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Viewing the Clipper 05-06 Yacht Race Through PureVision Contact Lenses

The Clipper 05-06 Yacht Race was a 35,000 mile round the world adventure in which amateur sailors in 68 foot yachts battled wind, rain and high seas to reach the finish line in Liverpool. According to the British contestant, Beccy Lock who was wearing PureVision lenses from the 20-20 Optical Stor(Added: Thu Sep 07 2006)

U. S. Forces Can Never Defeat The Terrorists In Iraq - because they have an infinite supply of repla

If you do the math, you will see. ( EMAILWIRE.COM, September 04, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- In his latest revised collection of talking points, President Bush said, "We will not allow the terrorists to dictate the future of this century -- so we will defeat them in Iraq." - Source: http://www.w(Added: Mon Sep 04 2006)

Scientology Wins Second Annual Human Rights Abuse Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2-SEP-2006 Yesterday the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists held a press conference in Santa Barbara, California, to award the Scientology Corporation the second annual NCHRA Human Rights Counter-Achievement Award ("The Herka"). The Herka was voted on by NCHRA memb(Added: Sat Sep 02 2006)

Media And Terrorism

Media And Terrorism Kamala Sarup To harbor means to bring something or someone to safety. How can any media do that with "terrorism", an abstraction meaning the sum of terrorist acts over time? Media can slant the news to favor terrorists, just as media can slant the news (facts and interpretati(Added: Thu Aug 31 2006)

Maoism Or Capitalism

Maoism Or Capitalism From Economic Perspectives? By Kamala Sarup The difficulty we have today is that the "Maoism And Capitalism" of economic and social system. Where once we knew as much (actually, much more) about Maoism as we know about capitalism, now one is hard pressed to find anyone who(Added: Thu Aug 31 2006)

Candidate for House of Delegates (23A) Facilitates Citizens to Get Absentee Ballots

Shukoor Ahmed is a Democratic candidate for State Delegate in District 23A. He is a businessman and CEO of an Information Technology company that he founded in early 2000. The business is 28% employee-owned and provides 100% health coverage for its workers. An integral element of Ahmed’s campaign(Added: Tue Aug 29 2006)

IRDP Donor Communication Strategy for the APV popular

Long term finance proposal by: Mr. Istvan Pastor, Mr. Drazen Lovric, Mr. Joachim Bischof For long term finance we propose EAR finance. The EAR sees the APV as a Serbian region. Therefore the EAR does not see any direct need to communicate and negotiate with the APV directly. From their point of (Added: Mon Aug 28 2006)

Grand ISS Collaborates with Ramora UK Ltd on Global Counterterrorism Program popular

For Immediate Release 24th August 2006 Grand ISS Collaborates with Ramora UK Ltd on Global Counterterrorism Program New program addresses critical aspects, communications, and challenges associated with explosives and related-emergency intervention activities in crisis situations. St. Pe(Added: Thu Aug 24 2006)

Racial Terms Banned In Goverment Offices

These terms are no longer acceptable in the news and in goverment offices, The word J-E-W is not acceptable, The proper term is jewish or jewishians. You dont call the japanese J-A-P-S- do you. The word A-rab or A-R-A-B is unacceptable. The proper term is Arabian . These words instill hatred. This (Added: Wed Aug 23 2006)

Imperato For President 2008 Independent Presidential Campaign Names Robert Culp As Its Deputy Coordi

West Palm Beach, Florida – August 22, 2006 - Today, Webster Brooks, Independent Vice-Presidential candidate announced that Robert Culp will serve as the Imperato-Brooks 2008 deputy coordinator for the state of Ohio. "We are happy and very fortunate to have Mr. Culp join our team in the critic(Added: Tue Aug 22 2006)

Captavia™ Evolves to Meet Regional Economic Development Needs

Building on the success of Captavia in the economic development market, Initiative Software introduces Captavia RegionIS. Captavia RegionIS is a functionally rich CRM system that has evolved from Captavia to recognise and support the current and anticipated requirements of regional economic develop(Added: Tue Aug 22 2006)


Nottingham City Council has signed a contract with Capita Education Services to supply IT systems and services to help manage pupil data at the authority. Worth nearly £500,000, the implementation will allow the authority to manage school admissions, exclusions, transport and special needs provision(Added: Wed Aug 16 2006)

£26 to make a Decent Home? popular

- BEGINS - This release makes a comment on the recent research paper written by DTZ Pieda, highlights published by Inside Housing, concluding that funding for private sector Decent Homes projects is “woefully inadequate” and works out to just £26 per non-decent property. Direct central govern(Added: Mon Aug 07 2006)

Next Prez: Independent Imperato Blasts Cease Fire/Cease Fire/Americans Dead in Iraq, Hezbollah Spare

August 4, 2006 – Standing up for a third time this week, global expert and Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato sent a message to the US leadership and the world regarding dealing with and handling foreign relations and diplomatic applications with our global partners. “I, Daniel Imperato, call(Added: Fri Aug 04 2006)

Celebrate Schwarzenegger’s job offer to Blair with a ‘I won’t be back’ T shirt!

Celebrate Schwarzenegger’s job offer to Blair with a ‘I won’t be back’ T shirt! Fishguard, Wales, UK, 1 August 06 Governor Schwarzenegger today offered Tony Blair a job as Terminator 4. conceptTshirts have produced a T shirt to celebrate this madcap mixture of Hollywood and politics – the Tony(Added: Tue Aug 01 2006)

Monaco Prince Campaigns For The Environment

When Prince Albert of Monaco visited the North Pole in April this year he declared that it was as part of an effort to push the environmental issue up the agenda with other world leaders. Now he has established a foundation as part of his personal commitment for 'the protection of the environment(Added: Sun Jul 30 2006)

SWISSFUND: political fund raising advisory services now available for Cayman elections.

SWISSFUND, the professional political fund raising advisory service, is now available for Cayman Island elections. (Grand Cayman). Political candidates seeking election in the Cayman Islands ( Grand Cayman) can now take advantage of the innovative fund raising advisory services of SW(Added: Wed Jul 26 2006)

SWISSFUND poitical fund raising advisory services now available for Guernsey, Jersey, and Manx elect

SWISSFUND, the professional political fund raising advisory service, now makes its services available to political candidates for elections in Guernsey, Jersey, and Manx (Isle of Man). SWISSFUND performs most fund raising functions involved in the fund raising for political elections.(Added: Wed Jul 26 2006)

City of Hartford Administrator Accepts Vice-Presidential Candidacy on Independent Ticket

Webster Brooks Florida Bound To Help Build New 3d Party -- Independent America Hartford, Connecticut � July 25, 2006 - Today, Webster Brooks, an administrator for the Hartford Public Schools and former City Council Executive Assistant, announced he will resign, to campaign as the Vice-President(Added: Tue Jul 25 2006)

Coretta Scott King First Lady of The Civil Rights Movement (1927-2006)

SMALL BOOK PRESS : NEW BOOK First Lady of The Civil Rights Movement (1927-2006) PRESS RELEASE: Atlanta, GA (July 25, 2006) First Lady of The Civil Rights Movement (1927-2006) Atlanta, GA. May 11, 2006 Mrs. Coretta Scott King: In Remembrance Of by LTC Nate Perkins, Ret, USA TRAFFORD Publishing (Added: Tue Jul 25 2006)

USA testamonials and some very interesting and important videos

Take a look here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4694075066240662837&q=steven+greer Dr. Steven Greer composes an excellent collection of testamonies about United States. His other work is pretty good at disclosureproject.org , http://seaspower.com , Looking into the subject fu(Added: Tue Jul 25 2006)

FW:Charity responce to Reid wants army to discipline young offenders

Press Release Subject: From Reg charity� National Society for Children and Family Contact" : Home Secretary John Reid adds insult to injury Surely the Home Secretary must be aware from his own statistics that each and every day since his party has been in office some one hundred childre(Added: Sun Jul 23 2006)

National Charity meets with Tim Loughton "Shadow Minister for Children at Parliement

Representatives of the NSCFC (National Society for Children and Family Contact) met with Tim Loughton MP, Shadow Minister for Children and local MP Geoffrey Cox at Portcullis House in London on Thursday (20th. July). The NSCFC were able to draw upon direct experience and information resulting fr(Added: Sat Jul 22 2006)

“Och now, Tony will soon have time on his hands to knit wee bootees for the bairn.” popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A quote from Gordon Brown? No. It is a quote from the Yo Blair Teddy in the Yo Blair T Shirt shop. This digital shop can be found at www.yoblairtshirt.com. The shop is the brainchild of Eastbourne based Niamh Kiernan.” I was exploring the idea of a T shirt shop in connec(Added: Thu Jul 20 2006)


Fassit UK Press Release Thursday 20 July 2006 The absolute necessity for all public officials whose testimony instigated a prosecution in the Family Courts, to be named. I would like to identify a difference in the cases before the Family Court , that is being overlooked deliberately or other(Added: Thu Jul 20 2006)

The U.S. Faces Terrorism Threat for the Next Generation

The threat of terrorism is certainly with us for the next generation and possibly beyond. And terrorist targets are not necessarily going to be high profile, claim the authors of a new book on terror published today. “The fact that we have not been struck since 9/11 is a combination of preemptiv(Added: Tue Jul 18 2006)

Monaco Joins The Business World

Decades after becoming Europe's number one tax haven, Monaco is to start collating and publishing figures showing it's GDP for the first time. YourMonaco.com , who produce an indepndent travel guide for Monaco and Monte Carlo, say that those who are considering moving to Monaco because of her zer(Added: Tue Jul 18 2006)

Yo Blair! New T shirts celebrate Middle Eastern diplomacy Bush style

The UK US relationship is special, so special that GW Bush greets Tony Blair with the old school welcome ‘Yo Blair!’ Learn about GW Bush’s approach to Middle Eastern diplomacy! Celebrate these moments of political honesty with a T shirt from www.conceptTshirts.co.uk The G8 summit has given (Added: Tue Jul 18 2006)

LBHF meets the DDA head on for deaf community and deaf employee’s safe egress.

The safe management of an emergency relies upon all people in the building receiving clearly understood information; this includes people with disabilities. One in seven (15%) of the UK population (9million people) experience hearing loss from mild deafness to being profoundly deaf. This can pr(Added: Tue Jul 18 2006)

New conference to increase Local Authorities' success with Travel Plans

Development Control Success with Travel Plans Landor Conferences is working with transport industry leader Colin Buchanan to produce a new event geared at increasing the understanding and utilisation of Travel Plans. The one day conference will explore how travel plans can successfully secure(Added: Mon Jul 17 2006)
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