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PR Showcase 2000 & Public Affairs Showcase popular

For Immediate Release PR Showcase 2000 & Public Affairs Showcase 21-22 November 2000 Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London ---BEGINS--- The country’s biggest Public Relations http://www.rja-events.com/Documents/PRShowcase.htm event is now even bigger, with new dates, new features, and the (Added: Wed Sep 27 2000)

Federation Of Earth Launches The World Party online popular

San Jacinto, CA. USA)- Today The Federal Republic Of The Federation Of Earth launched The World Party online. The World Party of which has 20,000 members world wide is a worldwide political party of which embraces world peace and world unity. World Party President and Founder Harold E. Roosa III s(Added: Mon Aug 21 2000)

Candidates Wage War Via Internet

By LAURA MECKLER Associated Press Writer Reserved on the campaign trail, Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes is a bit edgier in the new world of Internet politics, where his campaign e-mail blithely refers to George W. Bush as a "reformed playboy." With just a few clicks, the Forbes camp(Added: Thu Nov 25 1999)

US, Korea vow cooperation on No Gun Ri, defoliant

By Charles Aldinger U.S. and South Korean defense leaders on Tuesday promised close cooperation in investigating the reported killing of hundreds of South Korean civilians by American troops in the village of No Gun Ri in the Korean War. Defense Secretary William Cohen and visiting Defense Ministe(Added: Wed Nov 24 1999)

Iranians Hopeful Moderation Remains

By BRIAN MURPHY Associated Press Writer TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - On rooftops in a leafy suburb above the smog, some satellite dishes have come out of hiding. Their owners know it's still illegal to watch foreign broadcasts. There's just not much pressure to maintain the old deceptions such as conceali(Added: Sat Nov 20 1999)

Lawmakers Agree on Satellite Law

By KALPANA SRINIVASAN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Legislation now headed to the White House would let satellite companies carry local TV channels to millions of viewers and would crack down on the practice of cybersquatting. The Senate approved the satellite measure and a host of at(Added: Tue Nov 23 1999)
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