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QUASA ICO Review: the first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation

Added: (Mon Jun 04 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Nowadays cargo shipping is a complex and diverse system - large machinery, cars, trucks, and goods of all kinds, are moved through shipping lanes from one end of the planet to another. This requires manifests, paperwork, supervision, care, and a combination of sea- & land-based transportation methods. So that the entire process from finding the logistician to getting your goods transferred turns to be very slow and inefficient.
QUASA is a new ICO that proposes solutions to global cargo shipping via blockchain technology.
Quasa: enforcing transparency global cargo shipping through the blockchain
The complicated international cargo shipping process consists of intermediaries that carry out 80% of all logistical operations. This challenge leads to such problems, as extra expenses on fees and commissions charged by intermediaries, and the difficulties in tracking the cargo, check its status, position and safety.
QUASA’s proposed decentralization of cargo shipping, using blockchain technology to bring transparency to the fees and commissions charged, and to the provision of information about the cargo itself.
QUASA in figures & quick facts
• Token name – Quasa token (QUA)
• Total number of Tokens issued – 50,769,000
• Token worth – 1 ETH = 3,000 QUA
• Pre-ICO 1st round attracted – 300.79 ETH
• Pre-ICO 2nd round attracted – 603.1000560750049 ETH
• ICO end date – March 15th 2018
QUASA will issue its own currency, the QUASA token (QUA), which will be required to interact with the QUASA platform to pay for services.
BONUS validation ICO – 33,33%
Social media presence and digital footprint
Here are the numbers for QUASA early February 2018.
• Twitter – 4,765 followers
• Facebook – 7,376 followers
• Medium – 28 followers
• Telegram – 545 followers
• Instagram – 10,400 followers
White paper
QUASA’s white paper is embedded as a page on the website. The document is also offered for download through a link elsewhere on the site.
The text is clear and neat, with an elegant font and plenty of graphics and statistics to break up the monotony. The grammar used throughout is odd and confusing. A proofreader would have resolved particular issue. There is not to much technical jargon, mathematical formulas, or equations.
QUASA team
The QUASA team includes total 12 members: founder and co-founder, 6 advisers (including Fabio Silva and Simon Cocking), marketing specialist, designer and web developer.
In conclusion QUASA’s value proposition appeals at many levels. The decentralization of cargo shipping may prompt a revolution in how cargo is moved around the world.
Welcome to the world of Logistics 2.0

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