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Tiverton High School reach semi finals in Audi Competition

Six talented Tiverton High School students have been selected as regional semi finalists in the prestigious Audi Innovation Awards 2006. The competition, which is now in its third year aims to inspire the designers of the future to develop ideas for products that could make the world a better place.(Added: Fri Jun 23 2006)

Best Year ever for Tiverton High Schools Maths Chellenge

Students aged 12 and 13 years old from Tiverton High School received Certificates in this year UK Junior Mathematical Challenge. Head of Maths, Mrs. Annette Alsopp, explained, "This national Competition challenges pupils to think and solve problems with the aim of encouraging and stimulating a large(Added: Thu Jun 22 2006)


PRESS RELEASE Date: 22 June 2006 HOW TO MAKE YOUR UNDER 10 YEAR OLD AN ADDICT… Getting kids to sit down and read isn’t always easy. Fed up with his own children playing DVDs, play stations and computer games a former teacher has come up with a novel way of getting kids to become bookworms.(Added: Thu Jun 22 2006)

Radcliffe in World Record Attempt

Marathon World Champion and World Record Holder, Paula Radcliffe, today started the world’s largest simultaneous running event - the Tesco Great School Run at schools in Leicestershire, Bedford and London. Attempting to gain an official entry into the Guinness World Records Book, the Tesco Grea(Added: Wed Jun 21 2006)

Tiverton High School Maths Challenge

TIVERTON HIGH SCHOOL MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Students aged 12 and 13 years old from Tiverton High School received Certificates in this year UK Junior Mathematical Challenge. Head of Maths, Mrs. Annette Alsopp, explained, "This national Competition challenges pupils to think and (Added: Wed Jun 21 2006)

Boy starts website to make crores and fund college

At the time of year when all 12th grade graduates in India are worried which college to go to, Young Shabbir is worried if he will ever go to college. So the 16 year old came up with the idea of selling pixels (Inspired by million dollar homepage). Named Crorepatiworld.com, Shabbir Hussain says he c(Added: Wed Jun 21 2006)


Press release (Brussels, Belgium) – 19.06.2006 - An international team working on an e-learning and digital literacy initiative called DEA (Digital litEracy open to ImpAirments), supported by the European Commission (DG Education and Culture), catalogued and analysed best practices in e-learning tar(Added: Wed Jun 21 2006)

Infamous Russian university

June 21, 2006 To whom it may concern Dear Editor: I assume some of your employees may know Russian. I would like to invite you to read the following article about one of the richest Russian universities, named Russian State University for the Humanities, or RSUH, with headquarters at Cha(Added: Wed Jun 21 2006)

PRIVATE TUTOR ™ FOR SAT MATH SUCCESS 2006, Featuring an Empowering Approach to Math Instruction, Pub

************** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ********************* PRIVATE TUTOR ™ FOR SAT MATH SUCCESS 2006, Featuring an Empowering Approach to Math Instruction, Publishes on AMAZON-Dot-Com Dr. Akinci’s Study Guide and Workbook in One provides Customized Step-by-Step Instructions for Reliable, E(Added: Tue Jun 20 2006)


México, D. F. a 19 de junio de 2006. SEÑOR DIRECTOR: La Delegacion Iztacalco, a traves de la Direccion General de Desarrollo Social, en su interes por prevenir a los padres de familia, niños y jovenes del mal que causan las drogas, puso en marcha platicas dirigidas a los Centros de Desarroll(Added: Tue Jun 20 2006)

FOREX Business School – More Than Currency Trading

FOREX Business School (FBS) announces e-learning program that is more than just currency trading education. Everyone can benefit from an understanding of the workings of FOREX; the world’s largest financial market. No matter what your business, or professional focus, is you can benefit from gaini(Added: Mon Jun 19 2006)

English School Children Take On International Challengers in a Different Kind of World Cup

English School Children Take On International Challengers in a Different Kind of World Cup St. Pirans School in Maidenhead took on 12 teams from schools across the country to win the Gold Medal at the highly competitive national MindLab Olympics on June 10th. Kick off was at 2pm, the same time(Added: Mon Jun 19 2006)

The Physical and Mental Changes in Your Teens

The physical and mental changes can create doubts and incomprehension and can change ideals; each young person reacts to this stage of life in his/her own way, according to his/her personality and his/her past experiences. Adolescence a very difficult stage of life in which many transformations happ(Added: Mon Jun 19 2006)

Master degree in nursing

Health care sector looks lucrative in today’s world of globalization and as science and technologies proliferated, more opportunities for profit making are coming up in manufacturing and selling drugs, supplies and devices, in delivering services and in owning and administering health care organizat(Added: Mon Jun 19 2006)

Dog Training Book: Secrets Of A Pro Dog Trainer!

Adam G. Katz’s dog training book "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer" covers all the important information. His advice saves the reader time and money, not to mention sparing a dog lots of stress. "If you’re not using the right dog training techniques, you’re probably wasting hundreds of hours(Added: Mon Jun 19 2006)

New Humor Book for Middle-Aged Parents

Attention: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Of interest to editors and journalists covering: books, humor, parenting and family New Humor Book for Middle-Aged Parents Family Humorist Tim Herrera Pens New Collection of Parenting Stories SACRAMENTO, CA: Middle-aged life is crazy enough, but add a (Added: Sun Jun 18 2006)

Practical Lesson Plans: Creating and Sharing Converge

Teachers are now able to share lesson plans as they create them. Lesson Data (www.lessondata.com) allows teachers to create and share lesson plans in a single action. Published lesson plans are often too difficult and time-consuming to implement. There is a need for teachers to have access to pra(Added: Sun Jun 18 2006)

Marathon World Champion Paula Radcliffe set to launch World’s biggest simultaneous run in multiple c

Marathon World Champion and World Record Holder, Paula Radcliffe will visit schools by helicopter across the UK on June 21 to launch the world’s biggest ever simultaneous walk or run – the Tesco Great School Run. Organisers hope for a new Guinness World Record when an estimated 250,000 seven to (Added: Sat Jun 17 2006)

What to do when your Teen committed Suicide

What to do when your Teen committed Suicide ? 16 June 2006 , Everyone feels sad, depressed, or angry sometimes - especially when the pressures of exams, relationships, and friends become too much to handle. Other times, though, feelings of sadness or hopelessness just won't go away. These fee(Added: Fri Jun 16 2006)

About IIPM> Dean's Message

Dean's Message Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, renowned management guru & economist; Dean, Center for Economic Research & Advanced Studies We need to understand that sustainable growth can be achieved only by committing ourselves to macro level growth strategies that would encompass the bottom(Added: Fri Jun 16 2006)

About IIPM Mission

The Indian Institute of Planning and Management has set before it the twin tasks: (1) to reorient education and research towards the needs of both the private and public (government) sectors and (2) to establish the link between the national economic planning and the development of private enterpris(Added: Fri Jun 16 2006)

LockLizard enables the development of the $23bn elearning industry with the launch of LockLizard Pro

LockLizard Protector has been specifically designed to stop elearning courses from being pirated. It prevents unauthorized users from accessing course content, and controls what authorized users can do with it (copy, share, print for example) and for how long. “Corporate e-learning is one of t(Added: Thu Jun 15 2006)

LousyWriter.com Helps Writers and Non-Writers Improve Their Writing Skills

“STOP WRITING JUNK!” is the bold-faced statement at LousyWriter.com, a new website that helps writers and non-writers improve their writing skills. It is a free resource at http://www.LousyWriter.com What, exactly, is “writing junk”? “Writing junk is just that: writing with misspelled words, gram(Added: Wed Jun 14 2006)


In the mid 1960s, a proposal to set up an Institute under the name of "Institute for Planning and Administration of National Economy" was forwarded to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Prime Minister of India and Chairman, Planning Commission, Government of India. A study tour was undertaken under Dr. M. K.(Added: Tue Jun 13 2006)


México, D. F. a 12 de junio de 2006. SEÑOR DIRECTOR: Hay estadisticas que muestran que el 5.2 por ciento de la poblacion urbana del pais (2.5 millones de personas) entre 12 y 65 años ha consumido alguna droga ilegal en su vida, y ante estos alarmantes datos lo que podemos hacer de inmediato e(Added: Tue Jun 13 2006)

Adopted Teens Behaviors

It can be difficult to know if your adopted teen's anger is normal and within the range of typical teenage behavior. Most teenagers get angry, especially during the years when their bodies are changing and the hormones can bring quick and severe mood swings. All teenagers are searching the world(Added: Mon Jun 12 2006)

GOAL = "Get online and learn"

GOAL = “GET ONLINE AND LEARN With the world cup now in full swing and the weather heating up, the last thing bosses want is bored staff stuck in boring classroom training sessions. Sheffield based Sharp End Training invite you to come online and enjoy greater flexibility with your workplace lea(Added: Mon Jun 12 2006)

English Proficiency, Intensive Grammar, & Call Center Training; ESL Programs; IELTS/TOEFL Review & P

LEARN HOW TO SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH! With NYT you have found the right partner for your English language requirements. The NYT center offers quality language training, IELTS/TOEFL reviews, team building, copy editing and copywriting services. Using specially-developed teaching materials, qualifi(Added: Sun Jun 11 2006)

Quantum Units Launches Unique Web Site for Continuing Education

Health professionals across the U.S. need continuing education units. And QuantumUnitsEd.com offers some intriguing options. Quantum Units Education provides CEUs (continuing education units) for Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors and others. With two choices - direct(Added: Sat Jun 10 2006)

Your Teens and Their Schools

9th June 2006 , Many students who, for one reason or another, are not succeeding in regular public schools are being sent to alternative placements. In general, students are referred to alternative schools and programs if they are at risk of education failure, as indicated by poor grades, truancy, d(Added: Sat Jun 10 2006)
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