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Under the cover of arms deal Russia selling dark weapons to friendly nations

Added: (Tue May 08 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - By now, Vladimir Putin has emerged as the clone copy of cruel communist dictstors. His attotude is no different than any mafia don. While Russian mafias reportedly are bargaining with radical Islamic militancy outfits like Abu Saiyyaf [based in Mindanao Province in the Philippines], for supplying Novichok nerve agent against hefty amount of cash; Vladimir Purin has been selling neeve agents, which also is known as dark weapons, to Moscow's friendly nations under the cover of arms deals. By doing so, Putin is spreading the seeds of chemical weapons of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) terrorism in the world.

Specific allegations of dark weapons transactions:

Under the international conventions, selling of military grade nerve agents and using such weapons are totally illegal.International and Russian media had already exposed the sale of Novichok type lethal nerve agents [also known as dark weapons] by the infamous and notorious Russian mafias. It has also bwen reported, Philippines based Abu Saiyyaf terror outfit are going to buy Novichok from the Russian underworld with the nefarious agenda of conducting several jihadist attacks on the tourists in Manila and other tourist attraction places in the country. Russian mafias may provide sex workers from the former Soviet republics [especially Uzbekistan and Ukraine] to Abu Saiyyaf group to target the tourists in the Philippines with Novichok.

Nerve agent under the cover of arms deal:

Back in 2013, Bangladesh had signed a multi billion dollar arms purchase deal with Russia. Bangladeshi autocratic ruler Sheikh Hasina led a huge team to Moscow, where she also was joined by her younger sister Sheikh Rehana [a British national] and niece and Special Advisor Tulip Rizwana Siddiq [now also an MP in Britain from the Labour Party] Hasina, alingwith Tulip had meetings with Vladimir Putin. Her Security Advisor Maj Gen Tarique Ahmed Siddique [Rulip's paternal uncle] had suggested Sheikh Hasina to ask for military grade nerve agent from Putin. Accordingly, the matter came up during one-on-one meeting between Hasina and Putin. A delighted Putin [because of the multi billion dollar arns deal and another multi billion dollar project for the establishment of a nuclear based power station in Rooppur in Bangladesh under Russian joint venture] readily agreed to suppku Novichok to his Bangladeshi counterpart. Both the leaders agreed, this transactionsl will take place in an extremely discreet way under the cover of arms deal.

What Bangladesh would do with Novichok?

It is anticipated that, Sheikh Hasina would use this nerve agent on her political rivals. Since 2013, hundreds of people fell vuctims of forced disappearances in Bangladesh. It is believed that Maj Gen Tarique Siddique might have been getting these people murdered by using Novichok through a special assassin team comprising Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and National Security Intelligence (NSI).

It also had been claimed by some media reports that the Bangladeshi autocratic ruler, with the help of her Security Advisor may use Novichok in killing fugitive killers of her father. These killers are residing in the US, Canada, Pakistan, Britain and some African countries.

Novichok used in London attack!

An Uzbek sex worker named Yasmin (30) was hired by Russian spy agency Federal Security Services (FSS) against the payment of some cash and a return air ticket. Sex workers from Uzbekistan desperately look for any source in getting an air ticket for flying into various cities in the world. Yasmin was assigned to carry 200 grams of Novichok packed in a plastic container bearing the label of 'Free Sugar' (mostly consumed by the diabetic patients). On her arrival in Bangkok, she handed over to an undercover FSS agent at the Beer Garden (in the premises of Ambassador Hotel) in Sukhumvit area. Later this agent sent the consignment to London through another Asian city.

According to information, Russian mafias may also use sex workers like Yasmin in transporting Novichok consignments to various destinations in the world.

Under International Conventional such acts are considered illegal and deemed as international terrorism. According to political analysts, Sheikh Hasina's actions are no different than those of Saddam Hussein or Muamnar al Gaddafi.

What is Novichok?

In Russian, the word Novichok means newcomer, is a series of nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union andnd Russi between 1971 and 1993. Russian scientists who developed the agents claim they are the deadliest nerve agents ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX and others up to ten times more potent than Soman.

International scrutiny:

United States and the Western nations need to carefully scrutinize each of the arms deals between Russia and other nations. There is a strong possibility, Moscow may continue selling nerve agents to the allied nations in exchange of hefty cash.

Submitted by:Syed Ulfat Ahmed
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