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Sunderland City Council is raising awareness of equality and diversity issues for its 14,500 staff, and fulfilling its obligations under the Equality Standard for Local Government, with an online training course. Called Equality and Diversity, the online course, from interactive learning company(Added: Tue Jan 15 2008)

Big Challenge For Obama To Trump Black And Latino Tensions

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama will court and woo Latino voters in his presidential bid.But to succeed he must overcome the latent and sometimes open tensions and hostilities between blacks & Latinos. LOS ANGELES, US, Jan 14, 2008 -- Author and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchi(Added: Mon Jan 14 2008)

Art, an artistic point of view takes shape in the form of FOR-PRESIDENT-HILLARY-CLINTON

Art, in the political arena a new website to promote Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House. “Art, an artistic point of view takes shape in the form of FOR-PRESIDENT-HILLARY-CLINTON” By Corbett mc carthy Art, politics itself is indeed Art; a website recently has brought about reaction as it ha(Added: Mon Jan 14 2008)

Obama, Race and Ethnic Politics will Factor Big in the Race to the White House

Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson says Obama, racial and ethnic politics will be intensely debated in the battle for the White House. Black, Latino and Asian vote will be hotly contested. Inglewood, CA, Jan 07,2008--Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson flatly says in his new book The E(Added: Mon Jan 07 2008)

Book by Charmaine Maeer opens lid on British Army abuse claims popular

Former West Midlands solider Charmaine Maeer has taken 10 years to build up her courage to face her demons after she claims was beaten and repeatedly raped during just 10 days service as a soldier at Whittington Barracks in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. Media coverage of the sexual and physi(Added: Sun Jan 06 2008)

An Obama Presidency Won’T Cure America’S Racial And Social Ills

An Obama presidency would be a racial step forward in the sense that it shows that millions of Americans can look past race to make a black, especially an exceptional black. LOS ANGELS, US, Jan 04,2008--The previously unthinkable is possible and that is that Democratic presidential contender Bara(Added: Fri Jan 04 2008)

Politicianwar Website Brings Web 2.0 Democracy to the UK

The Politicianwar website (http://www.politicianwar.org) pits all of the UK's Members of Parliament against each other in a real-time online popularity poll. The site works by presenting the viewer with two random MPs, and asking which one the viewer would take more seriously. Votes are entered by s(Added: Wed Jan 02 2008)

Rented Sheltered Housing In Crisis

Sorry it is too big to repeat it here but it can be found on the website www.shelteredhousinguk.com and navigate to the 'sheltered housing press release' page(Added: Sun Dec 30 2007)

In Memory of Benazir Bhutto – Humanity's Team

Boulder, CO, December 27th, 2007 - Benazir Bhutto, a leader standing for democracy, lost her life today after she was fatally shot. The attacker then took his own life. Tragedy such as the assassination of Bhutto would not be possible if people could see our Oneness as a human race, and the sacred(Added: Fri Dec 28 2007)

Medicine Assistance Donated To Uninsured Of Lancaster Chiropractic Rehab

Medicine Assistance Donated To Uninsured Of Lancaster Chiropractic Rehab American Consultants Rx provided free prescription help to the uninsured of Lancaster Chiropractic Rehab located in Lancaster,OH. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 12/26/2007 Charles Myrick,President/CEO of American Consultants (Added: Fri Dec 28 2007)



Labour Party Leak! Christmas 2008 Second Draft Paper 2009

Background Following the dispute concerning claims to territory and resources in the Arctic, there is to be an international conference in 2008 attended by representatives of the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, the United States, Norway, Denmark (Greenland), Iceland and Sweden to finally resolve th(Added: Sun Dec 23 2007)

Thailand's King Bhumibol Falls Under Ill Health Again And A Surprising Power Struggle For The Throne

A secretive struggle for power in Thailand is mounting in response to the county's king's ill health. Is Thailand looking for a new leader? Thailand, December 21, 2007-- – The longest-reigning monarch in the entire world, the man that Thailand has known as their leader for more than sixty years, (Added: Sat Dec 22 2007)

DES Secures Northgate Deal

Data Encryption Systems signs partnership deal with Northgate to supply DESlock+ to the public sector Taunton, UK— 18th December, 2007— Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging and data storage solutions, has an(Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

DES Signs Deal to Protect Dutch Education Data

Data Encryption Systems signs agreement which sees DESlock+ as the only data encryption tool being formally offered to almost 5 million students and staff in The Netherlands Taunton, UK— 18th December, 2007—Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protectio(Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

Is there a message you would like to be sent to Gordon Brown and Ken Livingstone?

Peace campaigner Brian Haw has been continuously protesting in Parliament Square since 2nd June 2001. Initially he was campaigning against the economic sanctions on Iraq and the bombing of the country by the US and UK. After 11 September 2001, he widened his focus, directing his messages of peace ag(Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

Baluch “Terror” protest at Downing Street over Swap of Prisioners

Baluch “Terror” protest at Downing Street Free innocent Baluch detainees Tatchell says: Stop Pakistan’s massacres in Baluchistan London – 16 December 2007 Baluch human rights campaigners demonstrated today (Sunday, from 2.30pm to 4pm) outside 10 Downing Street and handed in an appeal to (Added: Sun Dec 16 2007)


Busy at her desk assisting students complete the final touches on their applications before the deadline of midnight hits, The Executive Director of the small elite college counseling firm, The College Admissions Consultant, quietly announces that P.J. Finer’s book, The Applica-Phobia of College Adm(Added: Thu Dec 13 2007)

The City of Amman Awarded the World Leadership Awards in the Town Planning Category and The Prestigi

The city of Amman was awarded the World Leadership Award in Town Planning, in recognition of the Greater Amman Municipality’s innovative Amman Master Plan; an urban development initiative designed to improve the quality of life in Amman. Also during the same ceremony Amman was awarded the prestig(Added: Tue Dec 11 2007)

Public Sector and construction industry sign Fair Payment Charter

The public sector purchases over 30% of the construction industry in the UK. In the past there have been disputes between private contractors and the public sector purchasing bodies. Now a new charter has been signed to help reduce conflict and make the process more transparent. The Office of(Added: Mon Dec 10 2007)

50,000 hours of lighting and then disposed of in a regular bin, new lighting technology available to

Cold cathode lighting now offers a reliable, long lasting and an easily disposed of option for room and display lighting. This technology, first developed in 1945 and refined over the last decade by companies in South Korea, is now an high performing and economic alternative to traditional lighting.(Added: Mon Dec 10 2007)

Energy experts say government must address oil depletion if it is to successfully combat climate cha

London, 5th Dec 2007 - Energy experts warned a Parliamentary group that the government’s failure to recognise the dangers of oil depletion will set back its efforts to mitigate climate change. Speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil meeting last night, Jeremy Leggett, Executi(Added: Fri Dec 07 2007)

jml Training launches course for local council planners to deliver sound Local Development Plan Docu

jml training are offering a new training course “Make your Planners the spatial planning Ringmasters” Spatial planning goes beyond traditional land use planning to bring together and integrate policies for the development and use of land with other policies and programmes which influence the natu(Added: Fri Dec 07 2007)

Jesse Goldberg Up to Task of Filling the Screen

Jesse Goldberg Up to Task of Filling the Screen Byron Rimbaud With possibility of the ongoing writer’s strike cutting into next season’s Goldberg television lineups, Jesse Goldberg’s become a busy man. In his capacity as a songwriter, his schedule is always full while he works on his next gre(Added: Tue Dec 04 2007)

Mayor of London Candidate 2008

Zack Is Back Vote Zack London Mayor May 2008 Phone + 44 774 702 8271 Email zackisbacktutor@yahoo.com For good transportation service For good economy in London For common sense Give me your vote support in May 2008 Financial donations and other logistic support for my campaign welc(Added: Sun Dec 02 2007)

By Greg 'Peace Song' Jones: Is Al Sharpton Sabotaging Obama's Campaign ?

Is Al Sharpton Sabotaging Barack Obama's Campaign ? Is Black America Letting Him ? By Greg 'Peace Song' Jones The year is 2007. America is being barraged with racial injustices ranging from the Jena 6 case, hangman nooses everywhere, inner-city education collapsing, economic disparity, health (Added: Fri Nov 30 2007)

Kineo and Ufi to advise public sector on Rapid E-learning

Brighton, UK – November 30th 2007 The pressures in the public sector to reduce costs, and address the skills agenda at the same time, bring new challenges for training. To address this, Kineo and Ufi will jointly present the benefits of Rapid E-learning at a major public sector conference on Mond(Added: Thu Nov 29 2007)

Garden Design Express - a great Christmas gift!

DESIGN EXPRESS! Local Surrey based business Green Garden Design has just launched a Design Express service for people with small gardens and limited budgets. The service is intended for gardens of less than 100m2, which are reasonably flat. "People are often keen to carry out or organis(Added: Mon Nov 26 2007)

Low cost pens make great promotional items

Keeping the focus on an event, cause or conference after it has happened can be a challenge for even the most well known group. Therefore, organizations often turn to providing promotional items that continue to remind the attendee of the original cause. Pens are an excellent promotional item(Added: Mon Nov 26 2007)

ACPO misled on cannabis issue

The UK's top police officers yesterday demanded tougher cannabis laws, quoting the fact that "millions of youngsters think its legal" as their reasoning behind the call. http://cannazine.co.uk: Humberside Chief Constable Tim Hollis said there was a strong case for raising cannabis from a Class C (Added: Sun Nov 25 2007)
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