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Added: (Mon Jul 03 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - KingDome Inc. manufactures geodesic dome greenhouses that are being used all over the world and can withstand all weather types. The following pictures show some of our dome greenhouses in some very remote places including Canada, Norway, and Alaska.

The idea of growing plants in environmentally controlled areas like our dome greenhouses has existed since Roman times. The Roman emperor Tiberius ate a cucumber-like vegetable daily. The Roman gardeners used artificial methods (similar to the geodesic dome greenhouse system) of growing to have it available for his table every day of the year. Cucumbers were planted in wheeled carts which were put in the sun daily, then taken inside to keep them warm at night. The cucumbers were stored under frames or in cucumber houses glazed with either oiled cloth known as specularia or with sheets of selenite (a.k.a. lapis specularis), according to the description by Pliny the Elder.

The first dome that could be called “geodesic” in every respect was designed after World War I by Walther Bauersfeld, chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company, for a planetarium to house his planetarium projector. A first, small dome was patented, constructed by the firm of Dykerhoff and Wydmann on the roof of the Zeiss plant in Jena, Germany. A larger dome, called “The Wonder of Jena” opened to the public in July 1926. Some 20 years later, R. Buckminster Fuller named the dome “geodesic” from field experiments with artist Kenneth Snelson at Black Mountain College in 1948 and 1949. Although Fuller was not the original inventor, he is credited with the U.S. popularization of the idea for which he received U.S. patent 2,682,235 29 June 1954.

The owner of our dome greenhouse kits can install the Arctic Greenhouse Domes with relative ease. We recommend that at least 2 people participate in the installation of our geodesic dome greenhouses, though some tasks can be done alone. We tell customers to plan on your self-installation to take at least twice as long as our crew installation because of the learning curve involved. We recommend that you have someone with construction skills (such as experience working a drill, saw, tape, and hammer). Follow the dome greenhouse kit color key materials and print layout for an easy assembly.

We can provide a DIY dome greenhouse supervisor to work with the dome greenhouse owner and owner-hired crew to install any of the Arctic Dome Greenhouses that are available. Supervisor labor rate is $500 per 8 hour day and/or Labor rate is 300 per 8 hour day. Installation usually takes 2-5 days depending on weather, Arctic Greenhouse Dome size, number and expertise of your crew. See table below for rates. The supervisor works as well. Separate travel, lodging and per diem costs for the supervisor and/or laborer also apply.

We can provide an dome greenhouse kit installation crew to assemble your Arctic Dome Greenhouse in 2-5 days, which is the easiest option for many owners. The cost varies depending on which Arctic Dome Greenhouse is purchased and Separate travel, lodging and per diem costs for the crew members also apply. Please see below.

All geodesic dome greenhouse installations are subject to weather conditions. Fabric/Polyethylene(greenhouse covers) can not be installed in rainy conditions on all models or winds over 15 mph for 40 foot to 70 foot Domes/Tunnels. On larger dome greenhouse projects, installation window of 3 days or more forecast of the aforementioned weather conditions are needed for fabric to be properly installed. Scheduling installs for dome greenhouses will be scheduled around such forecast.

KingDome Inc. offers a variey of sizes of done for you dome greenhouses, DIY dome greenhouses (owner installed dome greenhouses), and contractor installed dome greenhouse kits for any application in nearly any location. Call (314) 542-3093 or visit http://domegreenhouses.com to order your dome greenhouse kit or to get more information.

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