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e-WedgewoodChina.com Explains Where to Find Discount Wedgwood China

According to e-WedgewoodChina.com, there is not a lot of discount Wedgwood China available. However, given the prices of some of the items in the line, any discount is greatly appreciated. You might not think paying $50 for a plate is a discount, however, depending on the age of the particular item(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

i-CeilingFans.com Explains the Advantages of Tropical Ceiling Fans

According to i-CeilingFans.com, there are several differences between tropical ceiling fans and standard ceiling fans. Tropical ceiling fans have wider blades than typical fans. A large number of tropical ceiling fans are made for outdoor use. Tropical ceiling fans look different from normal fans in(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

i-AirPurifiers.com Explains the Benefits of Ozone Air Purifiers

According to i-AirPurifiers.com, ozone air purifiers or “ozone generators” are known for their effectiveness at reducing and masking the smells of new carpet and acrolein, a chemical partly responsible for the noxious odor of second-hand tobacco smoke. There are two types of ozone generators.
<(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-wristbands.com Cites the Growing Popularity of Cancer Wristbands

According to e-wristbands.com, cancer wristbands have become enormously popular in the last couple of years. Ever since champion bicycle racer and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong created the famous “Livestrong” yellow wristbands to help raise money for his Lance Armstrong Foundation cancer charity,(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WoodStoves.com Explains the Value of Antique Wood Stoves

According to e-WoodStoves.com, antique wood stoves are collector’s items that are very valuable to some people. They are also great additions to restored homes, hotels, or museums.

There are many different types of antique wood stoves available. Some of the most popular types are Victor(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

Pigsback.com finds its perfect partner in DatingDirect.com

Pigsback joins online dating revolution with addition of ‘Dating Zone’ brand Today, Pigsback.com launches the ‘Dating Zone’ with the UK’s most visited online dating website*, DatingDirect.com. The addition of the new zone to the reward-based consumer site will give Pigsback members access to an(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

Make money as you travel

Only 4 years ago, Cash Card Worldwide was just a novel thought with a new twist on the travel industry. Today, Cash Card Worldwide is rapidly becoming an international success story with customers in over 100 countries worldwide. The company provides generous travel discounts, professional support(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

Writer Screenwriter Freelance Technical Writer Finished Analysis of “Subprime Mortgage” loans

*********** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **************** Writer Screenwriter Freelance Technical Writer Finished Analysis of “Subprime Mortgage” loans The 850-word article is immediately available for publication and syndication FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Gary Kencey Writer111@gmail.com htt(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WineRacks.com Releasesa Guide to Wooden Wine Racks

According to e-WineRacks.com, wood wine racks provide the best storage system for a large collection, cheaply and efficiently. Pine wine cubes hold 24, 48, 96, or 120 bottles. They are easy to assemble, study, stackable, attractive and cost between $30 and $130. You can easily purchase more cubes as(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WeatherVanes.com Cites Heavy Demand for Antique Weather Vanes

According to e-WeatherVanes.com, weather vanes are instruments used to detect the direction of the wind. They date back to the year 48 BC, as seen from the Tower of Winds in Athens, Greece. There are many other references to weather vanes in history right from the 1st century BC. The first authentic(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WaterSofteners.com Explains the Advantages of Ionic Exchange Water Softeners

According to e-WaterSofteners.com, ionic exchange water softeners consist of a brine tank, a filtering unit, valves to direct the flow of the water and a meter or timer to indicate when the filter needs to be recharged. Recharge cycles can be set to occur at certain times, based on water demand for(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WaterbedSheets.com Identifies Most Common Waterbed Sheet Sizes

Just like conventional beds, waterbeds come in a number of sizes. It is important to buy the appropriate size sheet for the bed, or the sheets will not fit properly and make it difficult to sleep on the bed.

According to e-WaterbedSheets.com, one must take several factors into account (Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

E-WatchWinder.com Releases Reviews of the Best Watch Winders

According to E-WatchWinder.com, finding the perfect watch winder to meet your needs is as easy as researching your options. How much is your timepiece worth, both in monetary and sentimental value?

Do you want a simple, functional storage unit? Do you prefer an elaborate display case with(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-WallMurals.com Explains the Benefits of Painted Wall Murals

According to e-WallMurals.com, wall murals are a creative and fun way to liven cold, bare walls. And the best part: anyone can do them—you don’t have to be an artist. You can design your own wall mural using your imagination, artwork, greeting cards, or picture books. You can purchase a wall mural s(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

e-SnowBlowers.com Outlines the Benefits of Truck-Mounted Snow Blowers

According to e-SnowBlowers.com, truck-mounted snow blowers affix to the front of a pickup or sport utility vehicle. It’s no wonder people have been using them religiously in mountainous and rural areas since 1980.

The snow blower manufacturer Hanson is credited for first introducing pick(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

Amazing pictures of kate beckensale! popular

Amazing just released pictures of the amazing Kate Beckensale! Just take a look at the latest pictures, press feeds and images of this amazing woman! All of the images are totally amazing and this is an amazing chance to see this imaginary person FREE! The pictures of Kate are shocking, see th(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

E-Poker-Chips.com Identifies the Best Places to Buy Poker Chips

According to E-Poker-Chips.com, inexpensive, plastic poker chips are available just about anywhere. Higher end chips can be purchased at gaming stores and from a variety of online sources such as these:

www.pokershopping.com PokerShopping.com specializes in(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)

e-PlatformBeds.com Explains the Benefits of Wood Platform Beds

According to e-PlatformBeds.com, wood platform beds are beds that have no box spring and are made out of wood. Platform beds are great for complementing any décor, but are especially well suited for rooms that are going for a simple feel. When these beds are made out of wood, the effect is that much(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)

e-pet-tags.com Presents an Overview of Custom Pet Tags

According to e-pet-tags.com, customized pet ID tags feature information chosen by the customer and can include personal messages, information about medical conditions or dietary needs. Made-to-order tags can be engraved, embossed, personalized, and reflective.

Engraved tags are available (Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)

e-MiniBlinds.com Explains the Advantages of Faux Wood Mini Blinds

According to e-MiniBlinds.com, wood blinds and shutters are the most popular window coverings sold in America. Faux wood blinds offer nature's rich, subtle colors and unique textures at a fraction of the cost of real wood shutters. Moreover, wood does not last long in high moisture areas. Manufact(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)

Mmmm. Snowy slopes…gingerbread…scrumptious continental chocolate….strudels…

Mmmm. Snowy slopes…gingerbread…scrumptious continental chocolate….strudels… Add some traditional wintry Austrian atmosphere to your Christmas celebrations with delicacies from the website, www.theaustrian.biz where owner Dietmar Hanner has carefully picked out a range of delicious goodies to enti(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)


CHILD SAFETY IN THE HOME A new low-cost product to help parents keep young children safe is being launched in October. Called ‘The Slider’ it enables parents to keep inquisitive youngsters out of potentially dangerous rooms without having to fit expensive or unsightly locks. Inventor Mike Emer(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)


PRESS RELEASE – 05/10/2005 WOMEN’S HAIRLOSS SET TO ACCELERATE!! As reported in the press yesterday at least 1 in 100 women suffer from some form of hairloss. David Satchell, founder of Eucaderm Ltd, and the renowned women’s hairloss/alopecia expert feels this could only be the tip of the iceb(Added: Wed Oct 05 2005)

Identity fraudsters get more sophisticated

FRAUD ALERT – LOTTERY SCAM USES PERSONAL DETAILS TO INCREASE CREDIBILITY 5 October 2005 Embargo: none, for immediate release IDENTITY theft criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the way they target their potential victims, warn identity theft experts at checkmyfile.com. Latest(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

E-Lanyards.com Explains How to Make Lanyards

According to E-Lanyards.com, if you are able to follow simple directions you will be able to produce your very own lanyard for personal use or to give as a gift. Whether for yourself or a as a gift, lanyards are a great way to secure your keys, cell phone, badge, or whistle.

In learnin(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

From now until the end of 2005, buying a new car will cost less with low interest rates and buyer in

With interest rates still at historical lows, buying a new car is an attractive option. Even though the Feds have raised the interest rates several times over the past eighteen months, they are still lower than they were in the 90s and are certainly at a favorable rate for great financing. Someone (Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

New Closest to Pin Competition with Cash Prize at the Seaview Marriott Resort & Spa

Galloway Township, New Jersey, October 4, 2005 – Seaview Resort & Spa, a Marriott Resort, has gone far beyond a mint on the pillow and now offers numerous golfing options for all skill levels - from beginner to advanced. Guests can participate in everything from lessons to cash prize compe(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

New tradesmen directory

A new UK tradesman directory which offers tradesmen from all over the UK. tradefixer.com is a UK online trade directory specialist dedicated to providing consumers with a complete and comprehensive list of tradesmen. tradefixer.com is designed with simplicity in mind; membership and registrat(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

supplement company offers investment opportunity

This company is being funded by billionaire Alan Ashton, Founder of Word Perfect. Having already opened business in several countries throughout the world, this new business is becoming a million dollar opportunity for those who invest now. People in England as well as other major countries have beg(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)

e-ShowerCurtains.com Releases a Guide to Kids' Shower Curtains

According to e-ShowerCurtains.com, decorating a kid’s bathroom can be fun. There are so many possible themes, such as Disney characters, animals, the ocean, and geometric shapes, just to name a few.

When decorating a kid’s bathroom, an important consideration is color. Many children enj(Added: Tue Oct 04 2005)
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