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reduce co2 by 60% by 2050 yes but the poorest will pay!

March 13, 2007 (FPRC) -- The UK Government are intent on the ruination of the lower classes and the worst off(poor)generally by their unrealistic goals of reducing co2 emissions by 2050. How does a household reduce it's co2 footprint by 60%? Easy you get rid of your car, You put your heating(Added: Tue Mar 13 2007)

Congress Should Read Writing On The Wall

New Delhi, 12th March, 2007. For the ruling Congress Party the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh could not have come at a worse time. Badly bruised by the avoidable defeat in Punjab and Uttranchal, harassed by high inflation, saddled with an organization in utter disarray, deteriorating relations (Added: Mon Mar 12 2007)

Media Talk: French Elections – a Change in Store?

Fri 16 March - 7.30pm Media Talk: French Elections – a Change in Store? - £7 With Caroline Wyatt (BBC), Jean-Pierre Langellier (Le Monde) and Jon Henley (The Guardian). Others – TBC. Moderated by Allan Little (BBC). Join us as we discuss how the result of the upcoming French presidential el(Added: Fri Mar 09 2007)

J & K Coalition Government in Trouble

New Delhi, 9th March, 2007. Political equations are changing in Jammu and Kashmir as time for fresh elections is approaching. The recent conflict between the Congress Party and PDP, a major partner in the coalition indicates that parting of company between the two is likely to happen soon and certai(Added: Fri Mar 09 2007)

Thousands back campaign to keep our banking details private

THOUSANDS of bank customers have backed a campaign launched by checkmyfile.com to get the government to scrap its plan to allow the banks to share the account details of millions of bank customers with the credit reference agencies without those customers getting a chance to have their say. The G(Added: Thu Mar 08 2007)

Economic Survey 07: Tilted Towards 2009 Election

New Delhi, 8th March, 2007: The Economic Survey of 07 in many ways is too optimistic and oriented towards the Lok Sabha elections of 09, perhaps prematurely. Assuming that the annual budget proposals and economic survey of the Government's appraisal of the economic barometer of the country, observer(Added: Thu Mar 08 2007)

Left refuses to bail out Mulayam in CBI case

New Delhi, Mar 6:The Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav received a serious jolt when the Left parties refused to bail him out in the dispropornate assets case registered by the CBI against him. Yadav had met CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat yesterday to seek his support in h(Added: Thu Mar 08 2007)

UP Alliances

With elections dates been declared in Uttar Pradesh slated to begin next month in April all political parties have started looking for sleeping partners. The Kurmi Party Apna Dal of Sonelal Patel is the most in demand. Both the BJP and the Congress are wooing him and Patel is bargaining three- ways(Added: Thu Mar 08 2007)

Community Activist Denounces Clarksville, TN Mayors Snub of NAACP President.

Terry McMoore, Director of the Urban Resource Center, publicly denounced the snubbing of NAACP President Jimmie M. Garland, Sr. and its organization by Clarksville Mayor, Johnny E. Piper. During all my years of service to the community of Clarksville - Montgomery County, as both a former State NAACP(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Why has the budget failed to receive any applause?

New Delhi, 6th March 2007: The detractors of the Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram, may have had a field day in holding back their applause for the 2007 Budget in spite of buoyant revenues, much above projections and expectations, rising foreign exchange reserves, record foreign direct investment(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Imperato Calls It Again: Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton 501(c)3 Charity Scheme Exposed

West Palm Beach, FL – March 2, 2007 – After calling for reform to the charitable trust industry in America, the Washington Post reported that Hillary Clinton failed to disclose a family charity she operates , with former president Bill Clinton, that has enabled the couple to write off more than US $(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

Daniel Imperato, The Next President, Remarks on Pelosi, Larry King, One Trillion in Debt and Calls f

West Palm Beach, FL – March 2, 2007 – After a recent Nancy Pelosi interview on CNN's Larry King Live, 2008 Presidential Candidate , Daniel Imperato, spoke out on the Iraq war, its $400 billion price tag, and his call for cease fire. "I call on the American people, once again , to accept my pote(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

Congress to look for reasons for poll debacle

New Delhi, Feb 27: While conceding defeat in the Uttarakhand and Punjab Assembly elections, Congress has blamed hike in the price of essential commodities and a large number of party rebels in the fray as the two main reasons. The party also said the division of secular votes led to its debacle. (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Poll results strengthens Rajnath's position

New Delhi, Feb 27:The resounding victory of BJP in Uttarakhand and Akali dal-BJP in Punjab has strengthened the position of the BJP president Rajnath Singh within the party and its original source RSS. He would now be able to be more assertive to take his own decsions. After party's victory in(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Sustainable Development? - Regulate Finance NOT House Builders

Sustainable Development? - Regulate finance NOT House Builders - 02/03/07 “REGULATION OF THE HOUSEBUILDING INDUSTRY is becoming so overwhelming that it threatens efficiency, output and prices”, Professor Dr Michael Benfield told an audience at Earl’s Court’s ‘Future Build’ event, today. With (Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Presidential Hardliner Imperato Asks America About Looks and Pocketbooks: Part II

West Palm Beach, FL – February 28, 2008 - In a reiteration of his previous release, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato, stressed the need for America to look into who their candidates really are for 2008. In his previous release Imperato stated, ""People of the United States, don't be (Added: Wed Feb 28 2007)

Presidential Candidate Imperato, Reform Party Frontrunner, Calls on the American People Once Again o

West Palm Beach, FL – February 27, 2007 – After yesterday's "breakthrough" oil revenue distribution deal reached by the Iraqi Cabinet, US Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato called on the people to remember his stance on Iraqi oil , and the repayment of American taxpayers. "Once again I cal(Added: Tue Feb 27 2007)

Oxgangs regeneration project in the spotlight

SCOTTISH Communities Minister Rhona Brankin today (Tuesday, February 27) toured the Oxgangs area of Edinburgh to see how a Government-funded regeneration project was progressing and to meet local residents. Rundown tower blocks have been flattened and are being replaced with more than 240 new hou(Added: Tue Feb 27 2007)

Gyanendra's Democracy Day Message starts new controversy in Nepal

New Delhi, 27th February, 2007: Stirring a hornet's nest, as it were, King Gyanendra of Nepal issued a statement on Feb.18, the 57 th Democracy Day anniversary, justifying his action of February 1, 2005 when he had dismissed the Government headed by Sher Bahadur Deuba, president of the Nepali Congre(Added: Tue Feb 27 2007)

Mulayam's bid to garner support from NDA

New Delhi, Feb 21:Apprehending uncertainty over the fate of his government in Uttar Pradesh, Chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has geared up efforts to garner support from the allies of the National Democratic Alliance who have opposed the imposition of President rule in the state. Meanwhile, (Added: Fri Feb 23 2007)

Road Take A Heavy Human Toll

New Delhi, 23rd February 2007 :India has one of the largest road networks in the world, aggregating to about 3.32 million kilometers. Of this, national and State highways account for 1, 95,000 kms. National Highways and Expressways total about 65000 kms, which is 1.94% of the total mileage of roads,(Added: Fri Feb 23 2007)

Politics of Building Majority through Defections Need Closer Examination

New Delhi, 22nd February 2007. Whatever the politicians say must be taken with a pinch of salt as words acquire different meaning even if one were not to closely examine the motives, which seldom match the facts presented to public. There is little doubt that the current debate regarding use of Arti(Added: Thu Feb 22 2007)

Centre To Dismiss Mulayam Govt

New Delhi, Feb 20: The Union government seems to have made up its mind to impose president rule in Uttar Pradesh before February 26, the day Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has announced to seek trust vote. The decision was taken after the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held telephonic talks (Added: Thu Feb 22 2007)

Going Green - Summerleaze Ltd hosts dinner for Secretary of State for Transport

--- BEGINS --- The Rt. Hon Douglas Alexander MP Secretary of State for Transport will learn about the UK’s first renewable hydrogen packaging plant and other environmental innovations at a dinner hosted by Summerleaze Ltd on February 20th 2007 at the Commonwealth Club, London. The subject of t(Added: Tue Feb 20 2007)

BACS urges Local Authorities to increase number of Council Tax billing dates in 2007

Local Authorities looking to improve Council Tax collection rates during 2007 should introduce a choice of payment dates, allowing local residents to pay weekly or choose their preferred monthly date - that’s the latest recommendation to come out of research from BACS, the not-for-profit industry bo(Added: Mon Feb 19 2007)

"Stop sewage work" Action Group demand popular

Bridgnorth Sewage Action Group www.bsag.co.uk PRESS RELEASE 19th February 2007 EMBARGO 7AM 19 Feb 2007 ---- BEGINS ---- Following a meeting of the Bridgnorth Sewage Action Group on the 16th February, they have written to the Chief Executive of Bridgnorth District Council demanding they sto(Added: Sun Feb 18 2007)

BJP downcast in Punjab and Uttarakhand

Even before the elections results are out gloom appears to have cast its spell over the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP leadership is not confident either in Uttarankhand or in Punjab. BJP reports from suggest that Amarinder Singh is likely to do well particularly in the BJP seats. The BJP leadershi(Added: Fri Feb 16 2007)

Presidential Candidate to Address Reform Party State Meeting to 'Revive Reform'

Tampa, FL – February 14, 2007 – Today, the leading independent presidential candidate, Daniel Imperato, announced that he will be addressing the Reform Party State Meeting this Saturday February 17 in Tampa, Florida. The Reform Party, which last fielded Ralph Nader (2004) and Pat Buchanan (2000) as(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Retail Sales Good For People and Companies

The entry of business houses into the retail sector is perhaps not a bad thing at all. Ask any housewife or career woman who plays a dual role: as homemaker and also has an office to go to. We found a lady drooling over a tray of dressed vegetable that could go straight away into a pot of tur dal, o(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

The NCHRA Censures Abuses Against Human Rights Activist Keith Henson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12-FEB-2007 Today on the courthouse steps of Prescott, Arizona, the president of the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists censured the Riverside County District Attorney's office, and the Prescott Police Department of Arizona, in the strongest terms. "The NCHRA is(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)
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