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Pressbox (Press Release) - Apogee Pensioner Trustees Ltd has launched its website on SSASs (www.apogeegroup.net). The company believe they are the first in the industry to provide all the documents and advice needed to establish a new scheme – or take over an existing one – online.

The comprehensive site outlines the main features behind SSASs in a clear, concise way and is written for clients and advisers alike. A pop-up glossary for a small number of defined terms busts through the jargon in what is, recognisably, a technical field.

Mark Andrews, MD, says, “The idea is to empower our users because everything you need to set a scheme up is there, even a competitive bank account. We are making buying a SSAS as easy as can be. Directors have had to put up with high charges, inflexible and lacklustre products from insurers for far too long”.

Andrews does not stop there in his vision, “Recently, with the Revenue’s latest requirements, it has become increasingly difficult to get away from an existing pensioner trustee. With our site, it’s now made as easy as printing off a couple of pages. There’s even a page for advisers encouraging them to speak to us if they wish to discuss bulk terms for taking over a portfolio of SSASs, or introducing a number of schemes”.

Apogee’s standard charges are clearly displayed on the site and a high quality, full colour glossy brochure is available, which can also be previewed and requested from the site.

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CONTACT: Mark Andrews, Apogee Pensioneer Trustees Ltd, Kelmercourt House, 92 Worsley Road North, Worsley, Manchester M28 3QW.
Tel: 01204-700393, Fax: 01204-700395


SSAS - Small Self-Administered Schemes are special pensions for directors of trading limited companies. A SSAS usually restricts its membership – it may just have the one person but will typically have less than 12 – because of the level of control in the hands of the scheme’s members, who are also typically directors of the sponsoring company as well as trustees (managers) of the scheme.

Because of this control, the valuable tax concessions awarded to UK approved pension schemes and the threat of abuse, the Inland Revenue demand that a Pensioneer Trustee is involved with the SSAS’s management.

Nonetheless, SSASs continue to offer unparalleled advantages to directors over other forms of pension provision, simply because are so flexible.
There is never a requirement to buy any insurance company’s funds and many schemes buy commercial property, including the premises the sponsoring company operates from. Loans may also be taken from SSASs back to the sponsoring company for genuine commercial purposes.

Pensioneer Trustee - is a special Inland Revenue term and is an individual or corporate body responsible for ensuring the SSAS is run in line with their Rules & Regulations.

Apogee - means the highest point, peak or zenith.

Apogee Pensioneer Trustees Ltd - is a new SSAS consultancy and provider and is a member of the Association of Pensioneer Trustees, the industry’s trade body. Although a new company, its directors have a combined total of over 35 years’ hands on experience of dealing with SSASs and the Inland Revenue.

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