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Mortgage Bundles a Success for me

I just tried out the new mortgagebundles.com website and am thrilled at the great deal that was presented to me after just two days. Mortgage bundles managed to find a deal that knocked almost 1.3% off my present rate and with a Building society without a local presence. The first few days I watc(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Love your PIN - and never forget it either!

--- BEGINS --- Love your PIN - and never forget it either! The use of a PIN becomes compulsory on 14th February but many still have problems rembering all their PINs and passwords. Now that forgotten PIN or password is only a text message away with HandyPIN, the mobile PIN reminder. Now (Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

EGAR Trading & Risk Systems: Two Years of Success in International Assets Holding Corp.

Following the two year success with International Assets Holding Corp. (INTL) – one of the well known companies specializing in market making and financial instruments trading on international markets, EGAR Technology is currently providing continued support of EGAR Trading & Risk Management systems(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Latest Discussions on Mortgage: MortgageFit (23.01.2006)

The MortgageFit Community has received several queries this week focusing on issues related to credit collection and mortgage. Common people often come across such problems and need to clarify before they can take the right decision. Some (Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Fall Victim Finds Financial Relief with a Lawsuit Loan

With a lawsuit cash advance, Dorothy was able to receive cash today against the future cash settlement of her lawsuit to keep financially afloat while waiting for a settlement of her lawsuit. After being seriously injured in a slip and fall accident that was not her fault, Dorothy discovered that la(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

How Professional Business Stationery, Business Cards & Letterhead Design Improves Business?

Investment in the design of business stationery has a positive impact on business performance, according to a published report. The report highlighted that successful companies invest in business stationery, business cards and letterhead design as a key input into their business, and see a rate o(Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

Day Trading Stock Pick ... ONLINE TRADING SYSTEM ... Internet Stock Trading Newsletter

Day Trading Stock Pick ... ONLINE TRADING SYSTEM ... Internet Stock Trading Newsletter .- BY StressFreeTraders.com The stock market can present you with a lot of hot stocks every day. Many of them are new technology stocks that come from the nanotech, biotech, voip, healthcare, homeland defe(Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

Perfect Home Living sees Utah share in $325 Million Dollar settlement with Ameriquest Mortgage Compa

West Valley City, UT / January 30, 2006 / Press Release / -- New home sales catapulted to an all time high in 2005 for a fifth year in a row according to the Commerce Department. Sales of new single-family homes amounted to 1.28 million units last year, a 6.6 percent increase over last year’s 1.20 (Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

Rising Popularity of an Online Loans Exchange

Zopa, an online borrowing and lending exchange that was launched last year, is gaining popularity. It has already attracted around 48,000 members. Zopa helps to close the gap between borrowers and lenders. Zopa is an acronym of Zone of Possible Agreement. Borrowers can choose their lenders on th(Added: Sat Jan 28 2006)

One stop shop for Northern Ireland Insurance

Insurance Cheap have recently launched a Northern Ireland car insurance section to their website enabling car owners in the Province to get quotes from a range of the UKs top car insurance companies. Typically Northern Ireland car owners pay much higher premiums for their car insurance than their(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

BioPerformance Offers Young Mothers Financial Opportunity

BioPerformance business opportunity with new fuel gas pill additive gives stay at home moms and working mothers a chance for financial independence Vero Beach, Florida (PRWEB) January 29, 2006 -- One mother of a new born baby, now a mother of two, has a full time job however she has a chance to c(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

Clear Start Launches a new Resource Site- IVA-Information.com

Clear Start, the UK National Debt Service, has launched iva-information.com to help clarify the way that IVAs work and who they can help. The launch of iva-information.com is the latest in a series of initiatives carried out by Clear Start to help those facing serious debt. According to Clear(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

Home Improvement Loans to Cut Down Energy Bills

Homeowners in the UK have been advised to take out home improvement loans to make their homes energy efficient. This advice has come in anticipation of the rise in energy bills in the UK. It is believed that there will be a rise in gas and electricity bills as a result of an increase in the wholesal(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

Business To Business Web Site Users Have Their Say

Business to business web site users form the strongest opinion on a web site design within the first 20th of a second, according to a new study. Researchers at Carleton University in Canada showed glimpses of a range of business web sites to volunteers. Their scores for each business web site tal(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

The UK's Growing Debt Problem

An estimated 3m people owe more than £10,000 on credit cards, overdrafts and loans, according to debt solutions company One Advice. Of these an estimated 25,000 owe over £50,000. Their research found that one in 10 people who owe five figure sums are worried about whether they will be able to rep(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

MortgageBrokers.com adds $200 Million in Originations to Network with the Addition of Lending Source

The Company continues to successfully execute its consolidation strategy in the North American Mortgage Broker market with the addition of Lending Source Canada Inc. New York. Toronto. January 25, 2005 — MortgageBrokers.com Inc. a subsidiary of MortgageBrokers.com Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: MBKR), a(Added: Thu Jan 26 2006)

Women Still Secondary Breadwinners in Marriages

Oh, how the times haven’t changed—men still bring home more of the bacon. A study published in the latest issue of Journal of Marriage and Family documents the changes in dual-income married couples for more than thirty years, from 1970 to 2001. The authors find that despite the increase in wome(Added: Thu Jan 26 2006)

Sub-Contractors: Tired of the Lump?

WITH THE C.I.T.B. PREDICTING a shift back to direct employment by many self employed sub-contractors, Benfield ATT – one of the UK’s foremost Timber Frame Engineering organisations – today announced its “Specialist Skill Security” (SSS) scheme for experienced Construction trades people. “Increas(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Home Loans & Personal Loans in the UK

The percentage rise in the number of personal loans and credit cards has fallen to its bottom in the last few years. However, the growth rate of secured home loans is the highest in more than two decades. Home loan approvals in November 2005 were 115,000 and people took out home loans worth S(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

With bird flu, who would buy investment property in Turkey right now?

The smart money is on off-plan property where market hesitation increases the returns Canny investors will tell you that the skill is knowing when to put your money into an opportunity. Who would not have bought into Tuscany or St Tropez 20 years ago if they had had the knowledge and the funds? (Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Lets discuss: Debt Consolidation Care weekly community update (16-01-2005)

Lets discuss: Debt Consolidation Care weekly community update (16-01-2005)

Debt Consolidation Care is dedicated to expand its debt free community by providing advice on debt and related topics through constructive community discussions. People fro(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces that Private Equity Group will be featured on World Bu

Private Equity Group educates rental property owners on how to take advantage of the recent housing boom with a close eye on tax planning and investment services. Mr. James M. Walsh and Mr. Robert Horning, both Co-Founders, will discuss how their company can offer progressive answers for inv(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Mortgage Bundles should read Mortgage Bungles

Mortgage Bundles has been released as the new revolutionary way of saving you money on your mortgage. However, from my experince having just road tested it, Mortgage Bungles is a name more appropriate. To start with there is a broken link to the Which? web site ( makes one wonder hoe ling this was(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Light, Medium and Heavy adverse mortgages on tap at SmartMove

SmartMove, a mortgage broker, has shaken up the adverse credit mortgage market by introducing a suite of deals based on individual circumstances rather than adopting a one size fits all approach. Prospective borrowers with a poor credit history are classified as being either ‘light’, ‘medium(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Fulfil Your Wishes by Clever Money Management

Inflation starts growing again in a lot of countries. The monetary authorities tend to increase the interest rates in US as well as in EC. Many employees complain that their salaries do not keep pace with the inflation. It’s good to think about cutting the costs of every day’s life.

W(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

MortgageFit : Topic of the Week (16.01.2006)

The MortgageFit Community holds weekly discussions on various issues through their Community forums. People from all around the globe get the opportunity to share their views, experiences and discuss their problems through active participation in forums. Some of these discussions that are quite comm(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

low interest loan

dear sir/madam, we give loans to prospective investors in long term business and short term at very low interest rate . if you are interested you could first of all send all details of the propose business for consideration. thereafter we could then start immediate processin(Added: Sun Jan 22 2006)


Media Alert For immediate release PROGRESS SOFTWARE LEADS DISCUSSION ON THE GROWTH OF ALGORITHMIC TRADING IN FOREIGN EXCHANGE Dr John Bates, Vice President Apama Products, Progress Software, Chairs World Research Group’s Algo Trading 2006 for FX, January 24 2006, New York City Bedford,(Added: Fri Jan 20 2006)

Barclays deal with European Investment Bank gives a boost to the Education Sector

Institutions providing education to the primary, secondary, higher and adult sectors will be able to access lower cost finance as a result of a £200m loan facility made available following the signing of a new contract between Barclays and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The Ba(Added: Fri Jan 20 2006)

Gas price surge and threat on lack of gas supply hit manufacturing hard

Watkins Hire Ltd: Hire 30 tons hr – 200 psi Oil Fired Steam Boilers Gas price surge and threat on lack of supply results in hire of steam boiler plant: Watkins Hire received an enquiry from major European Chemical producer British businesses face paying record gas prices for the foreseea(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)
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