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Food Lover Takes Stand Against the Current Food Crisis

Food is a part of everyone’s existence and yet in the last decade or say a dramatic transformation has been occurring to the entire food system. EatManifesto founder, Virginia Choy said, “I’m concerned about how the dramatic increase in corporate control over food production, processing and sales ar(Added: Sat Mar 06 2004)

MeetMeMap.com Takes the Effort Out of Giving Travel Directions

A new website MeetMeMap.com, debuting today, guarantees to make giving travel directions easy. Whether you’re organising a social outing, business meeting or telling customers how to get to your premises, you will create a MeetMeMap that you send via email or place on your website. A MeetMeMap store(Added: Sat Mar 06 2004)

Stunning hand made personalised wedding ring cushions

WeddingRingCushions TM P R E S S R E L E A S E Contact: Olivier Laudus Tel: 020 8374 1239 LAUNCH OF COLLECTION OF HANDMADE LUXURY WEDDING RING CUSHIONS Belgian born, food stylist (Men’s Health, Carlsberg) and model (Renault Clio, Calendar Girls), Olivier Laudus launched (Added: Fri Mar 05 2004)


PRESS RELEASE ANIMAL MAGIC AT DRUSILLAS PARK What’s new at Drusillas in 2004 Spring sees the start of some exciting new developments at one of Sussex’s favourite family attractions, Drusillas Park Nr Alfriston in East Sussex. Below are the highlights for 2004 which include new arriva(Added: Wed Mar 03 2004)

The hottest warehouse and sample sales in the UK popular

INFORMATION INITIATIVE PRESS RELEASE 00 MARCH 2004 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Sale of Sales. London based company Information Initiative provide an information service helping people to make or save money. Announcing a new edition of the Designer Sales Directory which has been c(Added: Mon Mar 01 2004)

Discover the Cotswolds with your Dog

Get Your Paws on the Cotswolds this Spring.. Or Paws in the Cotswolds this Spring.. Gloucestershire dog lover Helen Pollard has just launched a new guide to help you get the most out of the Cotswolds with your dog. Says Helen, “ This area has such a lot to offer, but trying to find suitable (Added: Mon Mar 01 2004)

Childhood Friends booked for Easter

Added: (Mon Mar 1 2004) -BEGINS- A walk down any supermarket aisle crammed high with chocolate eggs will tell you Easter is fast approaching. Happily for parents concerned by reports in the media about childhood obesity, other gift ideas for this time of year can be just as appealing and at no (Added: Mon Mar 01 2004)

Consumer Complaints

Recently opened website is your newest tool to help solve your consumer complaints. We will provide you with our complaint strategy including successful sample complaint letters. We will publicize your complaint, send a copy of the complaint to the recipient, include their response in the complaint (Added: Sat Feb 28 2004)

Give your love life a new loving angle popular

28th February ‘04 Give your love life a new loving-angle Let your imagination go and try something new with the expanding range of sex furniture from loving angles. The product that makes sex positions more exciting and fulfilling. Sex manuals are full of amazing new positions to try, b(Added: Fri Feb 27 2004)


27th February ‘04 LINE UP FOR PASSION & ADVENTURE If you want sex to be passionate and adventurous, then you need to line up more than a few sex toys! Recent research has shown that 76% of couples say that the right sexual position was essential/very important to be passionate and adventu(Added: Fri Feb 27 2004)

Magnificent Nightsky Celestial Globe Release

Nightsky is a Celestial Globe handcrafted by artisans in real semi-precious stones including mother of pearl and Black Agate. Each globe has been authenticated and verified by the Guildford Astronomical Society and is the only gemstone globe of the night sky available in the world. All stars show(Added: Fri Feb 27 2004)


PRESS RELEASE 26 February 2004 TRANQUIL TOURING PARKS GET CSCC SPONSORSHIP FOR NEW CAMPAIGN Tranquil Touring Parks, an association of independent touring parks that caters exclusively for adult visitors, is promoting its 13 member-parks in England through 36 000 copies of a new brochure (Added: Thu Feb 26 2004)

Save Money on Doctor-Strength Glycolic Peels

Hollywood, CA (February 25, 2004)- There’s no need for anyone to break his or her bank account on professional skincare anymore according to Rose Murray, co-owner of Peels2go.com. Those who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on professional spas and facials understand the frustration of fo(Added: Wed Feb 25 2004)

"My toddler has a great life, but I've forgotten about me!" popular

Just one of many similar pleas for help heard by Amanda Alexander, professional coach, mum to toddler Max, and founder of “Coaching Mums”. Have you ever found yourself wondering how on earth your life could change so completely, or thinking how easy – with the benefit of hindsight - life was bef(Added: Tue Feb 24 2004)


Los Angeles, CA, (February 23 2004) – Protective Nourishment has responded to the demands of their customers by expanding not only their line but also their availability around the world. New Products There are many who suffer from rosacea, but surprisingly, rosacea treatment products are ex(Added: Mon Feb 23 2004)


DORINHA SWIMWEAR SPRINGBOARDS AT OFF THE WALL VANCOUVER, Canada – Dorinha Swimwear, the latest addition to Vancouver’s sizzling, made-in-Brazil Dorinha Jeans Wear label, launches this spring at Off The Wall retail stores in Canada. The line is also found at www.dorinhawear.com, and will be availa(Added: Fri Feb 20 2004)

Campaign Launched for Introduction of King Size Creme Eggs popular

The "King Size" Creme Egg Campaign is intended to act as a voice for Creme Egg lovers everywhere and was launched online today at www.kingsizecremeegg.co.uk The campaign, which is not affiliated with Cadbury, is entirely non-commercial and aims to: 1) Propose a new "King Size" Creme Egg - one(Added: Fri Feb 20 2004)

Plus Size Clothing Only!!!

I SEW only Plus Size Clothing! Every item is made with Care. Do check out my New Online Store. IF you don't see your size email me direct and let's talk. Scrubs, Gorgeous Swing Jackets, Nightgowns, Robes, Pants and More.(Added: Wed Feb 18 2004)

ThinkStars.com's Gifts A Wish Come Tru For Family Business

“A wish come true,” is how Shane and Marie Sokol describe their delight at the launch of their unique gift product and internet web business, ThinkStars.com. Through years of wishing to start a business and finally the decision to make that wish come true, the Sokols believe the possibilities are as(Added: Tue Feb 17 2004)

Fry me to the moon and let me play among the stars

Fry me to the moon and let me play among the stars Sausagefans.com, the UK’s leading sausage website, is looking for the most fanatical sausage fans in the UK. In conjunction with some of the 895 butchers involved Sausagefans.com is organising a sausage feast for the top ten sausage fans in (Added: Mon Feb 16 2004)


CCA has launched CCA Benchmarking – a unique online tool for the call and contact centre industry to form a quick and accurate picture of performance. The tool allows managers to track essential numbers quickly and simply thus freeing time for the critical people issues. The development of CCA Ben(Added: Mon Feb 16 2004)


If you think a flat battery is a problem then a puncture is justa as immobilising and always happens at the wrong time. And, there are two kinds of people - those who have had a puncture and those who will have one! A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient it is also very dangerous. So ta(Added: Mon Feb 16 2004)

The British Bathroom Company to Franchise

The Hampshire (UK) based bathroom installation and refurbishment company "The British Bathroom Company" is to develop a Franchise action plan following meetings with bankers and distributors. As "The British Bathroom Company" is now approved to install bathroom funiture supplied direct to the pub(Added: Fri Feb 13 2004)

Send Flowers To Bangalore

We at Bangalore Florist deliver flowers and gifts to homes and throughout Bangalore and all the major cities across India at a competitive price for any occasion. Bangalore Blooms has a wide range of exotic flowers and gift baskets. They come in a variety of prices to suit your needs. If you wou(Added: Fri Feb 13 2004)


NEW YORK, American International Toy Fair Booth #5838 – Feb. 13th – 18th, 2004 – Visitors to this year’s American International Toy Fair in New York City are invited to enter a world of magic and sorcery to experience the wonders of Doncorp’s recently unveiled Young Wizards™ series. Featuring (Added: Fri Feb 13 2004)

Nokia 3560 Faceplates - Luxury for your Cell Phone

Charlotte, NC – February 11, 2004 Nokia 3560 Cell Phones are common. You aren’t! Don’t be one of the many who are tired of the way their cell phones look and then run out to buy a new phone – that could cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, make a statement with your cell phone and change its app(Added: Thu Feb 12 2004)

Nokia 5100 Series Faceplates - Luxury for your Cell Phone

Charlotte, NC – February 11, 2004 Nokia 5100 Series Cell Phones are common. You aren’t! Don’t be one of the many who are tired of the way their cell phones look and then run out to buy a new phone – that could cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, make a statement with your cell phone and change (Added: Wed Feb 11 2004)

Nokia 3595 Faceplates - Luxury for Your Cell Phone

Charlotte, NC – February 11, 2004 Nokia 3595 Cell Phones are common. You aren’t! Don’t be one of the many who are tired of the way their cell phones look and then run out to buy a new phone – that could cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, make a statement with your cell phone and change its app(Added: Wed Feb 11 2004)

Show How Much You Really Care This Valentines popular

Would you like to show your loved one how much you care? Are you searching for an enjoyable gift for you to both enjoy or simply wishing to spoil or pamper your partner? Red Letter Days can help with your Valentine’s gift ideas this year with a diverse selection of Experiences available across the (Added: Tue Feb 10 2004)

Mum's the Word popular

If you have no idea of how to show mum your appreciation for her constant tender loving care, then Red Letter Days is here to lend a helping hand this Mothers Day. With over 350 exciting gift ideas to suit all tastes, and available across the UK – there is sure to be a perfect gift, just for mum. (Added: Tue Feb 10 2004)
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