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Toward interoperability in EU-wide e-government popular

Overcoming bureaucratic hurdles to set up a company in your own country is complicated enough; doing it elsewhere can be even more difficult. An architecture that allows different public administrations in different countries to interoperate offers one solution. “Interoperability is currently the(Added: Fri May 20 2005)

Neutrality and the National Security Council Adviser

The adviser’s duties may expand, but the position’s effectiveness relies on the advisor remaining neutral. An article published in the latest issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly examines the impact of the “neutral” or “honest” broker in presidential decision-making, specifically looking at th(Added: Thu May 19 2005)

The Real Counterfeit ID Act: Industry Report

Entertainment and software piracy, terrorism, counterfeit currency, illegal immigration, prostitution, and identity theft are just a few of the growing list of crimes related to fake identification. In the first quarter of 2005, nearly 25% of global counterfeiting incidents (valued at $1.06 Billion(Added: Mon May 16 2005)

Dorset’s Accessible self-service on the web popular

Dorset County Council is getting the most out its resources by moving its ‘customers’ to the web. Therefore it is viewed as essential to make sure that its website not only performs well, in terms of speed and the provision of relevant content, but that it is also is fully website accessibility comp(Added: Mon May 16 2005)

Ingenious Military Training Simulation Systems popular

SANTA CLARA, CA - A Santa Clara based manufacturer and retailer of military simulation and training gear recently announced a new generation of accessories designed to take real action training and games to the next level. Real Action Paintball, online at www.rap4.com, specializes in delivering trai(Added: Sun May 15 2005)

A Peak Inside Parliament! : Superbreak launches tour packages

The election may be over, but why not have a peak inside the Houses of Parliament this summer before the newly formed cabinet returns in October. Short break specialist, Superbreak http://www.superbreak.com has launched a range of packages which combine overnight accommodation at a range of hotels a(Added: Fri May 13 2005)


Three of the United States' leading social critics and writers have praised the latest book by Walter Brasch. Noam Chomsky, distinguished professor emeritus of linguistics at MIT, calls America’s Unpatriotic Acts (Peter Lang, Feb. 2005) “a lucid and well-documented study of the PATRIOT Act th(Added: Wed May 11 2005)

Enterprise management facilities for public authorities

Public authorities have long needed the equivalent of the enterprise management system – as used by leading companies around the world – but seldom had the resources to afford it. Now a new collaborative-working platform developed under the ICTE-PAN project may hold the solution. Starting in the(Added: Tue May 10 2005)


Ivan and Charika Corea of the Autism Awareness Campaign have appealed directly to Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the President of Sri Lanka who was recently in London, to take action over public services for people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. They have heard from Sri(Added: Fri May 06 2005)

On target; Australia aims for more skilled migrants

LONDON – The Australian Government has confirmed significant changes to its immigration strategy by adding to its Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). The changes affect skilled visas for immigration to Australia. The MODL and Skills Occupation List (SOL) form part of the backbone of Aus(Added: Fri May 06 2005)

"Best Interests of the Children"

Press release 4th May 2005 In the best interests of the children At last, someone has acknowledged that the present system for supporting children involved in custody battles is not working. Children’s Commissioner Kathleen Marshall has spoken out about how badly children are treated when (Added: Wed May 04 2005)

Voting for online democracy

The Internet may be used to power elections in towns, cities, countries, and even across Europe thanks to the work of a recently completed project. It would mean voters could cast their ballots at home, in the street via mobile phones, or even when in another country. That's the promise of e-Vote(Added: Wed May 04 2005)

California prisoners unionize, form statewide coalition popular

May 2, 2005 – Sacramento, Calif., US. In an historic turn of events California’s prisoners and parolees have formed their own union. Under the auspices of Voters Corrections Reform Coalition the membership of this statewide organization has voted nearly nine to one in favor of the formation. T(Added: Sun May 01 2005)

UK citizens call for government pre-emptive action on global oil depletion popular

A new petition entitled "Peak Oil Production & Decline - Raising awareness and discussion of the consequences and solutions" has officially been launched (Thursday 28th April 2005) by Powerswitch.org.uk to call on UK government to prepare for the serious economic, social and cultural adjustment of t(Added: Thu Apr 28 2005)

Anti-Crime Society Accuses BBC

We have written to each senior manager at the BBC pointing out not only the poor quality of their investigative journalism, but also their blocking of information about crime from this Society to which the public is entitled. Not once, in more than a decade, has the BBC responded to our numerous (Added: Wed Apr 27 2005)

Callum becomes community councils' poster child popular

LITTLE Callum Reid has become a pin-up - at the tender age of two. The toddler from Adambrae, Livingston, is currently starring in a new poster and leaflet campaign to promote community councils in West Lothian, Scotland. His baby face can be seen in shops, libraries and supermarkets across the (Added: Tue Apr 26 2005)

What is the email address to send emails with links to press releases, please?

I am an Alliance For Change candidate in the British General Election. I have an email ready to send to you, with links to the Alliance For Change press releases published so far. I'd like to know, please, the email to which you'd like me to send that email.(Added: Mon Apr 25 2005)

Mayday - Anarchist White Bloc

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE ANARCHIST WHITE BLOCK SPACE HIJACKERS VS THE STATE 2pm Sunday May 1st Parliament Square London A new force has arrived on the London Mayday scene. A group calling themselves the Space Hijackers have challenged the honour of every incumbent and aspiring(Added: Mon Apr 25 2005)

Measuring the public sector impact of EU-funded research popular

European Commission-funded research has played a fundamental role in transforming Europe’s public services in recent years, but more can be done to ensure they benefit fully from new IT solutions, according to a recently published study on the sector. ‘Building The Knowledge Economy in Public Ser(Added: Mon Apr 25 2005)

Speed Camera and Red-Light Camera Problems

CHESTER, U.K. – Every month there are regular reports of thousands of innocent motorists who receive traffic citations in the mail from faulty speed cameras. Despite the many problems with the cameras, there are also news reports about cities that continue to add more speed cameras. The average d(Added: Sun Apr 24 2005)

Blair Caught Bang to Rights by Anti-Crime Society

The Labour Party manifesto contains an outrageous and untruthful claim on its record on crime. Its own statistics also confirm that Tony Blair never planned or hoped to reduce crime by more than a few percent each year, at best, which is why his legacy is now more than 50 million unsolved crimes. (Added: Sun Apr 24 2005)

Former Minister Says Energy Policy Should Be Major Election Issue

ODAC | The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre 140 Fortess Road London NW5 2HP 020 7424 0049 odac@btconnect.com http://www.odac-info.org NEWS RELEASE Wednesday, 20 April 2005 Former Minister Says Energy Policy Should Be Major Election Issue Britain’s current energy policy is “ripe for r(Added: Wed Apr 20 2005)

Women voters undecided

Women voters undecided Women voters are still undecided which party to vote for at this years general election. Readers of female interest website FemaleFirst.co.uk have voted the Labour party (27.5%) slight leaders over the Conservatives (26.7%) on the run up the election on the 5 May. Th(Added: Tue Apr 19 2005)

UK Elections 2005 - Who to vote for? popular

For people who are not sure who they should vote for in the UK exlection, or just want to check that they are voting for the right party, they can now compare the policies of each party side by side. As a free public service Survey Galaxy have split twelve of the main election topics into individ(Added: Fri Apr 15 2005)

Ian Jenkins - It’s official: families are worse off under Labour

New independent survey shows after-tax incomes have fallen Ian Jenkins, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Yeovil Constituency, pointed to new figures showing that since 1997, average incomes have declined for first time and hard-working families have become poorer. The(Added: Mon Apr 04 2005)

Regional structure threatens fire safety

Conservatives pledge to save Somerset’s local Fire Control Room Ian Jenkins, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Yeovil Constituency, pledged that Conservatives will campaign to protect the local Fire Control Room in Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton and save Somerset’s Fire & Rescu(Added: Mon Apr 04 2005)

Twenty holes in your pocket with the Liberal Democrats

Commenting ahead of the Liberal Democrats launch of their local elections campaign, Conservatives today highlighted Liberal Democrat plans for twenty new local hikes: including new anti-car taxes to drive and park, a dog tax, hotel tax, local income tax, regional income tax, rubbish tax and water ta(Added: Mon Apr 04 2005)

Is the Royal Family Socially Responsible? popular

MHCi MONTHLY FEATURE: Is the British Royal Family socially responsible? April 2005 By Prof. Michael Hopkins Is the British Royal Family socially responsible? ‘CSR covers a multitude of issues, health and safety, labour rights, environmental protection, supply chain management, c(Added: Sat Apr 02 2005)

Dubai eGovernment presents 2005 strategy

Dubai eGovernment recently met with representatives from various Government departments to outline its strategy for 2005, highlight its achievements and reinforce the role of its centralised eServices and e4all initiative. “Dubai eGovernment is constantly striving to implement improvements and fin(Added: Tue Mar 29 2005)

Corrections reform coalition challenges wasteful plan

March 29, 2005 – Sacramento, California, USA. While discussions are underway between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers to reorganize California’s youth and adult Corrections, the Department of Corrections has quietly proposed a multi-million dollar plan which aims to convert Solano State (Added: Tue Mar 29 2005)
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