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e-UnderWaterCamera.com Cites Many Uses for Underwater Video Cameras

According to e-UnderWaterCamera.com, there's so much you can do with an underwater video camera. For example, if you enjoy snorkeling or underwater diving, you can use the camera to show your friends and family the beautiful tropical fish, colorful coral reefs, and other underwater treasures you en(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

e-TrailerHitches.com Explains the Benefits of Motorcycle Trailer Hitches

According to e-TrailerHitches.com, motorcycle trailer hitches can usually be attached to a motorcycle without making any alterations on the motorcycle itself. They are often secured around existing parts of the motorcycle. These trailer hitches are perfect for motorcycle riders taking a long cross c(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

e-TonneauCovers.com Releases a Guide to Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

According to e-TonneauCovers.com, fiberglass Tonneau covers are the latest trend in pickup truck cargo care. These lids are lightweight, easy to install and use, and customizable. Hard Fiberglass Tonneau Covers have locking mechanisms to ensure that items contained on the truck bed are kept safe. (Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

Whay Do You Want?

PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE Press Release. September 2005 Where can I get a 1968 E-Type Jaguar a fishing rod or a child seat for the car ? Wanted-online.com was conceived out of frustration. A husband and wife not able to find the product they were look(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

Urbane Flooring: The NEW Generation Bamboo Flooring

New Product Information IMMEDIATE RELEASE Urbane Flooring: The NEW Generation Bamboo Flooring London (September 2, 2005) – Adwinma, the European importer and distributor of bamboo flooring introduces Urbane Flooring – the latest innovation in renewable bamboo flooring that is wider and thi(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

Buying a new car / auto, or just thinking about it?

Business Information on Demand ________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Halpern CEO, BIOD-UK Tel: +44 7764 604922 (UK only): 07764 604922 Email: biod.uk@tiscali.co.uk ________________________________________ WorldsBestSellingCars.com _(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

i-PaidSurveys.com Provides Advice on Paid Survey Directories

According to i-PaidSurveys.com, there are many paid survey directories on the Internet. Some of them offer good opportunities for people to be rewarded for giving their opinions, while others are a marketing strategy designed to improve the contact lists of telemarketers and direct mailers. Some p(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

i-MysteryShopper.com Explains Where to Find Free Mystery Shopper Opportunities

According to i-MysteryShopper.com, mystery shoppers visit establishments and pretend to be customers. Businesses from auto dealers to fast food restaurants hire mystery shoppers. These shoppers conduct assigned transactions for the purpose of consumer research. They observe such things as employee r(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

i-microscopes.com Provides an Overview of Compound Microscopes

According to i-microscopes.com, most of the microscopes used today are compound. A compound microscope features two or more lenses. A hollow cylinder called the tube connects the two lenses. The top lens, the one people look through, is called the eyepiece. The bottom lens is known as the object(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

Quad Bike Online Retailer Launches in the UK

Carl Sherratt – Managing Director of Jaylect UK Ltd. Trading as www.quadbiker.co.uk has today (07 October 2005) announced that their new website retailing in Quad Bikes has launched. Quadbiker.co.uk will retail Quad Bikes and Dirt Bikes to the UK market from their online shop and deliver the bike(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)


Terry’s Fabrics announced its launch onto the World Wide Web earlier this year, www.terrysfabrics.co.uk making their special brand of great value fabrics and accessories available to a national audience. Internet shopping is one of the biggest growth areas and recent research has found that the i(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)


Guerrilla Store, the UK’s premier on-line extreme sports equipment and clothing provider, based in Northampton has announced it’s plans to open the gates of its new tournament paintball centre. Set in 130 acres of open grassland and lakes in Northampton, the Guerrilla Paintball Centre will offer (Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)


As men become more active in kitchen, so have sales of large size household gloves increased, according to the UK’s largest supplier of household gloves, BM Polyco. Recently published research#, conducted among 1000 UK householders and 100 experts in the food industry, reported that 44 per cen(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)


According to The Society of Will Writers around 68 – 70% of the UK adult population don’t have a Will. Quite apart from the emotional turmoil the family will be experiencing if you die intestate (without a Will) – everything you have to leave will be divided up according to a set hierarchy. This s(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

Earth-friendly, trackable gift bags are connecting people…one gift at a time. popular

We’ve all done it. Sat in our favourite chair on Christmas morning and looked on in horror at the piles of torn and discarded wrapping paper littering the room. Once you have got over the shock you put it into bin bags (usually two or three) and leave it outside for the bin man along with everybody(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

What do 30,000 Chinese food businesses know about our food that the Brits don’t?

With new EU food legislation due to come into force in January 2006, driven by the EU regulation 852/2004, over 30,000 Chinese food businesses are scrambling to make sure they don’t miss out and are frantically trying to get themselves accredited to the relevant ISO standard - ISO22000. But what (Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)


Specialist plastics manufacturer Fanning Polyform is reporting surging growth despite massive price increases in raw material costs. Fanning Polyform, which employs 70 people at its two sites in Hove, Sussex and Stone, Staffordshire has seen the cost of plastic rise by more that 40 per cent since(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-TireChains.com Explains How to Choose the Best Tire Chains for Your Truck

According to e-TireChains.com, truck tire chains can be purchased for everything from a pickup truck to an 18-wheeler. Drivers can find a chain to fit just about any need, spanning every size and style, and desired performance.

Single highway truck chains are recommended for highway use o(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-SunlessTanning.com Explains the Advantages of Sunless Tanning Booths

According to e-SunlessTanning.com, sunless tanning refers to the process of attaining the appearance of a tan by using such products as lotions, sprays, powders, pills, and tanning beds. The efficacy and results of these methods vary.

The body has its own way of protecting us from UV ra(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-Slip-Covers.com Reveals the Advantages of Chair Slip Covers

According to e-Slip-Covers.com, chair slipcovers are fabric that is specially cut and sewn to fit over your existing chairs. This effectively changes the entire look of your chairs -- and your room -- at a greatly reduced price. In fact, the cost of a chair cover is a mere fraction of the cost of a (Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-SalonEquipment.com Provides an Overview of Nail Salon Equipment

According to e-SalonEquipment.com, the type of equipment required for a nail salon is different than that of a salon that solely offers hair styling services. This equipment can be just as costly as outfitting a hair salon, depending on the style of the pieces and materials used in manufacturing nai(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-RVrentals.com Releases a Guide to Las Vegas RV Rentals

According to e-RVrentals.com, the easiest way to see all of Nevada that interests you is to rent an RV and tour the state how, when, and wherever you like.

The most frequently rented RV is the class-C motor home. It’s easy to drive and has many of the comforts of home -- beds, a toilet, s(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-RVInsurance.com Explains the Need for RV Rental Insurance

According to e-RVInsurance.com, many people choose to rent recreational vehicles (RVs) to use while on vacation. Some of the time, these rental RVs can be covered through the driver’s auto insurance policy. The way to do this is to first obtain an Insurance Binder/Endorsement from the auto insuran(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

e-RomanShades.com Releases a Guide to Buying Discount Roman Shades

According to e-RomanShades.com, Roman shades adorn windows to block the sun or to give privacy. Traditional Roman shades are cut from rectangular fabric and fall straight down. When its string is pulled, the Roman shade raises in regularly spaced panels. You can also use sheer fabrics create a sooth(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

E-RadarDetectors.com Provides an Overview of Motorcycle Radar Detectors

According to E-RadarDetectors.com, standard radar detectors were not built for motorcycles and were never intended to be used on them. Most detectors use an audio device to inform the driver that radar had been detected, and are therefore inappropriate for motorcycle riders because they cannot be he(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

Natural beauty pioneer launches radical anti-oxidant skin oil to counter effects of ageing

Natural beauty product pioneer Primavera has launched its revolutionary Intensive Anti Oxidant Skin Oil, a unique blend of vitamin-rich oils for skin cell renewal and improved vitality, suitable for face and body. The Oil – totally chemical-free like all Primavera preparations – is a harmony of t(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

i-Hardwood-Floors.com Explains the Process of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

According to i-Hardwood-Floors.com, the quality of the wear layer determines the necessary frequency of refinishing hardwood floors. Poor quality products can not withstand being refinished even once. The thicker the wear layer, the more refinishing it can withstand. Good quality engineered flooring(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WedgewoodChina.com Explains Where to Find Discount Wedgwood China

According to e-WedgewoodChina.com, there is not a lot of discount Wedgwood China available. However, given the prices of some of the items in the line, any discount is greatly appreciated. You might not think paying $50 for a plate is a discount, however, depending on the age of the particular item(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

i-CeilingFans.com Explains the Advantages of Tropical Ceiling Fans

According to i-CeilingFans.com, there are several differences between tropical ceiling fans and standard ceiling fans. Tropical ceiling fans have wider blades than typical fans. A large number of tropical ceiling fans are made for outdoor use. Tropical ceiling fans look different from normal fans in(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

i-AirPurifiers.com Explains the Benefits of Ozone Air Purifiers

According to i-AirPurifiers.com, ozone air purifiers or “ozone generators” are known for their effectiveness at reducing and masking the smells of new carpet and acrolein, a chemical partly responsible for the noxious odor of second-hand tobacco smoke. There are two types of ozone generators.
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