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Russia, Putin and the spread of nerve agent!

Added: (Sat May 12 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - During the Soviet era, montareous communists sitting in the Kremlin always were looking for inventing ways and means of terrorizing the world. Their agenda were hostility and aggression. Moscow's evil desires were implemented by the followers of Lenin and Stalin. But, the keyrole had always been played by notorious spy agency of the Soviet Union - KGB. During those years, KGB was a bone-chilling name. It housed hundreds of ruthless individuals - unknown numbers of cruel assassins - male and female. They were trained and groomed to be monsters - licenced as killers. Any female member of KGB would easily hide her real face behind an artificial but magnetically attractive smile. Russian beauties had the irresistable power of hypnotizing their targets through blue-green eyes. They had been master pretenders, champion decepters and above all - best of the bests - as spies.

Though Soviet Union fell decades back, KGB isn't dead yet. Actually it won't die. Just is has got a new brand - Federal Security Service (FSS). It still is the same KGB. Hundreds of staffs - male and female - and of course, those secret assassins. Russian girls in FSS have the power of accomplishing any mission - without error. Still these spies are - best of the bests.

Vladimir Putin hails from KGB. He has been one of the finest spies - a damn liar - a perfect scoundrel and cruel of the highest order. He doesn't have love for anyone - no one - save himself - and his country. He doesn't believe in peace. His motto is establishing anarchy and disorder in the world. He also would form the club of autocrats - by embracing cruel dictators and autocrats from around the world. Putin wants to bring back the Soviet era. With this mission, he had illegally invaded a part of Ukraine by exerting military might. But, that is not the end of Putin's appettite. He would try to grab - Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Bellorussia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan - the whole of the former Soviet republics.

The monstarous Vladimir Putin had no hesitation asking FSS men to attack Sergei Skripal and Yulia with nerve agent named Novichok (newcomer). This was not the last attack. Rather, this was just the beginning of many attacks - on innocent individuals - in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Putin has been secretly increasing the capacity of FSS with the views of shaping this as much effective than KGB.

In London, Vladimir Putin has a 'blue-eyed' sweetheart. Tulip Rizwana Siddiq - the Labour Party's MP and - FSS 'contact' number 81375. Yes, this is the number! British MI-6 or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US can cross-check this fact.

Why an almost unknown Tulip is so much precious to Eussia, Putun and FSS? Because, she's the dearest niece and Special Advisor to the Bangladeshi autocrat Sheikh Hasina. Putin had already sold Russian arms worth billions of dollars to Hasina through Tulip. In return, Putin gave Novichok to the Bangladeshi autocrat. He will do anything for this cruel autocrat. Because, she's anti US. And to Tulip Siddiq? FSS men (beatiful, elegant and vigorous) are giving orgasms - in bed - in politics and in the secret bank accounts in Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands.

As we know, Russian spies in fact have no emotion. Nor does Vladimir Putin. Though Tulip Siddiq is very prwcious to them, still they're holding videos of her private moments with males! They even have the videos of Tulip's mother, Sheikh Rehana! These 'properties' are stored in the data room of FSS - as tools of blackmailing - if and when needed!

The author is a freelance columnist writing on diversified issues in Bangladeshi and international newspapers.

Submitted by:Syed Ulfat Ahmed
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