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Industrial detergents constitute of surfactant, builder, acids, bases, solvents, alkanol amides, dyes, preservatives, ingestion deterrents and several other ingredients for effective cleaning in the industrial application. They are used to enhance the cleaning efficiency of products, particularly water-based. Industrial detergents ease the surface tension of liquids and can modify, disperse, and emulsify the lubricity of water-based compositions.

In the above-mentioned applications, the industrial detergents are primarily used to decrease the surface tension in between two interfaces such as liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, and liquid-solid.
Industrialization and urbanization in India and China, along with the increasing awareness regarding workplace hygiene, has resulted in significant growth of the industrial detergents market in the Asia- Pacific region.

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The market is divided into
Synthetic industrial detergents Low pricing has resulted in synthetic industrial detergents holding a huge market share
Bio-based industrial detergents are completely biodegradable and not toxic, increasing environmental concerns globally has resulted in increased demand.
Traditional petroleum-based detergents which have very harmful effects on the environment, are used mostly by manufacturers because of its price advantage over bio-based detergents.
Petroleum-based detergents do not degrade and instead contaminate the soil and marine areas where the industrial wastes are dumped.
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There are several factors driving the growth of the global market including the increasing requirements for hygiene in commercial sectors, increasing demands from the textile industry, and increasing demands from oil and gas industries.

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