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All-in-One Data Recovery Software for Different Loss Situations

Added: (Mon Sep 03 2018)

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In recent years, data recovery technology has developed rapidly, and data recovery is no longer only applicable to computer experts and data recovery experts. As data recovery software becomes easier to use, ordinary computer users can also use these data recovery software to recover data.

Now, some excellent data recovery software is becoming more and more popular. It is suitable for ordinary computer users. It's easy to operate and guarantees excellent data recovery. For example, XBoft Data Recovery (www.xboft.com) is an excellent data recovery software.

XBoft data recovery software is designed to allow more ordinary computer users to recover the data they need. It's easy to operate, and users can complete the entire data recovery with a simple click of the mouse. Today, let's experience how to find lost data in a few simple steps.

First step, we download this software on their website (www.xboft.com). Surprisingly, the free version can recover 2GB of data.

Second step, Install and use the software to scan the partition or hard drive where we lost the data. If you accidentally deleted a file, select Quick Scan. In other cases, it is recommended to select a deep scan.

Third step, In the page of the scan result, the software will display the found file. We check the files that need to be restored and click the Save button. You can preview the contents of the file by double-clicking on the file in the list.

After testing by our engineers, the most competitive is that for a huge amount of data, the memory occupied by the software is very small, and the scanning speed is the fastest among similar software.

The biggest feature of XBoft data recovery software is its powerful and easy to operate. Even those who don't touch data recovery can use XBoft Data Recovery Software to perfectly recover lost data.

Perhaps due to time, our testing of this software may not be comprehensive enough. It may not be perfect, but it is a good thing for our average computer users to have one more choice.

Submitted by:sun abel
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