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Protect Data on USB Flash Drives

Added: (Fri May 19 2017)

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USB flash drives are compact and convenient, making them one of the most popular solutions for quickly and easily transferring files between different devices, especially where online transfers aren't an option. Unfortunately, with the convenience comes a greatly increased risk factor. Owing to their size and mobility, flash drives have a much greater chance of getting lost or stolen than, say, a laptop or desktop computer. Should the drive end up in the wrong hands, you'll lost control over your data which could lead to disaster. By default, flash drives are not password-protected and encrypted, which could spell disaster if there is any potentially sensitive information stored within.

Kashu System Design, a cutting-edge software development company based in Japan, presents the fourth version of its popular USB Flash Security program, a simple tool that does exactly what its name suggests. With the program installed, a prompt will appear whenever you connect a USB flash drive asking you whether you want to protect it. Once you have protected a drive, its contents will be encrypted and password-protected so that no one will be able to access the data stored on it without providing the password. However, you will only be asked to provide your password when you try to enter the volume, rather than when you simply plug the device in. USB Flash Security is exceptionally easy to use, and with the system in place, it will automatically encrypt and safeguard your files so that, when you disconnect the drive, it will be permanently safe from any would-be intruders. Try the trial version today over at http://kashu-sd.co.jp/en/edition.html.

Submitted by:Tei Kouketu
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