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Hays Marketing expand their Public Sector services

Hays Marketing has announced the expansion of their public sector division, a move which is set to coincide with sponsorship of the Guardian Public Services Awards 2008. Now in their fifth year, these awards aim to encourage and disseminate improvement, innovation and effective progress in UK public(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

New Service Provides Hand Delivery of Letters to Congress

The new website, www.IHandDeliver.com, allows users to have letters to their congressmen or congresswomen hand delivered directly to the congressional offices on Capitol Hill. June 30, 2008 -- Josh Leibsly, a fifteen year old entrepreneur, has created a new service which allows anybody to have (Added: Mon Jun 30 2008)

Former Intelligence Consultant John Errett Explains the POP Plan

(SOUTH FLORIDA)—Is it possible to prevent another September 11th disaster or could we have prevented the first one from ever happening? John Errett, co-founder and former vice president of United Intelligence, Inc. (UNITEL), an international intelligence gathering organization, has developed a real(Added: Mon Jun 30 2008)

France drives progress in electric vehicles and clean energy

27 June 2008 – France’s government has made clean energy a priority, and the country is host to numerous projects at the forefront of research into electric vehicles, supported by France’s excellent R&D tax credit. France is now leading the way in research into fuel alternatives and the reduction(Added: Fri Jun 27 2008)

UN mandate for USA in Iraq expire January1 Is it too late for McCain with Napoleon Style Victory?

Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC June17,2008) Independent World Political Experts and Observers are very surprised to hear Long Term Plans of both US Presidential Nominees on American military presence in Iraq What kind of Senators and Foreign Policy,Natonal Security Experts are they? (Added: Mon Jun 23 2008)

Glasgow selects Brightwave Learning Suite for People Strategy

E-learning specialist helps Scottish Council "Go for Gold" Glasgow City Council has selected workplace communications, learning and performance specialist, Brightwave, to customise and implement a suite of e-learning tools as part of its new 'People Strategy' commitment to Developing and Learning(Added: Fri Jun 20 2008)

Defeat the culprits now

Notoriety and anti-state activities should also have some limit. But, if someone will see the actions of the most controversial newspaper in Bangladesh named the Daily Star, which continues to do anything to put Bangladesh’s economy and prosperity in jeopardy, it will become crystal clear that the k(Added: Tue Jun 17 2008)

News:Drilling for More Oil in Alaska will not bring Gasoline Prices down because USA did not build N

Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC June16,2008) US Taxpayers must know the Shocking Truth. Man made by Exxon,Chevron,BP, Texaco, ConocoPhilip US gasoline market crisis had made US gasoline prices up. What exactly has largest influence on US gasoline market supply and demand? Who has all the (Added: Mon Jun 16 2008)


SUPPORT DAVID DAVIS! Despite being ignored by some Conservatives and attacked by Labour David Davis's resignation has attracted support from across the political spectrum. National Liberal Party Spokesperson David Durant said "Mr Davis has done Britain a favour by resigning because the debate (Added: Sat Jun 14 2008)

Bebrai puola

Gerbiamieji, niekam ne paslaptis, kad bebrai puola. Juos galima sugaudyti ir suvalgyti, nes jie paskuj mus gali suvalgyti ir bebroidais paversti. „Pakeliu klozeto dangtį, o iš ten išlenda išsišiepęs bebro snukis – bebras kėsinosi įkasti į užpakalį!“ – tokia įžanga gali kelti šy(Added: Thu Jun 12 2008)


DAVID DAVIS IS RIGHT! The brave and noble decision of MP David Davis to resign his seat over the passing of the 42 days (Detention without trial) Bill is to be applauded. There was no reason for him to do so except to allow this important matter i.e. the erosion of our Civil Liberties to be de(Added: Thu Jun 12 2008)


"THE DAY THE MAGNA CARTA WAS REPEALED" Libertarians and Civil Liberty campaigners were dismayed by the Government's narrow commons victory to extend Detention without trial to 42 days. Despite even the government accepting that no previous case has required a hypothetical extension from the ex(Added: Wed Jun 11 2008)

The National Archives sparks UFO mania

Global interest in UFOs peaked to an unprecedented level as Internet searches for UFOs almost tripled* over night with the release of UFO files by The National Archives. Reflecting this UFO mania The National Archives’ UFO webpage attracted 264,285 visits the first day, five times more than usual(Added: Tue Jun 10 2008)


MAGNA CARTA DAY- IS IT RECOGNISED? The Magna Carta Day Moneybomb www.15thjunemagnacarta.org, recently launched by the National Liberal Party, has provoked renewed interest in this ancient document. Signed by King John on June 15th at Runnymede in 1215 it was the first time a King formerly reco(Added: Mon Jun 09 2008)

Comedian’s Support Brings Attention to Democratic Campaign

June 9, 2008 – Tallahassee, FL – Alma Gonzalez, a democratic candidate for Leon County Commissioner-at-Large in Tallahassee, Florida received the support of nationally-recognized singer/comedian Jade Esteban Estrada when he performed at a fundraiser in her honor on Sunday, June 8, 2008 at the Ray’s(Added: Mon Jun 09 2008)


MAGNA CARTA DAY – JUNE 15th Members of the National Liberal party are celebrating Magna Carta Day (June 15th) with a 'Money bomb'. They are asking all citizens concerned with the growing power of the State and the consequent loss of personal liberties to make a mass donation to Liberty on the ac(Added: Fri Jun 06 2008)

City & County of Swansea – Safety on another level

City and County of Swansea have installed the radio based emergency voice communication REFUGE ALERTER® system in the Civic Centre. This is one of the City and County of Swansea’s main office blocks and is located at the Swansea Bay waterfront. The building complex houses a public cafe, the central (Added: Fri Jun 06 2008)

Smurfit Kappa Recycling urges more councils to consider ‘mixed paper’ recycling schemes popular

As the nation celebrates Recycling Week (2-8 June 2008), a leading UK recycling company Smurfit Kappa Recycling, is urging local authorities to increase the range of paper-based materials they collect, thereby empowering the public to recycle more. This follows the recent Local Government Associ(Added: Thu Jun 05 2008)

New tobacco control proposals to reduce underage smoking are irrational, says Freedom2Choose

Government plans to further restrict the display and sale of tobacco have met with strong criticism from pro-choice group Freedom2Choose. Unveiled at the weekend, the proposals include a ban on vending machine sales and packs of ten, forcing cigarettes 'under the counter' and a move to brand-free p(Added: Wed Jun 04 2008)

Native Americans Vote Will Elect Next President

In today's U.S. politics the Native American vote has grown and organized to the point that it will be a major factor across the country in electing our next president. All presidential candidates in this 2008 election have made it their priority to inform Native American voters where they stand on (Added: Wed Jun 04 2008)

DESlock+ Awarded CCTM

• Data Encryption Systems (DES) achieves approval to supply its flagship security product, DESlock+ V3.2.7, to government and the military Taunton, UK – 2nd June 2008 – Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging a(Added: Mon Jun 02 2008)

stop adoption on children under 5

why are you short of young children under 5 if they were older you cant adopt them they took my grandson who will be 2 this year and want him adopted they brought my past up over 20 years ago how bad is and low is that l cant see him jo baker and darren hedges of weston super mare did this to our fa(Added: Mon Jun 02 2008)

Could the Arts Suffer from Rigid UK Tier Scheme?

The United Kingdom pride themselves on being a cultural hub, a place where musicians, dancers, artists and the like often migrate, either for festivals and exhibitions or on a more permanent basis. However the new points based tier system could be a threat to this.

Not only will these (Added: Thu May 29 2008)

Kerbside + Bring Bank Proves Winning Formular For South Derbyshire as Recycling Rates Double in Four

Volumes of paper and card collected by Smurfit Kappa Recycling via bring banks in South Derbyshire have reached record levels, helping the council to double its recycling rate in the past four years. Back in 2003, South Derbyshire’s residents were only recycling 17.49 per cent but the latest Gov(Added: Wed May 28 2008)

British Government Guilty of Price Fixing and Stealing Homes

• A request has been made to the EU Courts to investigate whether the British Government may be guilty of price fixing – an illegal act under EU legislation. • The request comes from English Leasehold, a partnership between 3 national leasehold reform organisations. • The Government must now(Added: Mon May 26 2008)


LIB DEMS MP'S TARGETTED! The National Liberal Party launched its website today (www.nationalliberal.org) and revealed plans to unseat the most vunerable Liberal Democratic MP's. Under the heading TARGET TEN they aim to stand patriotic liberals in Lib Dem marginals at the next General Election.(Added: Mon May 26 2008)

Azerbaijani President recevies the Nobel Charitable Trust!

Azerbaijan, Baku, 25 April /Trend News/ On 25 April, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at President Palace received the delegation headed by Dr. Michael Nobel, Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust President Aliyev noted that the visit of this delegation led by Mr. Michael Nobel to Azerbaija(Added: Mon May 26 2008)

Britain's Continuing National Debt problems are addressed in the June Issue of johnproblem.com

Britain's Continuing National Debt Problems are addressed on johnproblem.com the award winning online magazine. Editor John Problem says that many of these can be dealt with in the manner outlined in the Memoirs of Jason Briggs, a consultant to government, which are featured in the June Issue, now (Added: Fri May 23 2008)

The Diary of an MP's Working Day is featured in the June Issue ofjohnproblem.com

'The Diary of an MP's Working Day' is a lead feature in the June Issue of john problem.com the award-winning online magazine. This fascinating and unusual insight into the working day of one of Britain's more active MPs is considered by Editor John Problem as a major journalistic coup and a service(Added: Fri May 23 2008)
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