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Building Ecommerce Web Sites: Where Do I Start?

Building a web site isn't something that is really cut and dry. There's a huge variety of products and services that can either help you get your web site where you want it or simply confuse you. It's also important that you make the right choices upfront so that you don't end up having to restructu(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Banned By Google And Back Again.

The date: 29th July 2005. The time: early morning. I got out of bed and fired up my PC. Opened my browser to check my site. Had a look at the third-party Google toolbar plug-in (http://toolbar.google.com/) on said browser (FireFox). It showed grey. Ice formed in my stomach. I opened my bugged ve(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Google Gone Bad?

Recently there has been some talk about Google's newest addition to their toolbar - AutoLink. So I decided to have a look at their information on it. Google really doesn't offer much in the way of information about it, so I went to read elsewhere. As a result, I am pretty sure I know why Google (Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

How To Shop and Save On Website Hosting

"What's your web address?" From small "mom and pop" home-based businesses to mega- stores, people ask this question in business every single day. Even if you only operate a small, local business, if you don't have a website (or at least email) people honestly look at you funny. A few(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Bookmark Managers: Programs vs. Web Services

The rapid development of the World Wide Web in recent years has led to an explosive growth of information on the Internet. Our contemporary lifestyle would be unimaginable without access to such a super-abundant cornucopia of valuable information and web surfing has now become an everyday occupation(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Basic Search Engine Promotion

I can't tell you how many times people have asked me, "How to do I get my site to come up in the top ten of the search engines so I can get hits and sell my product?" What they really want to know is, "How can I get people to show up to my website without spending any money on advertisin(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Backup -- But Where To?

We all know we have to backup regularly, but those backups files can get huge. Add that to your existing your files and your notebook computer hard drive seems to have shrunk overnight. No matter what size hard drive you have on your notebook computer, space is a premium. Besides, it's not exactly a(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

Hot Tips For Ebay Buyers

Ebay is the world's greatest e-commerce site. With over 147 million registered users from all over the world, it's definitely here to stay. Whether you're a newbie Ebay buyer or already an aficionado, you could always make use of the following tips on buying on Ebay. Know exactly what you're loo(Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

How Professional Ebay Auction Templates Can Boost Your Ebay Sales

Do you like to sell on eBay? It’s easy and fun, isn’t it? In fact, it’s one of the easiest online businesses you can start almost overnight, without any major investments. That’s the best thing about it. But do you also know that only the minority of the people selling on eBay are really successful (Added: Tue Mar 18 2008)

URGENT! URGENT!! ....Each Day You Waste Is Costing You $3k-$5k! Daily... Do The Math...JOIN ME NOW!

Hello!!! Yes! Each day you waste is costing you thousands daily! My personal team is exploding with members averaging $10,000 plus FIRST WEEK! I even had one member earn $9k in one single DAY! I'm not only the #1 Earner, I am the #1 Mentor, and Trainer and will help you succeed. NOW! All you have(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

What Tablet PCs Can Do for You

Tablet PCs are great. If you are a mobile person, and you have never considered getting a tablet PC in the past, now is as good a time as any to start checking them out - the technology is cutting-edge, the usability is superb, and prices are starting to drop. There are two main types of tablet (Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

An Achievement of that Goal

For some of us, careers are only considered as a means of earning money. For others, careers are considered as a course of successive situations that make up a person's worklife. But there are others that consider a career as an opportunity to do great things to themselves and to others around them.(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Taking A New Approach To The Kids Learning Games

The-child-learning-game.com wants to tell you something different about how we raise our kids and teach them to play. Games are vitally important in teaching our children, but they should not be regarded as an automatic teacher. Involvement with the child while they play kids learning games is(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

How to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Identity theft rates one of the fastest growing crimes in America today and the Internet can make it even easier for some criminals to take your good name and drag it through the mud. Identity theft involves criminals stealing your personal information such as credit card numbers, social securit(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Web Casting - The Future of Online Education

Despite the communications power of the Internet, nothing beats good old human interaction when it comes to learning a new skill. You can always read a book, listen to a tape, or watch a video to learn how to do something, but, in the end, learning from a live teacher who can answer your(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Identity Theft - Don't blame The Internet

Identity theft – also known as ID theft, identity fraud and ID fraud – describes a type of fraud where a criminal adopts someone else’s identity in order to profit illegally. It is one of the fastest growing forms of fraud in many developed countries. In the UK identity theft is increasing at th(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

What To Do When After Winning A Bid And Then Changing Your Mind?

As the old adage goes, nobody's perfect. There are things in this life that people do on one instance only to change his or her mind after a few minutes or so. On eBay, there are instances wherein online shoppers or bidders may find retracting a bid inevitable due to some unforeseen circumstance(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Making The Most Of Public Domain And Private Label Conten

There's so much public domain content available all over the internet, with Master Resale Rights available and sites springing up left and right with Private Label articles you can use to create your own products, but what do you need to bear in mind, what is the best way to use all this content and(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Cool New Search Engine On The Block

If you log on to PayPerClickSearchEngines.com you'll find they list over 600 different pay-per-click search engines operating online. In fact, some online sources report that over 1,000 "search engines" of various size and popularity operate in the U.S. alone. With so much competition among (Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Interview with Experts (Part 1)

As you will know, one key method of producing information products is to create an eBook / Report with articles or interviews from Top industry experts. (HINT - if you get a number of ‘experts’ to participate, then this really improves things for you. Firstly, you have expert advice from(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Arabesk Hoteles Orientales Damasco Siria

We are Arabesk Tours in Syria. We are specialized in Arabic Oriental Palaces & Hotels Tours. If you want to make a tour in Syria, we recommend you to choose Damascene houses or Oriental Arabic hotels and palaces (known as Boutique Hotels of Hotels de Charme). In Damascus, there are a few of the(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Top 10 Tips for WinXP Users

Are you new to WinXp? Just upgraded, or gotten a new computer maybe? Or you might have friends and contacts who use it and you want to "show off" a little by teaching them a few tricks? I`ve collected 10 of my favorite WinXP tricks, each of them easy to use, and very helpful, and if you follow the i(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Set up your Infoproduct as a download to sell off you website

This is where your “Merchant Account” will help. For example; PayPal has excellent tools for setting up your pricing and shipping costs and creating “Buy Now” buttons, which buyers click on to take them to the Credit Card/PayPal account holders payment page. You will be able to set up a link t(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Top 7 Ways to STOP Junk Email

Nothing makes me angrier than opening my email in-box to find over 150 messages, wading through them all, and discovering that 135 of the messages rate as nothing more than junk. The problem with junk email or "spam" (the popular slang for unsolicited commercial email) only seems to get (Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Looking after your Computer

If you are going to work and do a lot of browsing on the Internet, the first thing you need to learn is how to take care of your computer. It is far better that you take the trouble to look after your computer regularly, rather than have it freeze or crash when you lose everything on it, at whic(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

The Ten Web Page "Commandments"

"What makes a great web page?" People ask me this all the time, though they often encounter difficulty boiling the question down to so few words. Every serious website operator wants to know how to create and maintain the best possible website that makes them the most money and builds (Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Share Your Best Life Story With The World

When most people sit down to write a book, they expect it will take months to complete the job. They envision working endlessly and toiling over every word until they finally emerge a year or two later with their finished "masterpiece." Well, that may hold true for traditional authors, b(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Transfer Huge Files Online Fast And Free

If this problem hasn't hit you yet... it will. With the ever-increasing popularity of sharing home-videos, mp3 audios, and other large files online, actually transferring those files to your customers, friends, and family presents a problem. Most email systems limit the size of the files you(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

Location Sensitivity - Cell phone GPS

This is basically a system to locate the handheld when making a call to 911. In the mid to late 1990's, many people got cell phones just for the emergency use of being able to call for help almost anywhere. The problem came up when statistics showed that almost 92% of all serious 911 calls, (where t(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)

RadioQi.com Teaches Acupuncture Students How to Get to the Points

RadioQi.com announces the official iTunes release of their new educational acupuncture and Chinese medicine audio collection—AcutherapeuticA. This extraordinary 8 volume audio collection provides spoken descriptions of the therapeutic indications for each of the 361 acupoints of the 14 acupunct(Added: Mon Mar 17 2008)
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