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Belly Button Lint Goes Holiday! popular

Wingnuts LLC announces the launch of its new product and website, bellybuttonlintremover.com Now there is a HOLIDAY TWIST on an already twisted gag gift product. You may have seen or heard of belly button lint removers, or belly button brushes, but Wingnuts LLC takes this one step further. HO HO (Added: Fri Sep 22 2000)

The Ultimate in Hair Weave Secrecy popular

Top Secret Weave, Inc. in the News . . . Top Secret Weave, Inc. is First to Introduce the Ultimate in Hair Weave Secrecy Orlando --- Top Secret Weave is the first to market an innovative hair weave product that provides totally hidden tracks. Top Secret Weave, Inc. is a venture newly incorporated(Added: Tue Sep 12 2000)

International interactive real estate listing service popular

Homesfast.NET Stationed in Ontario, Canada. This real estate Internet web site allows the member to upload and download their own listings for viewing. The listings actually SPEAK to the customer and listings for sale and lease are international and available in 7 different languages. The web sit(Added: Mon Aug 21 2000)
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