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E-GraniteCountertops.com Provides an Overview of Granite Countertops

According to E-GraniteCountertops.com, home remodelers and builders have experienced a boom in the demand for granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. The beauty and warmth of granite makes it an ideal material for aesthetic appeal in home design, and the durability and easy care of granite co(Added: Mon Aug 22 2005)

4-Pet-Care.com expands advice on dog grooming, pet grooming products

We love our pets, and take pride in caring for our pets. At http://www.4-pet-care.com/, we've brought together the best online dog grooming and cat grooming products and advice. Pet owners have taken dog grooming beyond a haircut, a sloppy bath in the tub and rare nail clippings. Almost nine-out-of(Added: Mon Aug 22 2005)

Knitters, Crocheters Get Date From Yarn Affair

Yarn Affair, a new organization focused on serving knitters and crocheters across the United States, has set October 1, 2005 as the date it will reveal its business opportunity to subscribers to its mailing list. Knitters and crocheters can get on the mailing list by visiting www.yarnaffair.com. (Added: Mon Aug 22 2005)

e-PicnicBaskets.com Releases a Guide to Picnic Baskets

According to e-PicnicBaskets.com, Picnic baskets are the best way to eat outdoors, and the great outdoors is the best place to eat. So why not get a picnic basket as a gift for someone you love or care for? Or how about one just for yourself?

Picnic baskets are great for taking to a baseb(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-underwatercamera.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Underwater Cameras

E-underwatercamera.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-underwatercamera.com, which provides comprehensive information about underwater camera, underwater cameras, underwater digital camera and related information.

According to e-underwatercamera.com, there is(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-PhonePsychic.com Releases a Brief Guide to Using to Phone Psychics

According to e-PhonePsychic.com, psychic phone advice is available through a wide range of different reading options including astrology, numerology, I-Ching and Tarot cards, clairvoyance, and dream interpretation.

Although phone psychic advice can be an illuminating experience, professio(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-disposablecameras.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Disposable Cameras

E-disposablecameras.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-disposablecameras.com, which provides comprehensive information about disposable cameras, disposable digital cameras, disposable wedding cameras and related information.

According to e-disposablecameras.(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-PepperSpray.com Releases a Guide to Pepper Spray

According to e-PepperSpray.com, pepper spray is far better than tear gas or mace. First of all, they are more likely to stop an assailant. Tear gas and mace generally work on the pain principle, but that’s sometimes not enough for an assailant who is psychotic, under the influence of certain drugs o(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-grandfatherclocks.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Grandfather Clocks

E-grandfatherclocks.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-grandfatherclocks.com, which provides comprehensive information about grandfather clocks, antique grandfather clocks, grandfather clock kits and related information.

According to e-grandfatherclocks.com,(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-kitchenremodeling.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

E-kitchenremodeling.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-kitchenremodeling.com, which provides comprehensive information about kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodeling ideas, small kitchen remodeling ideas and related information.

According to e-kitchenremodelin(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-garagedooropeners.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Garage Door Openers

E-garagedooropeners.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-garagedooropeners.com, which provides comprehensive information about garage door openers, best garage door openers, garage door opener parts and related information.

According to e-garagedooropeners.com(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

Men's Ties are Top of the Pops! popular

Despite recent well-publicised reports of a growing trend towards a more casual workplace and the supposed impending death of the necktie, the popularity of ties is showing something of a resurgence, led by popular bands who are now opting to don this most contentious of men's accessories. Thank(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-GasFireplaces.com Explains the Advantage of Gas Fireplaces

According to e-GasFireplaces.com, gas fireplaces replicate the look and feel of wood fireplaces without the aggravation. These fireplaces are easy to operate, as they are activated by a wall switch or remote control. Gas fireplaces have health benefits over their wood-burning counterparts, as well. (Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

E-Futons.com Provides an Overview of Futons

According to E-Futons.com, futons have been a fixture of college students’ dorm rooms and other urban living settings for decades. Futons are stylish, functional, and versatile; they can be integrated into nearly any setting. Futon beds are lightweight and simple, providing sleepers with a comfort(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

E-FlowerBulbs.com Provides an Overview of Flower Bulbs

According to E-FlowerBulbs.com, flowers are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Their scent, their colors, their shapes… everything about flowers is beautiful. A colorful, cheerful flower can brighten even the darkest day. Even more enjoyable than looking at flowers, though, is growing them.

(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-FireplaceMantels.com Releases a Guide to Fireplace Mantels

According to e-FireplaceMantels.com, fireplace mantels are functional design elements that add character and depth to your room while displaying your unique taste and style. A rustic fireplace mantel can transform a living room. A mantel, whether you choose to have an entire surround or just the s(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-electrician.com Explains the Importance of Electricians

According to e-electrician.com, electricity runs everything important in our lives and when it malfunctions, somebody has to fix it, somebody who knows what they’re doing, that is. Electricity has the power to run things when it works smoothly, but, it can also burn things and kill people if misused(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-DuvetCovers.com Releases a Guide to Duvet Covers

According to e-DuvetCovers.com, a duvet is a type of bedding, similar to a comforter. Duvets (pronounced do-vey) are very popular in Europe and are catching on in the rest of the world. It is a type of blanket filled with down, wool or synthetic fibers that is used put on top of a fitted sheet, in p(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

Demand For E-books On The Increase popular

Demand for electronic books, or e-books, has created one of the fastest growing Internet consumer market segments. Research conducted recently by the Gartner Group revealed that one in 300 books read in the USA, and one in 450 books in Europe, are read in the digital format. This is a 38% increase o(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

E-Hookah.com Provides an Overview of Hookahs

According E-Hookah.com, the hookah has a long and storied history. Also known variously as a hubble-bubble, narghile, shisha, or water pipe, among other names, hookahs have been used for a mellow tobacco smoking experience in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. Coming to the Middle East from Ind(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-HomeFurnishings.com Releases a Guide to Home Furnishings

According to e-HomeFurnishings.com, function, form, fitness and fashion are the key guiding factors in choosing home furnishings. Function is the first and foremost criteria for a person to go for bare-minimum furnishings. A person buys a table, chair, bed, cupboard, settee, sofa, bookshelf, curtain(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-HawaiianShirts.com Releases a Brief History of Hawaiian Shirts

According to e-HawaiianShirts.com, Hawaiian shirts are not a new trend or fad. In fact, the design of the popular shirts has been around for decades.

Hawaiian shirts got their start in the 1930s, when clothing manufacturers on the islands decided to produce a cloth that had a design uniqu(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

E-GrandfatherClocks.com Reveals the History of Grandfather Clocks

According to E-GrandfatherClocks.com, humans have searched for a reliable way to keep track of the time since the beginning of civilization. In the earliest days, months, seasons and years were tracked by careful monitoring of the phases of the moon. Later, the sun and stars were also used to help e(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

Pet Drinking Water is critical to their well being, more so in the heat. The WaterDog is an Automat

Pet Drinking Water is critical to the well being of all Pets, even more so in the heat. The WaterDog is an Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain, designed to provide your Pet with fresh cool water on demand. It senses the presence of a Pet and begins flowing a gentle stream of water, which continues to f(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

Motoring News - Don't Shoot the Messenger

Motoring News - Don't Shoot the Messenger Universally loathed, traffic wardens have always faced abuse during their working day. Recent research suggests that the management of the employing companies and councils have much to answer to and the parking attendants on your street are being e(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

New product offers win-win solution for landlords and their tenants

An exciting new product launches today that gives landlords and their tenants the peace of mind that the property has a 24/7 solution for domestic nightmares such as failed electrics, plumbing emergencies or even lost keys, at no or minimal cost. Keeping your rental property in good working order(Added: Fri Aug 19 2005)

e-GasMask.com Releases an Overview of Gas Masks

According to e-GasMask.com, the gas mask, a device to aid and protect the user from inhaling gas, smoke or other poisonous fumes, have been used for years by different people and for different reasons. The first use of poison gas in warfare began in Ypres, France on April 22, 1915 when the German ar(Added: Wed Aug 17 2005)

E-GarageDoorOpeners.com Releases a Guide to Garage Door Openers

According to E-GarageDoorOpeners.com, garage doors are no longer the regular roll-top ones, which have to be pushed up by hand. These days, garage door openers are provided with various accessories to make opening easier. No matter how heavy the garage door, it can be fitted with the right kind of o(Added: Wed Aug 17 2005)

e-Fruit-Baskets.com Releases a Guide to Fruit Baskets

According to e-Fruit-Baskets.com, there is almost no occasion, event or holiday gift that can’t be properly addressed by sending some kind of fruit basket. From humble beginnings as a device fruit growers used to expand their business beyond supermarkets, fruit baskets have become one of the most po(Added: Wed Aug 17 2005)

E-Flagpoles.com Provides an Overview of Flagpoles

E-Flagpoles.com explains that, when starting a flagpole project there are a few things to take into consideration. First, you must decide on the height of your flagpole and the size of your flag. Generally, the length of the flag should be 25 to 40 percent of the height of the pole. A standard(Added: Wed Aug 17 2005)
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