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NoahsAnimalFigurines.com Launches Website Offering More than 1,000 Gift Items for Animal Lovers

Cleveland, Ohio (June 27, 2005) – The debut of NoahsAnimalFigurines.com is great news for those who believe it is impossible to find the perfect gift. After all, the secret to choosing the perfect gift is simply to find something that shows you were thinking about the person when you bought it. Th(Added: Mon Jun 27 2005)

New invention Photoblocker™ is a clear spray which reflects photo flash, offering motorists immunity

Oslo (Norway), June 27, 2005 - New invention, Photoblocker™ Spray, renders red-light and speed cameras useless. The spray can be applied to license plates to make them hyper-reflective and unreadable when the camera flashes. Photoblocker™ is a hit with drivers in the U.S., Canada, Australia and thro(Added: Mon Jun 27 2005)

Cinnabon & Layalina Magazine Join Forces to Launch the Innovative “Wall of Fame” Campaign “Best Cinn

Amman, Jordan- June 2005- Cinnabon Jordan, a part of Jana Restaurant Management (a member of Tantash Group) has launched a three month campaign in cooperation with Layalina Magazine, Jordan’s premier social monthly publication, titled ”Wall of Fame” Campaign “Best Cinnabon Shot with Layalina.” (Added: Sun Jun 26 2005)

More help for private home sellers

For the last year www.ahomeofmyown.co.uk has been helping private home sellers sort through the 100+ ‘For Sale By Owner’ websites in the UK. We’ve just relaunched our website with an improved section for finding a Private Seller website. If you are looking for an FSBO which is free, one for a speci(Added: Sun Jun 26 2005)

One-Wear the ideal travelling companion

One-wear brings you: Ultra-light disposable underwear created for travel, which is individually wrapped. The product line includes disposable boxers, briefs, panties, knickers and thongs, which makes ideal travel clothing for both men and women. One-Wear's disposable underwear is great for any si(Added: Sun Jun 26 2005)

Personal Shopping for all Budgets

Press Release No need for extreme makeovers now you can have a total turnaround! Is it really that time of year already? Wed(Added: Fri Jun 24 2005)

Shared home wonership for all

Well, I’m in sunny London where the temperature is ‘Scorchio!’, and I reckon it’s too hot to do traditional house-hunting today, so I have prepared my Top 5 list of ways to seek out your perfect home, without getting perfectly frazzled in the process: 1. Go Online. It’s obvious, it’s old news, b(Added: Fri Jun 24 2005)


NEW LINENS FOR SUMMER Pure Linen Umbrella Cloths. New Seaside Blues. Purple & Fine Linen have added some fabulous colours and styles to their pure linen tablewear ranges. Shade Natural Umbrella Cloths - Dining al fresco is one of the great pleasures of the English summer. Make sure you do (Added: Thu Jun 23 2005)

Environmental, comfortable sanitary protection at only £1.33 per cycle!

Sea Pearls™, Natural Re-usable Sea Sponge Tampons can save women significant sums of money when compared to traditional sanitary protection. Sea Pearls will reduce monthly expenditure to £1.33 per cycle and based on retail estimates, the potential savings could be up to £80 per annum!> On averag(Added: Thu Jun 23 2005)

A Design Classic of the Future Turns Tea Drinking Into An Art

Traditional tea drinking has always been steeped in ceremony from elegant Edwardian occasions with silver teapots to the classic Japanese rituals that survive today. But, despite being a nation of tea drinkers, our hectic lifestyle seems to have left little room for these simple pleasures. Instea(Added: Thu Jun 23 2005)

Domino’s Pizza Third Branch Branches to All of West Amman

Amman, Jordan- June 2005- Domino’s Pizza has opened a new branch in Shmeisani that links Domino’s Pizza to reach all of the residents in West Amman. The extension is due to Domino’s success of its first and second branches in Madina Al Munawara Street and the Seventh Circle area. Mohammad Douar(Added: Wed Jun 22 2005)

Rail Congestion Charging

Rail Congestion Charging News of 28% rise in passengers There have been suggestions by train operators that rail fares should be increased to deal with growing passenger numbers. A scheme to introduce “congestion charging on the railways”, as some commentators have called it, could defeat the(Added: Wed Jun 22 2005)

“You May Now Kiss The Bride,” A Guaranteed Smearproof Kiss - LIP-INK® International provides the ult

Los Angeles, CA — “You may kiss the bride, and forget about getting lipstick all over each other,” said CEO Rose Nichols, LIP-INK® International in El Segundo, CA. “Every wedding is unique so why not use a unique product that will keep those lips fresh and in great color for every photo snapped from(Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)

Totseat gets a new look for summer!

Totseat has a new look – this season’s must-have pink stripes! Images/samples available The washable, squashable highchair and the recent overall winner of the Scottish Design Awards, Totseat is really taking off and with our new look for summer, it’s just the thing for taking on hols, lazy(Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)

Teddys bears versus Sloganwear?

Press Release – 21 June 2005 Teddy Bears versus sloganwear? Finding something a bit different for your baby to wear can prove a real headache for style conscious parents. Enter, little blue dog - “the home of infantly recognisable baby clothes.” Their striking collection of tee shirts,(Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)


Every year tens of thousands of students begin their years of study in towns and cities the length and breadth of Britain. They are often miles from home, in a strange environment, and surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Making new friends is a must and now, to add to the tried and tested methods, a n(Added: Mon Jun 20 2005)

LOVE YOGA? - Find Friendship, Flirtation, & Romance!

Yoga” means union but how often have you found yourself patiently trying to explain your passion for yoga to a prospective friend or partner only to be met by a blank expression? Now thanks to a new web site especially designed for yoga lovers you need not try so hard for all members will understan(Added: Mon Jun 20 2005)

New Embraidary sarees, More designer sarees arrived popular

We (Chennai Sarees, online saree shop in uk) boast of a complete in-house fabricating and print, by the name of Kalidhas chettiyar and sons at Salem. It is well-equipped with the latest technology which is being run under the experience supervision of Mr. Rajaram & Sons. We constantly introduce a st(Added: Mon Jun 20 2005)

University Study Shows Speed Cameras Do Not Make Roads Safer

LIVERPOOL, U.K. -- A new report from a Liverpool University researcher shows that speed cameras have not reduced fatal and serious injury accidents as proponents of the radar photo units claim. Dr. Linda Mountain led a research team from the University in a five-year study of data from 149 differ(Added: Mon Jun 20 2005)

Is there anyone you love more than your horse

Is there anyone you love more than your horse? So there you are, telling this lovely guy/girl (delete as appropriate) about the finer points of your beloved bonny bay (anglo-Arab, natch under 16 hands, bit of a bad history but coming good now) and you see a glazed look come into their eyes. Th(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

LOVE IS ON THE WATER - Find Friendship, Flirtation, Romance, Love!

LOVE IS ON THE WATER - Find Friendship, Flirtation, Romance, Love! Sailing can be a lonely business. Far from a girl – or guy – in every port it’s more likely to be a lukewarm meal for one or perhaps feeling alone among a crew of couples. But now a dating and friendship service especially desig(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Find Friendship, Flirtation, Romance, Love!

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Find Friendship, Flirtation, Romance, Love! Flying can be a lonely business. Far from a girl – or guy – in every airport, it’s more likely to be room service in front of the TV. But now a dating and friendship service especially designed for aviators and crew has proved it (Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

The Need For Pet Recovery Services

Pet recovery services are one of the most needed services for pets’ that have a tendency to wander off. But, how popular are these services? If you conduct a Google search on the term “pet recovery” there will be almost 1.8 million results, and this number is only growing, which shows that people ar(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

Solar power and garden website relaunched

Press release 15th June 2005 Eco friendly website re-launched. One of the UK’s fastest growing eco friendly online retailers has re-launched its new website. A new more user friendly and modern design will help customers go green. The site was first registered as a domain name while the f(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)


Sunderland's Darwin Brewery have once again shown size isn't everything in the world of brewing. While the large brewers continue to consolidate, cutting costs and consumer choice, Darwin's small operation in the centre of Sunderland has now won international recognition in the Ratebeer.com awards(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

"The Original Terror Alert Safe Room" Infomercial: Emergency Preparedness or Scare Tactic?

Direct Market Ventures, Inc., a leading marketing distribution and infomercial company, today announces that “The Original Terror Alert Safe Room System”, is now available exclusively on their Website www.terroralertsaferoom.com. Consumers are encouraged to participate as distributors of the prod(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

Bondage Tape Launch in Bondage Gear Section of Loversfantasy popular

Bondage Tape is the new edition to the range of items within the Bondage Gear section of sex shop www.loversfantasy.co.uk announced today 16 June 2005. “This is excellent news for our bondage gear clientele! The addition of Bondage Tape means that the Bondage Gear section of www.loversfantasy.co.(Added: Thu Jun 16 2005)

BuyYourCar.co.uk Revs up Motor Trade with Revamped and Expanded Website popular

Car dealerships and motorists will shortly be able to use an expanded and improved online resource to buy and sell cars at favourable prices, thanks to the re-launch of BuyYourCar.co.uk (http://www.buyyourcar.co.uk) on August 1. The revamped BuyYourCar.co.uk, which has seen £500K of investment i(Added: Thu Jun 16 2005)

a hint of feeling from above and down below

To define- a definition of pain- In minnows and marrows- Sometimes there is no real and ultimate way to define PAIN- it has been felt and described in countless moons and shines put in the band wagon send it up to the heavens it’s still there- in big and large. Pain, toss it all around, twist an(Added: Wed Jun 15 2005)

‘I AM SPATACUS’ say’s NOTTINGHAM LAD as he TAKES the PLUNGE and BRINGS us the FIRST Wood fired and p

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ‘I AM SPATACUS’ say’s NOTTINGHAM LAD as he TAKES the PLUNGE and BRINGS us the FIRST Wood fired and propane Hot Tubs. Nottingham, England. June 18th, 2005- Spatacus.co.uk is the creation of local lad Darren Prest. Influenced by his travels through Canada and Japan, Darren (t(Added: Wed Jun 15 2005)
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