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William Delbert Gann 45 Angle Line Youtube

Added: (Thu Aug 10 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) -

I have studied the mystery of W.D. Gann over 11 years, and here are the books that I found it useful for my research. and hence would like to share with all.

Julius J. Nirenstein - Notes on WD Gann's Hidden Material: Gann Secrei Theory Revealed,

Cowan Bradley - Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles,

Long Jeanne - The Universal Clock,

Bayer George - Time Factors in the Stock Market,

Bayre Gilmore - Geometry of Markets,

HALLIKER'S,INC - Gann Masters,

Jack Gillen - the jack gillen seminars: 35 years of research and development,

Daniel T Ferrera -

Gann Pyramid Squares of Nine Essentials,

Donald Bradley -Donald Bradley's Siderograph a.k.a. The Planetary Barometer (Includes all Bradley turning points through the year 2054),

Larry Pesavento - Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition,

Jacobs Larry - the secret trading techniques,

Mikula Patrick - Gann Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume2,

James Mars Langham - Cyclical Market Forecasting stock and grain,

Michael Jenkins - Complete Stock market Trading and Forecasting Course.pdf,

Raymond Merriman - Stock Market Timing Vol III|THE GOLD BOOK - Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles,

GANN -45 Years in Wall Street,

Dow Balliett - How To Attain Success Through The Strength Of Vibration,

Sepharial - Eclipses,

Myles Wilson Walker - Super Timing,

Khit Wong - A Guide to Stock Market Acceleration Points for Stocks and Futures Trading,

Michael Jenkins - Chart Reading for Professional Traders,

James Mars Langham - Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices,

Benner's Prophecies - Future Ups and Downs in Prices - what years to make money on pig, iron, hogs, corn, and provisions,

Others - The Power of Will: Channeling,

Others - Forecasting the NY Stock Exchange.

The above courses are all regarded as very very helpful for in-depth understanding for the William Delbert Gann Trading Methodology and I would like to thank all of the above authors for explaining all these difficult William Delbert Gann Trading Concepts to me. I hope I can pass on this blessing to you as well by writing this article.

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Submitted by:Khit Wong
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