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Hoagy Carmichael Anniversary Marked

By CHARLES HOSKINSON Associated Press Writer Kathryn Kahl knew the melody of Hoagy Carmichael's pop standard Stardust'' by heart before it got its name or its fame. The song, one of the most frequently recorded popular compositions of all time, was an instrumental known then as "One Night in Hav(Added: Sun Nov 21 1999)

Calendar: Upcoming Arts, Culture & ShowBiz Events (Jan.-March)

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - The inclusion of calendar items does not necessarily mean that the Reuters/Variety Entertainment Report will file a story based on the event. Submissions welcome to (e-mail) steve.gorman(at)reuters.com and (fax) (323) 549-4157. No guarantees implied regarding inclusion. '+' (Added: Tue Nov 23 1999)
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