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Australia Warns Skilled Migrants Against Exploiters

Hawthorn, Australia 5 October 2006 --- The Australian government warns skilled migrants against recruiters who charge for finding them employment in Australia. This is in light of recent cases where some Chinese overseas workers were blatantly charged from up to $27,000.

Australia's ch(Added: Thu Oct 05 2006)

Australia Reports a Surge of Skilled Migrants From India

Indians have become the fastest-growing group of immigrants to Australia. The number of Indians arriving now surpasses the Chinese and the Vietnamese as well as the Italians and Greeks - a major shift in Australian immigration. Skilled Indian workers are vital to the Australian economy, which suffer(Added: Thu Oct 05 2006)

Changes to the MODL.

Nine new professions have been added to the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to ensuring the Migration Programme meets the skills needs of business and industry, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Amanda Vanstone and Minist(Added: Tue Oct 03 2006)

Australian Immigration Now Strictly Requires Knowledge of the English Language

Victoria, Australia, 2 October 2006--- It seems as if people migrating to Australia will have to hone more of their English-speaking skills. Prime Minister John Howard remains firm about the proposed changes in migration policies.

In the past, the Australian government had been lenient o(Added: Mon Oct 02 2006)

New Australian Immigration Policies Set to Operate Before the Elections

Victoria, Australia, 2 October 2006---This might sound a bit of a bad news for young people wishing to migrate to Australia. Prime Minister John Howard is still bent on imposing the proposed new changes in immigration policies before election time, adding that the government had made citizenship "a(Added: Mon Oct 02 2006)

Im-Perot, the US Independent Presidential Candidate 2008???

Washington DC – September 29, 2006 - Could it be Imperato for President 2008 or Im-Perot for President 2008? Rumor has it that Imperato has been seen with Russell Varney, previous Campaign Manager for Ross Perot at a Sarasota Beach resort. The two met for several hours at the resort with on-l(Added: Fri Sep 29 2006)

Australia's Partner Migration Visa Reunites Lovers of the World

Australia is the new lover's paradise. In this world of love and convergence, Australia's unique Partner Migration Visa lets couples in solid and genuine relationships reunite and live the permanent good life in the Land Down Under. Getting a Partner Visa is simply a matter of proving to the A(Added: Fri Sep 29 2006)

Massive leap in trades behind '457 visas' growth

THE explosion in the number of skilled temporary migrants on the controversial 457 visas has been among traditional trades: slaughtermen, welders and metal fabricators, with the bulk coming from China and the Philippines. Figures obtained by The Age show a massive increase in trades migration ha(Added: Fri Sep 29 2006)

Monaco Prince Makes World Impression In First Year

Making waves with world leaders, Prince Albert is preparing to mark the first year of his succession to the Principality of Monaco, and a local destination guide http://www.yourmonaco.com suggests that the second smallest country in the world is in safe hands and can look forward to years of progres(Added: Wed Sep 27 2006)

'Text-Connect'™ text service helps MP save hospital with campaign updates.

NEWS RELEASE 19-September-2006 - Edgmond, Shropshire, UK. REVOLUTIONARY 'Text-Connect'™ text service helps MP save hospital with campaign updates. A Midlands Conservative MP, Mark Pritchard, has selected text-connect™ as a new communications tool in his fight to save local hospital service(Added: Mon Sep 25 2006)

Imperato, Independent Presidential Candidate, Speaks About Article III of Geneva Convention, War Cri

New York, NY – September 22, 2006 – While participating in the General Assembly in New York, Leading Independent Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato, spoke out regarding Article III of the Geneva Convention and the response from Senator John McCain (R-AZ). “I call on the American people, th(Added: Fri Sep 22 2006)

Leading Independent Presidential Candidate Imperato Speaks Out at UN General Assembly about 'the Dev

New York, NY – September 20, 2006 – From the halls of the United Nations General Assembly, 2008 Independent President Candidate Daniel Imperato responded to the inflammatory remarks made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during today's UN session. "I stand up today from the United Nations G(Added: Wed Sep 20 2006)

Record numbers of UK Councils champion Direct Debit

News from BACS - the company behind Direct Debit - indicates UK councils are paying heed to an Audit Commission report which revealed local authorities could save millions of pounds by encouraging the increased uptake of Direct Debit. According to BACS, a record number of local authorities have ent(Added: Wed Sep 20 2006)

'How to increase public sector funding without costing the taxpayer a penny'

In today’s world we all rightly demand better education, a good health service, cleaner streets and crime to be dealt with. As the costs of providing these services continue to soar whilst the public purse tightens, maybe we need to find a new approach to public sector funding. Central governmen(Added: Wed Sep 20 2006)

Uzbekistan: Government Clamps Down on Religious Freedom - Pastor Seeks Refugee Status

Pastor Urgently Needs Refugee Status ( EMAILWIRE.COM, September 18, 2006 ) Houston, TX - Sergey Khripunov a citizen of Uzbekistan who serves as a pastor overseeing five churches and is Church Leadership Development International’s (CLDI) key ministry contact in Central Asia, was illegally depor(Added: Mon Sep 18 2006)

Torture Of Prisoners Is An Obvious Sin Which No Christian Should Ever Support

( EMAILWIRE.COM, September 17, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- I am speaking now as an Internet Christian minister, to all those American voters and elected officials who consider themselves to be Christians. In particular, I am speaking to those Conservative Protestant Christians who have in the past be(Added: Sun Sep 17 2006)

Young People Asked, Could You Be Our First Northumberland Young Leader?

Do you have an opinion on the problems in your town, and how you could put them right? These are some of the questions Northumberland County Council is throwing out to young people in the County. Budding politicians in Northumberland are to get an opportunity to cut their teeth in Big Brother st(Added: Wed Sep 13 2006)

Recycle, or pay the consequences

The UK is facing a massive challenge to increase recycling rates in order to meet strict EU regulations on reducing landfill and escape fines of up to £180 million a year*. The UK currently recycles around 23 per cent of waste, but this will need to almost double to achieve the European Union’s 2(Added: Wed Sep 13 2006)

Afghanistan’s Opium Harvest at Record Levels, Imperato Proves Right Again

West Palm Beach, FL – September 12, 2006 – According to a September 3, 2006 New York Times article, Afghanistan’s opium harvest has reached record levels. In January 2006, Independent Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato predicted this growing crisis. In Imperato’s January release, he poi(Added: Tue Sep 12 2006)

North Warwickshire Borough Council implements Jadu Galaxies for effortless intranet in eight weeks

Staff at North Warwickshire Borough Council are now benefiting from an intuitive intranet, thanks to new content management platform, Jadu Galaxies. The Jadu-powered system has been tailored to mirror the navigation structure of North Warwickshire’s EDRMS (electronic document and records management (Added: Tue Sep 12 2006)

What Bush Did Wrong On 9-11

He redefined terrorism from criminality to war, and transformed the criminal Islamist extremists into Holy Warriors For God. ( EMAILWIRE.COM, September 11, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- Five years ago today, I was working at my computer, just as I am now, when I noticed an item on Google News, sayin(Added: Tue Sep 12 2006)

Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson Accused of Lying, Cronyism and Unethical Behavior

Upper Marlboro, MD – Incumbent Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson has been accused of lying by well-known political analyst Mark Plotkin. Other sources state this is but one action amongst a slew of unethical activities by Jack Johnson, which if found true, do not bode well for his re(Added: Sat Sep 09 2006)

Monaco Celebrates Prince Albert's First Year

As Prince Albert prepares to mark the first year of his succession to the Principality of Monaco, a local destination guide http://www.yourmonaco.com suggests that the second smallest country in the world is in safe hands and can look forward to years of progressive economic and social policies that(Added: Sat Sep 09 2006)

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Assailed

SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH ASSAILED Members and movement attacked from several directions Three professors who are members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth have been threatened with the loss of their positions for their research and teaching about the events of 9/11. Other attacks are coming from nat(Added: Sat Sep 09 2006)

Viewing the Clipper 05-06 Yacht Race Through PureVision Contact Lenses

The Clipper 05-06 Yacht Race was a 35,000 mile round the world adventure in which amateur sailors in 68 foot yachts battled wind, rain and high seas to reach the finish line in Liverpool. According to the British contestant, Beccy Lock who was wearing PureVision lenses from the 20-20 Optical Stor(Added: Thu Sep 07 2006)

U. S. Forces Can Never Defeat The Terrorists In Iraq - because they have an infinite supply of repla

If you do the math, you will see. ( EMAILWIRE.COM, September 04, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- In his latest revised collection of talking points, President Bush said, "We will not allow the terrorists to dictate the future of this century -- so we will defeat them in Iraq." - Source: http://www.w(Added: Mon Sep 04 2006)

Scientology Wins Second Annual Human Rights Abuse Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2-SEP-2006 Yesterday the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists held a press conference in Santa Barbara, California, to award the Scientology Corporation the second annual NCHRA Human Rights Counter-Achievement Award ("The Herka"). The Herka was voted on by NCHRA memb(Added: Sat Sep 02 2006)

Media And Terrorism

Media And Terrorism Kamala Sarup To harbor means to bring something or someone to safety. How can any media do that with "terrorism", an abstraction meaning the sum of terrorist acts over time? Media can slant the news to favor terrorists, just as media can slant the news (facts and interpretati(Added: Thu Aug 31 2006)

Maoism Or Capitalism

Maoism Or Capitalism From Economic Perspectives? By Kamala Sarup The difficulty we have today is that the "Maoism And Capitalism" of economic and social system. Where once we knew as much (actually, much more) about Maoism as we know about capitalism, now one is hard pressed to find anyone who(Added: Thu Aug 31 2006)

Candidate for House of Delegates (23A) Facilitates Citizens to Get Absentee Ballots

Shukoor Ahmed is a Democratic candidate for State Delegate in District 23A. He is a businessman and CEO of an Information Technology company that he founded in early 2000. The business is 28% employee-owned and provides 100% health coverage for its workers. An integral element of Ahmed’s campaign(Added: Tue Aug 29 2006)
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