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e-HairExtensions.com Releases a Guide to Hair Extension Salons

According to e-HairExtensions.com, it can be difficult to find a hair extension stylist near you, and you don’t always have the time to drive hours to get your hair done. Luckily, several online resources are available to help.

Here is a helpful, condensed list, courtesy of e-HairExtensio(Added: Wed Sep 21 2005)


Mmmm. Snowy slopes…gingerbread…scrumptious continental chocolate….strudels… Add some traditional wintry Austrian atmosphere to your Christmas celebrations with delicacies from the website, www.theaustrian.biz where owner Dietmar Hanner has carefully picked out a range of delicious goodies to enti(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Think Happy Organic Surge - products carefully tested to provide the best care for your body

PRESS RELEASE 20.09.05 LOUISE REDKNAPP LAUNCHES ORGANIC BEAUTY RANGE Singer, model, and footballer’s wife Louise Redknapp– has become the face of new organic beauty range thinkhappy, which is officially launched in Boots stores this month. Louise is set to turn thinkhappy into a global brand(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

E-WatchWinder.com Provides an Overview of Watch Winder Boxes and Cases

According to E-WatchWinder.com, watch winder boxes come in as many options as the watch winders themselves. Since many people who purchase winders do so because they own very expensive or treasured devices, they often feel the need to have a complimenting watch winder box. Some boxes are made of bea(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-WallMurals.com Explains How to Create Tuscan Wall Murals

According to e-WallMurals.com, Tuscan wall murals use smoky taupe, elegant creams, warm browns, tile and marble. Tuscan wall murals look wonderful by stairs or in entryways to create the image of a sprawling Tuscan landscape just outside. with the mural and your home.

Tuscan wall murals(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-SnowBlowers.com Outlines the Major Snow Blower Parts

According to e-SnowBlowers.com, you can maximize efficiency, dependability and ease of use with a number of snow blower parts. A good snow blower with a conscientious owner can last up to 30 years or more when cared for properly.

As e-SnowBlower.com explains, the following items are the (Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-ShowerCurtains.com Explains the Benefits of Fabric Shower Curtains

According to e-ShowerCurtains.com, shower curtains are available in many different styles, colors, and designs. They are also available in a variety of materials, such as vinyl, cotton, polyester, linen, and plastic. Some of the most popular, though, are the fabric shower curtains.

Fabric(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

E-SeraphimAngels.com Provides Background on Roman Seraphim Angels

As E-SeraphimAngels.com explains, Roman, Inc. is a giftware and decorative accessories distribution company most famous for its Seraphim Classics Collection of angels, as well as for its Fontanini Heirloom Nativities line of religious figurines.

Begun in 1963 with $500 and a station wago(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-safes.com Explains How to Protect Your Household Belongings with Home Safes

You may never be able to fully protect your home from burglary, but you can help protect your valuables with a home safe. According to e-safes.com, experienced thieves know where most people hide their valuables like fine jewelry, camera equipment, coin collections or guns. Protecting these items in(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-rhinoplasty.com Reveals the Cost of Rhinoplasty Facility Fees

e-rhinoplasty.com tells us that no matter where the doctor and the anesthesiologist are going to perform a rhinoplasty surgery, there will be a cost for the facility. This cost includes and nurses or other staff necessary for the procedure, equipment and supplies to be used and the facility’s genera(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

The World's First Napkin Folding DVD, Is Called "How To Fold Exotic Napkins".

Mothman Productions today released the world's first DVD based training programme for napkin folding, showing 18 napkin folds from the very basicto ultra advanced. "Using a DVD to learn napkin folds is quicker, easier and faster" said TomCone of Mothman Productions. "There are already lots of lea(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Industry Leader Steps In To Help Car Repair Consumers

Nearly 30,000* people complained about garages in the UK last year and everyone has a scare story to tell about getting ripped off when it comes to car servicing and repairs to the extent that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched an investigation into the industry back in 1999. Six years on(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Information portal Hookahforum.com reaches 600 registered members.

Internet information portal HookahForum.com is pleased to announce that they have reached yet another milestone with the inclusion of their 600th registered member. "Having over 600 registered, dedicated members is really good for the forum and the awareness of hookah smoking in ge(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

E-GraniteCountertops.com Explains the Benefits of Granite Tile Countertops

According to E-GraniteCountertops.com, the beauty and warmth of granite makes it an ideal material for aesthetic appeal in home design. Granite has been a popular choice of designers for decades. Adding solid granite countertops to a kitchen can be quite costly, with prices starting at $60 a foot i(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-GasFireplaces.com Releases a Guide to Ventless Fireplaces

According to e-GasFireplaces.com, fireplaces are gaining in popularity and are even standard in many new homes. Some people find them cost-prohibitive, however, and search for cheaper alternatives. Ventless gas fireplaces are options some people consider. Because of their low cost, convenience, and (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

E-Futons.com Provides an Overview of Futon Mattresses

E-Futons.com explains that there are a number of different types of futon mattresses on the market. A futon mattress can be filled with several different materials and has a set level of firmness as well.

Probably the most important aspect of a futon mattress is its filling. The type (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-PicnicBaskets.com Explains the Benefits of Picnic Baskets

According to e-PicnicBaskets.com, wicker picnic baskets are a lovely, traditional way to pack a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a well-earned snack. You can take it with you anywhere -- to your backyard garden, your neighborhood park, or as a special luxury treat, on a camping trip. They make for (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-PhonePsychic.com Explains How to Find a Free Phone Psychic

According to e-PhonePsychic.com, referrals are the key to acquiring free phone psychic time to further explore the unanswered questions in life and receive guidance from a psychic. One program gives the participating customer 30 minutes of pre-paid time for psychic phone readings with the referral o(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-PepperSpray.com Compares Pepper Spray with Other Similar Self Defense Tools

According to e-PepperSpray.com, pepper spray is a generic term for all self-defense sprays that contain oleoresin capsicum, a carrier, and a propellant. Oleoresin capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray, harvested or derived from cayenne peppers or other peppers. Its effects are physically(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

E-FlowerBulbs.com Explains the Benefits of Wholesale Flower Bulbs

According to E-FlowerBulbs.com, a great way to save money when buying flowers is to buy them wholesale. Flower bulbs are available at wholesale prices for professional gardeners, landscapers, and suppliers. That is a well-known fact. After all, these people spend thousands of dollars buying flower b(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-FireplaceMantels.com Explains the Benefits of Wood Fireplace Mantels

According to e-FireplaceMantels.com, mantel shelves are quickly stealing the spotlight from its counterpart the fireplace. A mantel is an ideal place for your most treasured items that you want those who visit your home to see.

Choosing wood would definitely bring out the beauty of surro(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-electrician.com Provides a Profile of Electrician School

According to e-electrician.com, for those people thinking of becoming an electrician, there are a variety of schools, institutes and training centers where you can get a good education and launch your career the right way.

There are government-sponsored programs, military training progra(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-dogtags.com Releases a Guide to Custom Dog Tags

According to e-dogtags.com, you have many choices when considering custom dog tags. Plastic may not last as long as metal, but they are inexpensive and easily replaceable. A metal or plastic dog tag shouldn’t cost more than $40 in most cases, and in many cases they cost under $10. You can have all (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

New Phone Greeting Card Website Launches As Birthday Texts Get Royal Approval popular

Stampster.co.uk is a custom mobile wallpaper and greetings card site with no subscription fees: bridges gap between greetings cards and text messages Manchester, 19 September, 2005 – As mobile messages gain the seal of royal approval with the Queen texting Prince Harry to wish him a happy bir(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

New music superstore set to rock Eastbourne!

Eastbourne will soon have one of the largest music stores in the UK when Bonners moves to its new premises on Langney Road in Eastbourne town centre. Due to its outstanding success, Bonners' incredible selection of guitars, keyboards, pianos, drums, brass, woodwind and other musical instruments w(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

StudioLX.com launches new line of elite dinnerware

StudioLX.com has just launched their new line of elite dinnerware. All items are handmade and hand decorated with elements of 24 kt gold. This line of dinnerware is produced by the well known Czech manufacturer of fine porcelain. The newly launched dinnerware line will complement variety of (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

Want to be a wedding planner? Learn from the real experts... popular

Following huge interest in the industry and the failure of many poorly conceived companies, The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners has devised a training course for those wishing to enter the world of wedding planning. Run as an interactive day course by co-founders Tamryn Kirby (TK Weddings) and Bern(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

e-DogBeds.com Explains How to Choose a Large Dog Bed

According to e-DogBeds.com, large dogs and extra large dogs require more thought and planning when owners purchase a permanent dog bed. Even though large dogs can be just as lovable as their smaller canine counterparts, they require a more complex sleeping situation than small dogs. It’s obvious tha(Added: Sun Sep 18 2005)

e-DisposableCameras.com Explains the Benefits of Disposable Cameras for Weddings

According to e-DisposableCameras.com, disposable wedding cameras will never replace a professional photographer, but they could save money on the overall photo budget, provide memorable fun for you and your guests, and occasionally turn up a priceless casual shot.

Disposable low-price wed(Added: Sun Sep 18 2005)

e-DefensiveDriving.com Explains the Benefits of Taking Defensive Driving Courses

According to e-DefensiveDriving.com, a defensive driving course is designed to help people operate a motor vehicle with the skills to avoid an accident in a situation where one may occur. Defensive driving teaches advanced skills and awareness not initially taught to new drivers. The goal of a defen(Added: Sun Sep 18 2005)
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