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Universal Guardian’s Strategic Security Group Awarded $3.6 Million Contract for Security Services fo

NEWPORT BEACH, CA USA, FEBRUARY 7, 2006, UNIVERSAL GUARDIAN HOLDINGS, INC. ((OTCBB: UGHO), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation and global supply chain security systems and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and securi(Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

Multi-function torch offers increased Police officer safety.

- For immediate release - Nite International, the UK based torch specialist, has announced the arrival of the PC8 Multi function LED Police torch – offering cost savings and increased officer safety to Police forces throughout the UK. The PC8 has been specifically designed with input from the(Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

The President Has No Inherent Power Which Permits Him To Violate FISA Or Any Other Law Duly Enacted

( EMAILWIRE.COM, February 04, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- Yesterday, Sen. Pat Roberts wrote that President Bush's warrantless surveillance program is "legal, necessary and reasonable," and that, "Congress, by statute, cannot extinguish a core constitutional authority of the president." Source: ht(Added: Sun Feb 05 2006)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Distributes 500 Cobra StunLights™ to Deputies and Detention

”The Cobra StunLight™ will provide the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with effective use-of-force alternatives while providing their deputies with the protection they deserve,” stated Michael Skellern, Universal’s CEO. UNIVERSAL GUARDIAN HOLDINGS, INC. ((OTCBB: UGHO), an emerging globa(Added: Sat Feb 04 2006)

Old Catholics in UK Welcome Weakened Religious Hatred Law

The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain along with the Free Catholic Church of Europe alliance took part in the peaceful protest outside The House of Commons to oppose the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. Archbishop Gary Beaver said “Ministers have done the only sensible thing with this legisla(Added: Fri Feb 03 2006)

How A Business Letterhead Design, Business Cards And Stationery Design, Improves Business

Investment in the design of business stationery has a positive impact on business performance, according to a published report. The report highlighted that successful companies invest in business stationery, business cards and letterhead design as a key input into their business, and see a rate o(Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

HomelandDefenseStocks.com – Weapon and Explosives Detection Technology for the Security of Airports,

HomelandDefenseStocks.com – Weapon and Explosives Detection Technology for the Security of Airports, Subways, Railway Stations and Crime Scenes L-3 Communications, Analogic, Sniffex, Sense Holdings and Technest Work to Protect Mass Transit Systems and Critical Infrastructure POINT ROBERTS, Was(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Last Chance To Reject Samuel Alito And Hold Back The Bush Executive Power Grab

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 31, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- It is now almost 10:00 AM, Eastern Time, on Tuesday, January 31, 2006. The Senate vote on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court is only about an hour away. This is our last chance to reject the nomination of Sa(Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)

Senate Should Postpone Samuel Alito Vote For One More Week To Increase Awareness Of Unitary Executiv

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 30, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- The Bush Machine will obviously not want to do this, because the more the Public finds out about Samuel Alito's enthusiastic support of the dangerous "Unitary Executive Theory," the more they will oppose him. The Public would never accept the U(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Kenya Government Suspends Registration of Political Parties

Is Kenya still a multi-party democracy? This is the question members and supporters of Madaraka Party of Kenya are asking themselves as they mull the information from the registrar’s office that “the government has put on hold registration of all political parties till further notice.” “This is(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

The Attorney Genie

Free directory of lawyers and law firms accross the USA.(Added: Sat Jan 28 2006)

An Open Letter To Senate Democrats: Don't Give Up So Soon. Samuel Alito Still Can Be Defeated

His belief In The Unitary Executive Theory Makes Him Unsuitable For The Supreme Court ( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 26, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- It looks to me like you guys are throwing in the towel too soon, dragging your heads as if the Samuel Alito confirmation is a done deal. It is not. Every h(Added: Fri Jan 27 2006)

2008 Presidential Candidate on Rumsfeld’s Special Forces

West Palm Beach, FL – January 25, 2006 - After the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld released defense budgetary information for 2007, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato commented on Rumsfeld’s change of strategy in regards to Special Operations Forces. “Over the past several months (Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

An Open Letter To The U.S. Senate, Regarding The Nomination of Samuel Alito To The Supreme Court

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 25, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- Dear Senators: Today you begin the highly-important task of deciding whether our next Justice of the Supreme Court will be Samuel Alito or someone else. We the People of the United States are watching with great interest as you go about this (Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Independent Green Chairman Gives Personal Endorsement to Daniel Imperato in 2008

West Palm Beach, FL - January 25, 2006 - In a major development, state party chairman of the Independent Greens of Virginia, Carey Campbell has given Daniel Imperato his personal official endorsement for his bid at the presidency in 2008. “There is a tremendous opportunity for the thousands of t(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Liberal Democrats announce Leadership Candidates debate in the East Midlands.

STARTS Nottingham – 25/01/2005. The Ashfield Liberal Democrats have announced that a Leadership Candidates debate will take place for the East Midlands region on Sunday 29th January 2006 in Kirby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. The event will be attended by party leadership candidates Simon Hugh(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Major Global Meeting On Environment To Be Held In The UAE

The organising committee of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) 9th Special Session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum 2006 and associated meetings met at the Police Officers Club to go over the final arrangements for the events to be held in Dubai, UAE from (Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Yes Minister – we agree!

In an interview with Andrew Marr on the television programme BBC Sunday AM televised today, the Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton MP in reply to a question relating to the cost to people in the private sector of paying the pensions of people in the public sector, stated: “We've got to meet(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

‘Has-Been’ Hillary and ‘No-More’ Gore

West Palm Beach, FL – January 19, 2006 - After prominent democrats Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and former Vice President Al Gore (D-TN) used the pulpit for profit during their Martin Luther King Day addresses, ‘The Peoples President’ of 2008 ( www.thepeoplespresident2008.com ), Daniel Imperato st(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Home Office Report on Prostitution Critique

Sexual Freedom Coalition Press Release on the Home Office Report "A Coordinated Prostitution Strategy" "We are not harmed by our work" Jahnet Delight (London Sex Worker) tells the SFC The Sexual Freedom Coalition congratulates the Home Office on its Report but suggests they have not gone f(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Site of the Day: Technology making a Splash for the benefit of Children

With the Australian government expected to soon debate the recently proposed and ground-breaking Family Law reform amendments, organisations like Fathers4Equality have been gearing up their lobbying efforts in order to convince the government that children from separated families have a right to an (Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

History of the Challenge Coin

Air warfare was a new phenomenon during World War I, when the army created flying squadrons and manned them with volunteer pilots from every walk of civilian life. As the legend goes, one Ivy Leaguer, a wealthy lieutenant, ordered small, solid-bronze medallions (or coins) struck, which he then p(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

How A Business To Business Web Site, Business Web Site Design Can Improve Your Business?

A new report confirms that web design is of key importance, particularly to commercial sites trying to persuade shoppers to spend time and money buying products over the net. In a study at Kansas State University, surfers were asked to look through a website and then draw a diagram of how the si(Added: Tue Jan 17 2006)

Cannabis Party Challenge Charles Clarke to be brave on cannabis policy

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) a UK political party, calls upon the Home Secretary Charles Clarke to "Be brave and take the bull by the horns" over the cannabis issue. Alun Buffry, the party's nominating officer who stood against Charles Clarke in the 2001 General Election said: "Now tha(Added: Tue Jan 17 2006)

Unique Book about the Problems Americans Face—Bird Flu, Terrorism, Peak Oil, and Financial Crises—Ju

LAKEWOOD, NEW YORK – January 11, 2006 – Americans are faced with a coming tsunami of diverse problems, each of immense proportions in their own right. In his latest new book, Dr. Bradford Frank describes in detail the coming crises that Americans will have to deal with. The major disasters of th(Added: Thu Jan 12 2006)


January 09, 2006 NEW family relationship centres designed to keep couples out of the divorce court will also encourage families to stay together, Australian Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said today. Couples with children planning to separate will be forced to attend counseling session(Added: Sun Jan 08 2006)

Echelon blog fast tracks legal latest for RTPI

An innovative commentary ‘blog’ keeping planners up-to-date with latest developments in town planning law is amongst latest enhancements at the Royal Town Planners’ Institute (RTPI) web site at www.planningmatters.co.uk Updated every two weeks, the blog is one of a number of new features on the sit(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

New Web Resource Launched to Focus Public & Demand for Federal Action on Levees, Rebuilding

Levees Not War is a nonprofit network dedicated to making the federal government commit to protecting America’s beloved City of New Orleans with category 5–strength levees. The network says the White House and Congress should fulfill the promises President Bush made in his Sept. 15 speech from Jacks(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Earth as a living planet and the Human Body

What does it mean to look at the Earth as one would the Human body? It is said that the rain forests are the lungs of the world, oxygenating the air that is breathed by people. The Human body is made of about 70% water and the planet's surface is covered with about the same area as water. The(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Global Reforestation Initiative by AgroMicron

AgroMicron is helping the world by revitalization of damaged eco-systems as a result of excessive deforestation. Thanks to specially acquired clone samples AgroMicron will now be able to completely regenerate an entire forest in some regions in seven to ten years. Which means the global deforest(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)
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