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How It Works

Added: (Tue Nov 14 2017)

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Sign up for “The New Internet” and create an account by using your Drivers License and Social media accounts. Once done, you are ready to surf The New Internet.
Everyone is Authenticated on The New Internet and therefore held accountable for their actions so you are safe once again on the Internet.
You’re Real
It is easy after you sign up and download the software for your gateway to The New Internet you are free to surf while rating and commenting all webpages on the internet while knowing each and every user is real.
General Public
Authenticated Reality™ offers a way to socialize with real people in a safe and secure environment. Every time you interact with a user online you know 100% it is a real and authenticated person. Authenticated Reality™ allows you to comment on every single page on The New Internet™. This includes blogs, dating profiles, Facebook profiles and more. We never censor comments (unlike Google, Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor) and encourage all community users to actively post on pages they like or dislike on The New Internet™. We require all members to authenticate themselves before granted access to The New Internet™ and we will hold each user accountable for all actions and comments on The New Internet™.
Knowing your clients are getting emails from real people in America is an excellent business practice and adds an element of authenticity to online interaction which could be the difference between making that online business connection or never getting a response. Our email authentication platform adds a layer of authenticity to all online business interactions and ensures your company maintains a healthy online reputation.
* Online Retailers-
– X percent of all online transactions are charged back or deemed fraud and these numbers will only continue to grow as consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce. On The New Internet™ our biometric element of authentication will ensure these losses are kept to a minimum if not non-existent.
The New Internet™ allows the following:

• Lower crime rates in your area both online and in the real world by eliminating fraud and identity theft.
• Create an authenticated online community based on trust.
• Secure web browsing for online banking and sensitive information.

Our Features
Click one of the following:
Comments– stop fake news and fake content and fake profiles
Ratings– rate your friends or business partners
Webpage Authentication – Stop Facebook cloning let people know you Authenticate your profiles
Email Authentication-Stop spam and don’t get phished anymore

Device Security

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at A new internet, The new internet, New internet
For more details :- http://thenewinternet.com/

Email Id :- info@areyoureal.com

Contact No :- 844-455-7325

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