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The National Coalition of Human Rights Activists (NCHRA) has received dozens of emails (NCHRA@hotmail.com) expressing anger and outrage over "stolen valor," and request the passage of the proposed "Stolen Valor Act of 2005" sponsored by Rep. John Salazar (D-Colorado). The proposed Act will make it a(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

Universal Guardian's Service Group Receives New Contract Raising the Total of 2006 Contract Awards t

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., -- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTC: UGHO) (BULLETIN BOARD: UGHO) , a full service provider of non-lethal protection products, global supply chain logistics systems and security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats to governments and busi(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)


DATE: 20 March 06 EMBARGO: None On Sunday afternoon around fifty people gathered outside the Embassy of Belarus in Kensington, to call for free and fair elections in Europe's last dictatorship. The demonstration, organised by Liberal Democrat Youth and Students (LDYS) was attended by British(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

E-government initiatives to cross borders

A new platform to help small and medium-sized government organisations (SMGOs) implement e-government strategies – with the emphasis on cross-border cooperation – has been created and tested by a pan-European team. With people, goods, and now services, able to move freely within the Member States(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index- Benchmark Index for the Homeland Security Industry

EMAILWIRE.COM, March 20, 2006 ) New York, NY -- Cronus Capital Markets (CCM) and the International Securities Exchange (ISE), supported by the Homeland Security Industries Association (HSIA), jointly developed the index, which has options currently trading on the ISE (ISE: HSX). The ISE-CCM Homel(Added: Mon Mar 20 2006)

Imperato Calls on Bush Administration for Increased Relations in Central and South America

West Palm Beach, FL - Today - In his daily address, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato (www.daniel2008.com) called on the Bush administration to increase ties with Central and South America. One of the first ways that the United States could improve relations in the region is economic(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

Independent America

Charlottesville, Virginia. A synergy of diverse minds are developing the blueprint for America 's next great revival. The text entitled "Independent America" will lay out the vision of two gifted and determined individuals with the courage and conviction to conduct an historic run for the White Hous(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

2008 White House Contender Webster Brooks on the Budget

Hartford, CT - Today, 2008 Presidential Contender, Webster Brooks laid out his proposed budget that gets war spending under control and reverses our climb toward the $8 trillion debt ceiling by finally ending the drain of wasteful spending. Domestic budget issues must receive the urgency it dem(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)


Iran’s been referred to the UN Security Council: Behold the final throes of world bureaucracy at its infinite ineptitude. Folks, two to four weeks of sound and fury signifying nothing—and then all h-e-double toothpicks breaks out . . . somehow all this played out back in 2003—just change the “q” t(Added: Sun Mar 12 2006)

First ever, 405 foot Vehicle Barrier turned over to the Air Force at Robins Air Force Base

Robotic Security Systems, Inc (RSSI) announces the completion and turnover of the first installation of the Cable Trap, Active Cable Barrier System (ACBS) for the U.S. Air Force here at Robins Air Force Base. RSSI completed confidence testing and turned over four Cable Trap ACBS to base functional r(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)


NEWS TITLE: ¡®Unacceptable¡¯: The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina AUTHOR: Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D. PUBLICATION: March 2006 ISBN: 1-4196-1839-3 PRICE: $12.99 WHOLESALERS: Baker & Taylor, Booksurgedirect.com RETAIL: amazon.com, borders.com, booksurge.com You may contact the author (Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

IRAN'S DAY OF INFAMY...There's a Jackephant in the Room!

Historicists are quick to point out that saber rattling is a biggie between and amongst belligerents prior to the outbreak of hostilities—to say the least: Witness Nazi Germany’s bombasts; and of late, the ever-outrageous remarks between Iran and the US-Israel Alliance. That’s why when it comes to(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)


AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER DELIVERS A MESSAGE TO THE PARENTS "As parents you can play an important role in helping your children to understand the dangers involved with using drugs. We are providing practical information to help you to talk with your children about drugs – what they are, what the(Added: Thu Mar 09 2006)

Get Politics out of Planning…to get Ethical

CENTRAL & LOCAL GOVERNMENT should surrender control of planning permits and policy to an independent body of ‘Resource Stewards’, urged Professor Michael Benfield, keynote speaker to the National Sustainable Regeneration Conference 2006 held in Birmingham. Addressing an audience of development(Added: Wed Mar 08 2006)

Equal Parenting laws AN INEVITABILITY, says Australian Parenting group

Australian equal parenting group, Fathers4Equality, has stated that equal parenting time after separation is an inevitable development, simply awaiting a government with enough resolve to put the rights of children ahead of the vested interests of single mother's groups. Currently, the government(Added: Tue Mar 07 2006)

BUSH-BLAIR...The AXIS of Evangelicals

Tony Blair, the Brits’ version of what we thought was Bill Clinton’s reflection—has undergone a steady metamorphosis into the image of George W. Bush. The latest devolution of the once immensely popular Blair into his evangelical counterpart Bush involves divine intervention into the affairs of Mid(Added: Tue Mar 07 2006)

CIA Sponsored Research and Implementation Programmes Exposed…

…How They Used Remote Viewing & Psychic Spying During the Cold War, And How it Launched the Reagan Presidency… PLUS, the Secret, Hidden Energy Source They Discovered and Used to Run Domestic Appliances … And it’s Available TODAY At a unique conference in London on 18th, 19th and 20th Marc(Added: Fri Mar 03 2006)

Senate flooded with submissions from Disaffected Fathers

The Senate Inquiry into the Family Law Amendment Bill (1) has been inundated with submissions from disaffected fathers frustrated with a system that effectively denies children access to decent and loving fathers. With new research (2) highlighting the benefits to children of substantial contact (Added: Thu Mar 02 2006)

America’s Independent Choice: Imperato-Brooks 2008

West Palm Beach, FL & Hartford, CT - March 2, 2006 - In a landmark announcement today, the leading independent Presidential Candidates for 2008, Daniel Imperato and Webster Brooks, have decided to join forces and run as the Independent White House Ticket, Imperato/Brooks 2008. “Today, I am proud (Added: Thu Mar 02 2006)

U.S. Involvement in the Middle East Began With Eisenhower

The president’s actions initiated U.S. commitment to the security and stability of the Middle East. An article published in the latest issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly studies the Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957 to find that it first accepted the responsibilities in the Middle East that the U.(Added: Thu Mar 02 2006)

Talis introduces the Talis Connexions partner programme

Talis introduces the Talis Connexions partner programme Birmingham, UK, 2nd March, 2006. Talis, the leading provider of library management solutions for the UK and Ireland, is proud to announce the launch of the Talis Connexions programme. Thanks to emerging Web Services, Services Oriented A(Added: Thu Mar 02 2006)

Baroness Prosser wrong to encourage women in to men's work

So women in full time employment are paid 13% less than full time men and women in part time employment are paid 41% less than full time men. No surprises here then. But these figures are still, as Baroness Prosser said, an outrage. Her solution though, that women shouldn’t choose low paid jobs bu(Added: Wed Mar 01 2006)

Dubai Ports World, Arab Civility and Who’s Behind the Deal

West Palm Beach, FL – March 1, 2006 - Today, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato spoke out about Dubai Ports World and the recent Arab show of civility towards the recent controversy over the British P&O buyout. “Once again the Middle East and the Arab people show their customs in all(Added: Wed Mar 01 2006)

Access-eGov: Accessible eGovernment embracing the Semantic Web

Access-eGov (Access to e-Government Services Employing Semantic Technologies) is an IST project partially funded under the IST Programme of FP6 (eGovernment research). A consortium consisting of eleven partners from five countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, and Egypt) led by the Technical U(Added: Mon Feb 27 2006)

Drugs Investigator Accuses Government of Gross Wastage of Taxpayers’ Money

Psycho-Pharmaceutical Scam Revealed as NHS Spending Rockets Over-Budget “Drug addicts, NHS patients and U.K. students are suffering through ineffective long-term ‘treatments’ whilst the government lines the pockets of psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies with British taxpayers money”, decla(Added: Sun Feb 26 2006)

Ferriday, Louisiana, has designated March 13th 2006 "L. Ron Hubbard Day."

According to The Natchez Democrat story, the town's Board has unanimously proclaimed "L. Ron Hubbard Day" to honor the date of birth of the author of "Dianetics." This recognition was, according to The Natchez Democrat, in response to the Scientology "Volunteer 'Ministers'" propaganda efforts. "T(Added: Fri Feb 24 2006)

Hamas, Israel, the Palestinian Conflict, and Condoleezza Rice

West Palm Beach, Fl – February 23, 2006 – Today, 2008 White House Candidate Daniel Imperato (www.daniel2008.com) elaborated on the diplomatic fumbles of Condoleezza Rice in the Israel/Palestinian Conflict. “I would like to point out to the people of the USA, that our Secretary of State, Condole(Added: Thu Feb 23 2006)

UAE Ports Deal: America Losing Out Again

West Palm Beach, FL – February 22, 2006 – In response to the recent port sale controversy, 2008 US Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato reminded us that the real argument is not whether the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should run our ports, but rather whether any foreign company or foreign governmen(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)

Imperato Points Out Increased Traffic the French Convenience Store

West Palm Beach, FL – February 22, 2006 – With global tensions escalating, 2008 Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato pointed out that when countries are looking for weapons and nuclear equipment, they visit the ‘French Convenience Store’. “This is the next president of the United States of Am(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)


22/02/2006 For immediate release Editors contact: Max PR, 020 8939 9029 SOCIAL SOFTWARE TO INTRODUCE AN EXCITING NEW PACKAGE WITH UMIS TO IMPROVE PREVENTION FOR CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES Social Software will officially introduce the complete Universal Monitoring & Information(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)
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