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IronPDF and Veronica Saller release HTML to PDF Library Software and Tutorial for VB.Net

Added: (Fri May 04 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The Adobe PDF file formant meets a surprising ally in Microsoft VB.NET

The PDF file format is a popular way as sharing a 'virtual printed document' - a snapshot of data which my be un-editable in and ever changing world information shared across the internet and also in corporate work environments. PDFs have proved to be a powerful ally to organizations turning to the environmentally friendly goal of the paperless office.

PDFs have a weakness. They are designed to be created from Printing existing documents by human hands. This is very useful, but hinders PDF files's innate ability to record a clear snapshot of real world data which can be stored indelibly on a hard disk or server. The problem is that for computers to create PDF files automatically themselves as a snapshot of a database or website is a complex problem that may eat hundreds of hours of programmers time - an overhead that even larger IT departments may wince at.

A new technology for the generation of PDFs comes in the form of a radical new approach using the IronPDF software package and a method discovered by Veronica Sillar:

'VB.Net to PDF via HTML'

This code has been shared freely by Veronica’s at http://ironpdf.com/tutorials/vb-net-pdf/ in the form of a downloadable code sample and tutorial.

Veronica's approach is simple. She uses a language machines already understand: HTML which is the 'language of the internet' to design PDF documents as easily as viewing or creating a simple web page. She then converts the HTML to PDF documents using VB Dot Net code and the popular IronPDF software library.

This methodology comes into its own when we consider that many company websites and business systems are already built in HTML which is dynamically generated from a database. The language that translated the database to HTML is often already VB.Net.

The 'VB.Net to create PDF files via HTML' methodology makes use of existing designs, data and IT infrastructure, and can be set up in minutes to add PDF generation and editing capabilities to our websites, online banking and workplace applications.

This VB.Net technology is revolutionary in its focus on using existing HTML and Data to design and Render PDF documents for users and archiving in business systems.

For many of us, PDF documents seem mundane, but for Software Developers - PDF rendering of real world data-reports provides a constant time consuming challenge. The VB.NET to PDF solution proposed is a step towards abstracting Code and Design in PDF development using the VB.Net and ASP.Net technology which already drives the business systems and websites or so many organizations worldwide.

To understand the underlying technology, software engineers may also be interested to download the underlying IronPDF technology from Microsoft's NuGet DLL package Library:

This provides everything the .Net coder needs to start developing and Editing PDFs the modern way.

Submitted by:Veronica Sillar
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