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Hip Hop bridges the gap for South Asian Immigrant-Americans

Added: (Wed Jul 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - DesiHipHop Inc launches a new web series to explore the lives of Desi American Hip-Hop artists

San Jose, California - Will Hip Hop help bridge the gap that has left Immigrants feeling unwanted in the land of the free? This is the question that influenced the team at DesiHipHop.com to dive in and travel around the United States, interviewing artists & musicians with immigrant backgrounds for a new youtube show titled ‘On The Road’.

“As I travelled the nation interviewing artists and their families, I started to see a repeated pattern.” said Raafat “DJ Raf” Ullah, “The pattern was clear - these immigrants want to use their music to tell their story of the ‘American Dream’.”

During the previous election cycle, Asian and Indian Americans were increasingly concerned about the state of racism or racial discrimination in the United States. “We all felt a little out of place,” said Ali Kulture, one of the rappers interviewed for the show. “This is our country, we grew up here, I love this nation - I shouldn’t have to prove how much I love it, right?”

“It’s all about breaking those barriers - & to show the world, that we (Indian-Americans) can make a difference,” said AO - who kicks off the YouTube series with DJ Raf on Episode 1.

In an attempt to dispel myths about “us against them” that continues to spiral around the world, the team at DesiHipHop.com aimed to bring communities together by telling stories of Americans with South Asian heritage. “It was very clear to us right from the start - there is no “us against them”; we are all going through the same struggles.” DJ Raf mentioned about the contents of ‘On The Road’. “Americans - no matter what the heritage - are focused on their families, their work, following their dreams and pursuing their goals. I am convinced now more than ever that there are absolutely no ‘human differences’ between the races - we’re all in this together, doing our very best to improve our lives.”

During the shooting of season one, Raafat “DJ Raf” Ullah and his team travelled across the United States and interviewed Hip Hop artists based in California, Virginia, Washington DC, Detroit, and Las Vegas. “Our aim is to continue to tell these authentic stories. Once season one is aired, we’re going back at it in New York.”

On the Road airs on DesiHipHop’s YouTube channel, with new episodes set to go live every Monday.

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