On A Mission Expands To The UK - How Charlie Golick has helped UK home based workers earn th

The Mentors on a Mission Training Course has been described as the genuine "Cash Cow" for Charlie Golick. Many UK based home workers are learning directly from Charlie, how to do the same. The Mentors on a Mission training package has enabled many to run successful home based businesses. M(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Online Jewellery Store Customer Feedback

On line buyers of jewelry now have an new place to shop. At www.ampalian.com, you can shop securely from the comfort of your home or office and have you purchase delivered right to your door. Ampalian offers a best price promise. If you find the same item of jewelry for less within 14 days of pur(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Andrew Murray On Mentors In Motion

Mentor, Andrew Murray, in addition to the Mentors In Motion seminar has added extra value to the package by unveiling his new Mentors In Motion Training specifically designed to bring quick and lasting success to his team members. Since taking the Mentors In Motion course, Mentor Andrew Murra(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Motorcycle’s ContiRoadAttack Invasion

Continental Corporation, a leading supplier of tires, chassis components and systems, powertrain, safety and comfort electronics, and technical elastomers, has recently launched ContiRoadAttack. This newly developed steel-belt tyre is somewhat alike to a high-quality performance sports tyre which ha(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Kingpin Enthusiast’s New Website Charms Riders

Kingpin Enthusiast Group has created an online motorcycle resource to share their experiences and knowledge in connection with Kingpin motorcycles. Said unofficial website is made as a tool to magnify its members all throughout the state. July 18, 2005 - It’s been more than half a month now since(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Motorcycle Radar-Detection Feature Outburst

The discovery and use of radar to generate radio wave alert is responsible for making a big leap in motorcycle safety and security. Nowadays, radars can be mounted on the helmet of the motorcycle driver to facilitate easy monitoring. July 18, 2005 – Radar, short for RAdio Detection And Ranging or(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

America’s Bikers Community Site Gaining More and More Involvement

Since the launching of Bike America Online, there has been an apparent overwhelming support coming from the bikers all throughout the different states. In fact, it is now regarded as not just a biker dating site but a complete biker community. July 18, 2005 –Bike America Online, which is a newly(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

Andrew Murray On Emerald Passport and The Profit Masters Team popular

Since joining Emerald Passport and the Profit Masters Team in mid-January 2005, Andrew Murray has risen to become one of the top 10 Emerald Passport directors and has made over $73,000 in just half a year. When asked about his secret to success, Andrew Murray says it has to do with over-deliver(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

From silver jewelry, to recycled rubber.

Ecommerce forgingdwarf.com has recently launched it's new and improved ecommerce site running on (Zen Cart). The site displays various items of original design - from silver to 100% recycled rubber.(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

The Condom Choice Advantage popular

condoms at www.condomchoice.co.uk are trustworthy, recognized, and used by many for contraception and safe sex. The oldest illustration of a condom was found in Egypt and dates back more than 3,000 years. In their first experience with intercourse as adolescents, more than two-thirds of men and wom(Added: Sat Jul 16 2005)

NECKLACE ***with pendant handmade

Only we can make this wooden necklace. Its pendant is a human face shows different mood and temper.. The Pendant is made of the precious SINDORA wood combined with silver (40 %). Its diameter is about 1 inch. The chain is made of rubber and has variable length so that you can adjust easily. it(Added: Fri Jul 15 2005)

Inner Auto's Line of Accessories for Chevrolet: Aesthetic and Practical

Accessories have become an integral part of customizing one’s car. What is good about these accessories is the duality of their purpose; they serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose. For example, you can choose a spunky front-end grill to add character to your truck but beyond that, the grille(Added: Fri Jul 15 2005)

Import Utility from TO3000 to Projetex

Import Utility: Converts data from Translation Office 3000 to Projetex 2005. Projetex 2005 is Project Management Software for Expert Teams. It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each(Added: Fri Jul 15 2005)

JobsGroup.net is right on the money with new financial jobs site Just4Finance.net

JobsGroup.net, the NORA award-winning operator of ten niche online recruitment websites, has today launched a new site aimed at finance and accounting professionals. Just4Finance.net is the latest non-technical site to be launched by JobsGroup.net, and will soon be followed by additional sites spec(Added: Fri Jul 15 2005)

Caring for the Carers

Northern Counties Guarantee Corporation Limited, the Gateshead based Insurance Brokers and member of The Broker Network, are pleased to announce it’s new Care Home Insurance Scheme. Northern Counties has secured deals with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies to provide Care Home Insura(Added: Fri Jul 15 2005)
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