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American Consultants Rx Donate Rx Cards To Frankford Ave Health Center

American Consultants Rx Donate Rx Cards To Frankford Ave Health Center American Consultants Rx provides prescription help to Frankford Ave Health Center in an effort to assist the uninsured in the community. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/28/2007 American Consultants Rx announced the re-releas(Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

Imperiali Organization Founder Daniel Imperato Signs Agreement with London Based Company To Sell €50

London, England - August 24, 2007 - Today, Imperiali Organization Founder, Daniel Imperato, signed an agreement with Featherstons Ltd., a London based company, to sell the management contract of 50 Billion Euros of infrastracture. Imperiali Organization will retain the supply side of the contrac(Added: Fri Aug 24 2007)

Is The UK Government a Climate Change Leader?

Is The UK Government a Climate Change Leader? August 22, 2007 Low Carbon Innovation Network speaks to Dr Robert Watson, the newly appointed Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and finds out what he thinks of the current situation and wha(Added: Fri Aug 24 2007)

Are Americans Safer Now! US administration gets “FAIL grades” on Lessons of September 11,2001!

Stream Information Brokers had obtained and presented here for American Public the Estimates of Major World Countries responce to possible Direct Terrorist Attack in future! You wll not FIND this Report anywhere Else on TV or government controled newspapers!! Independent World Known Best Military (Added: Fri Aug 17 2007)


The London Borough of Greenwich was allowed at break court orders made by District Judge Walker at the Principle Registry Family Division Holborn London on Friday last week. District Judge Peter Green allowed and gave permission to the Local Authority to break the order which was involving A child w(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

Al Sharpton..Jesse Jackson..Black Leaders stop 'hatin' on Barack !

Black Leaders: Stop 'hatin' on Barack ! I regularly listen to talk radio ranging from Air America, which is more progressive or Democratic...to Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager and Michael Medved which are Republican....and black radio particularly Warren Ballentine and Rev. Al Sharpton on the Ra(Added: Tue Aug 14 2007)


Woking, Surrey, 16-08-2007 - Pixel Dragons Ltd, specialists in batch digital image processing software has today released the latest update for Image Genius Professional 3.2.0. This latest release builds in various customer requests as well as some additional functionality. Image Genius Profes(Added: Tue Aug 14 2007)

NHS Scotland: Setting the Standard in Supplies

NHS Scotland: Setting the Standard in Supplies August 9, 2007 The Low Carbon Innovation Network spoke to their members working for the Common Services Agency of NHS Scotland to find out more on their a strong focus on the environmental friendliness of their supplies to combat the challenge to(Added: Thu Aug 09 2007)

Daniel Imperato Announced as First Candidate for Upcoming Presidential Debate

Boulder, 8/8/07 CO – Today Imperato for President 2008, the official campaign committee for Daniel Imperato, announced that Daniel Imperato will be the first candidate for the upcoming multi-party presidential debates. With two major National Conventions, Colorado being a swing state, and hom(Added: Wed Aug 08 2007)

The “Mission Accomplished” Fiasco: Saddam was dead, but killing him was illegal, Scholars maintain

An evaluation of the available evidence suggests that the "Mission Accomplished" celebration aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, on May 1, 2003, was intended to announce the assassination of Saddam Hussein. Taking out Saddam and liberating Iraq have often been cited as the official mi(Added: Tue Aug 07 2007)

The Annapolis Center announces the publication of it’s new report “The Science and Health Effects of

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: JK Chaney (410-268-3302 x104) The Annapolis Center announces the publication of it’s new report “The Science and Health Effects of Ground-Level Ozone.” Monday, August 6, 2007 Annapolis, MD---The Board of Directors of The Annapolis Center for Science-Based (Added: Mon Aug 06 2007)

School Choice or Sustainable Transport – Squaring the Circle?

In the world of Education Policy, increased parental choice and ensuring that such choice is not limited by social deprivation, have been top priorities for a number of years. These drivers clearly form a central element of the Education and Inspections Act 2006. However, implementing this policy (Added: Thu Aug 02 2007)

International Training Academy launches CBRN Search course --

Press release 2 August 2007 No embargo<

Where Heroes Lie

July 31, 2007 Bnshosting.net is proud to announce that well respected lawyer and prolific writer, Atty Geronimo Sy of the Philippine Deparment of Justice has engaged our services to host his blog site, www.mabinihall.com. The blog will contain his current, past and future opinions on current (Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)

Shadow Tory Defence Secretary Blasts Nimby Objectors As 'Preposterous and Offensive'

Shadow Tory Defence Secretary Blasts Nimby Objectors As 'Preposterous and Offensive' Dr Liam Fox, the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, today dramatically lent his support to local campaigners by strongly condemning local objections to a proposed SSAFA haven for families of (Added: Thu Jul 26 2007)

Online gaming companies actually prosper from the recent U-turn in advertising legislation, really?

Online gaming companies actually prosper from the recent U-turn in advertising legislation, really? [PR: London, 20th July 2007] With just weeks to go before the full implementation of the Gambling Act 2005 in September, last weeks announcement by the newly appointed culture secretary James Purn(Added: Thu Jul 26 2007)

“European Conference on the Cohesion Fund 2007-2013”

Berlin, 22nd & 23rd October 2007 The public servants of 15 Member States will meet on the 22nd and 23rd October 2007 in Berlin during the “European Conference on the Cohesion Fund 2007-2013”. The challenges of the new cohesion politics in the European Union and efficient programme management will(Added: Wed Jul 25 2007)

The NHF discusses its response to the Cave Review at Hundred Houses Society Board strategy meeting.

Speaking at a Hundred Houses Society Board strategy meeting held at the Møller Centre, Cambridge, John Bryant of the National Housing Federation gave his response to a new review of regulation in the social housing sector by Professor Martin Cave of Warwick Business School. The report was commiss(Added: Wed Jul 25 2007)

Daniel Imperato hablara en la Reunion Del Partido Libertariano de New Jersey y en la Merienda Campe

South River Nuevo-Jersey, NJ � 20 de Julio del, 2007- Hoy Imperato para el presidente y su comit� oficial para candidatos presidenciales libertarianos e Independientes del 2008, la campa�a de Daniel Imperato, anunci� que �l atender� a la reuni�n general anual y a la comida campestre(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

The Thank You Foundatioin Named Member of America Supports You Program

The Thank You Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring and enhancing the lives of military veterans and active duty service members, today announced that it has been selected as a new member of the America Supports You (ASY) Program, a U.S. Department of Defense program that conne(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)


THE YEAR ZERO THE YEAR ZERO A new book by Robert Wakefield that the mainstream media would not dare review. Did you know that every Barcode has 666 in it? Did you know that mobile phones are on the same frequency as your brain? Did you know that money is soon to be outlawed? Do you(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

GOP welcomes new 9/11: Reports lay groundwork for attack, Scholars say

A new report summarizes evidence suggesting that intelligence agencies in collaboration with their media assets are in the process of preparing the American people for a new 9/11-style attack. James Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, has been taken aback. �This summary from MUJCA-NET (Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Will the UK House Building Industry rise to the Carbon Challenge?

The Government recently announced the launch of their �Carbon Challenge� which aims to create five zero carbon or near carbon developments throughout the UK in order to provide working examples to the building industry. The idea is to encourage house builders to implement good building practices(Added: Tue Jul 17 2007)


As the new Prime Minister settles into Number 10 and prepares to deal with the many issues facing him, Able Magazine recognises that very little has been mentioned in the national press on his policies for disabled people. We decided to approach some of the key figures in the world of disability to (Added: Tue Jul 17 2007)

time travel

Einstein stated that due to his theory of relativity that time travel is possible. Technology is not ready for such steps at the moment however in the future, who knows? One innovative way to ensure that the uk leads the way is a new web site that has been published online WWW.time-travel-inc.co(Added: Mon Jul 16 2007)

Red Ken, Pink Brian and Blue Boris

Reports say Tory MP Boris Johnson is about to announce he has decided to run for mayor of London. The member for Henley is expected to add his name to the list of Tories vying to take on Ken Livingstone in next year election. If Mr Johnson does join the race, it could solve David Cameron's pro(Added: Sun Jul 15 2007)

New Independent State

A NEW independent state has been launched by a group of people in the United Kingdom, fed up with the way the UK Government operates and legislates, and even more passionate about getting out of the European Union. Currently without sovereign land, the group, who have now been appointed as minist(Added: Sat Jul 14 2007)

Series of letters initiated debate over Gas Price Formula

The issue of how gas from auctioned acreages should be priced, thrown up by a set of legal tangles between entities controlled by the Ambani brothers on the one hand and Mukesh's Reliance Industries Ltd and NTPC, have divided policymakers. A number of MPs cutting across party lines and Congress func(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Conservative Drug Blue-Print Laden With Hypocrisy

Immediate Release! As soon as the Tories regain power they intend to hit us with tax hikes on alcohol, with this, as their solution to the binge drinking problem which sweeps the nations towns and city centre's. So thats the drinkers alienated against the tory cause to regain power and if that (Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Virtually no country immune from human trafficking: Vitol Capital Management � Economic Freedom

A report by Vitol Capital Management reveals that virtually no country in the world is unaffected by the crime of human trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor. The Vitol Capital Management report on "People Trafficking," published recently, identifies 128 countries of origin, 96 tran(Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)
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