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Acclaim IT Solutions announces general release of the SERVICETRACK online Web Services Management Solution

Leeds, England -- October 1, 2003 -- Acclaim IT Solutions, a web applications and Web services developer, today announced the general availability of SERVICETRACK. SERVICETRACK is the first ASP (application service provision) solution for Web services management, and enables providers to monitor and enhance their production XML Web services.

The adoption of Web services among corporations continues to grow at a steady rate, and the majority of companies already have Web services projects in production or are currently prototyping. To ensure that these projects are a success and that they comply with service-level and quality-of-service agreements, companies need to manage the performance, availability, and security of the Web services environment. Traditional management tools are not suitable for this task because Web services are based on XML and SOAP standards, and operate at a higher level in the network protocol stack.

SERVICETRACK allows companies to comprehensively monitor performance and availability of production Web services, and to perform traffic analysis to resolve bottlenecks or faults. The software can log all Web service calls in order to identify usage trends, client usage patterns, and illegal use or abuse of the service being monitored.

Traditional Web services management tools have required a large investment in software and hardware, which is unsuitable for small-to-medium sized enterprises. SERVICETRACK brings to market the first ASP-based solution for Web services management which is centrally hosted and only requires the installation of a lightweight plug-in for the Web services application platform. Services and operations are discovered automatically, and no changes need to be made to Web service program code. Additionally, the standalone Corporate Edition is available for larger enterprises who prefer a non-ASP solution for maximum privacy and control.

SERVICETRACK is ideal for companies who are looking to reduce the risks and costs of deploying their Web services in a production environment. The instant real-time visibility into service performance, usage, and availability will enable companies to enhance and improve their Web services and unlock the benefits of a distributed application architecture.

SERVICETRACK is available today for the Microsoft .NET platform.
Pricing begins at $2,950/1,795 for the Corporate Edition,
or from $29.00/18.00 per month for the Standard Edition.
Support for the major J2EE Web services platforms is expected in February 2004.

For further information about SERVICETRACK please visit http://www.bindingpoint.com/servicetrack.

About Acclaim IT Solutions
Acclaim IT Solutions is a successful developer of enterprise web applications and Web services software for the worldwide market, and operates the XML Web services directory www.bindingpoint.com. Acclaim offer consulting, IT outsourcing, data conversion, bespoke systems development, and technical support for both Microsoft and open-source platforms. Acclaim IT Solutions is a privately funded company based in England. For more information, visit www.acclaimit.co.uk or contact info@acclaimit.co.uk.


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