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Check your stress levels

Added: (Sun Apr 10 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - You may be too stressed out to take an exciting holiday. Sounds illogical but all research suggests that some types of holiday have a high stress factor. If you are already stressed you need to plan a low stress holiday.
Going through an airport creates stress.
Explorer expeditions can be stressful.
Driving long distances is stressful.
Sitting by the pool is not stressful. As is resting in the countryside.
How do you check on your stress levels?
The web site Travel Hopefully http://ww.travelhopefully.com contains a quiz for evaluating stress which originally surfaced in a Macmillan medical book in 1982. In various forms it has been around for much longer.
Using it you can check if you have been under too much stress in the past six months, which is about a long a period as this quiz can handle.
If you have been under stress then it should affect your choice of holiday, your means of travel.

During the past six months:
Has your partner died? 20 points.
Have you become divorced or separated from your partner? 15 points.
Has a close relation (other than husband or wife) died? 13 points.
Have you been in hospital because of injury or illness? 11 points.
Have you married, or effected a reconciliation with your partner after a separation? 10 points.
Have you discovered you are soon to become a parent? 9 points.
Has there been a major change, whether for better or worse, in the health of a close member of your family? 9 points.
Have you lost your job or retired? 9 points.
Are you experiencing any sexual difficulties? 8 points.
Has a new member been born or married into your intimate family circle? 8 points.
Has a close friend died? 8 points.
Have your finances got markedly better or worse? 8 points.
Have you changed your job? 8 points.
Have any of your children moved out of the family home or started or finished school? 6 points
Is trouble with in-laws causing tension within your family? 6 points.
Is there anyone at home or at work who you dislike strongly? 6 points.
Do you frequently suffer from premenstrual tension? 6 points.
Have you had a resounding personal success, such as rapid promotion at work? 6 points.
Have you experienced "jet lag" at least twice? 8 points.
Has there been a major domestic upheaval such as moving house or having an extension built onto your house (though not including a change in family relationships)? 5 points.
Have you had problems at work that may be putting your job at risk? 6 points.
Have you taken on a substantial debt or mortgage? 3 points.
Have you had a minor brush with the law, such as being prosecuted for a traffic offence or failure to have a TV license? 2 points.
A score under 30 suggests that you are unlikely to suffer stress-related illness in the near future. Your choice of holiday is unrestricted as far as stress is concerned.
If your score is 60 or above, the pressures on you are greater than normal. This means you are at risk from one or more stress-related problems. The higher the number the more relaxed your holiday must be. Take the stress test before you book.

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