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Troubleshooting and Mitigation of Corrosion: Cathodic Protection Technique

Added: (Wed Jun 06 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Troubleshooting and Mitigation of Corrosion by Cathodic Protection Technique use to mitigate to corrosion of underground or submerged metallic structures.
Cathodic protection is a technique used to control naturally occurred corrosion that can deteriorate metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. A procedure by which a structure (buried pipeline, ship hulls, oil drilling rig, etc.) is protected against corrosion.

Cathodic Protection systems are used all over the globe to protect the pipeline, high-temperature subsea pipeline, submarine pipeline, water treatment plants, above and underwater storage tanks, ships and boat hulls, offshore oil and gas production platforms, reinforcement bars in concrete structures by mitigating corrosion damage to active metal surfaces.

Corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals are not in physical contact but electrically submerged in an electrolyte substance such as water, soil, or concrete. In this process metal conducting path between the two dissimilar metal allow a pathway through which free electrons move from the positive terminal (anode) to the negative terminal (Cathode).
A direct current is impressed onto the structure by means of a sacrificial anode or a rectifier.
The most common metal to be protected by CP is steel.

Working of Cathodic Protection:

Cathodic Protection is an electrochemical technique to prevent external or internal corrosion on a metallic surface which is connected or submerged in an electrolyte substance. Cathodic protection connects the base metal at risk (steel) to a sacrificial metal that corrodes in lieu of the base metal and this direct current can be delivered by sacrificial anodes.

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