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800 and 900 Calories Diet List

Added: (Sat Mar 18 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The main reason for weight gain is due to we consume products with calories a lot. 800 and 900 calories are quite low according to normal conditions. Well, if you are wondering how much weight you can lose in a week with 800 and 900 calories diet, you can lose average of 2-3 kilos. If you support it with sports and exercises the diet list will be more effective. Before you apply these diets we recommend you to make calculate your ideal weight and contact with your doctor. If weight and tallness ratio is equal for ladies this diet can be adopted however you should not adopt this diet continuously. You cannot adopt it every week by thinking that it is a superb diet since you lost 3 kilos in a week, you can adopt it for a week and then wait for 3 weeks.

800 Calories Diet List

Breakfast: 2 thin slices of wheat bread, 1 one boiled egg, 1 cup low-fat or skim milk and a thin slice of low fat cheese. In case you are very hungry you can consume a small amount of fruit 2 hours after the breakfast.
Lunch: Cabbage soup, thin slices of wheat bread, a small bowl of low-fat yogurt and olive salad. Again you can consume fruits or whole wheat biscuits between your meals.

Dinner: A small bowl of yogurt, small portions of boiled chicken (about 100 grams), salad, fresh fruits but not the sweet ones.
You can lose weight after you adopt the 800 calories diet list. If you have health problems please do not adopt this diet and consult a specialist at first.
900 Calories Diet List

By adopting 900 calories diet list it is possible to lose weight up to 2-3 kilos in a week. Since these diets are heavy, make sure that you carry out light exercises. You can support your diet with daily 20 minute walks.
Breakfast: you can consume lean cream cheese with a thin slice of grain bread, an apple and drink one cup of orange juice. On the other days of the week you can create differences by changing them with foods such as eggs, cheese, thin slices of salami.

Snack: Snacks are essential to prevent the decrease of your blood sugar and to eat much in the dinner. You can consume one of the fruits such as apples, pears, carrots, grapes, cherries, cucumbers.

Lunch: A plate of soup, toast and a small amount of yogurt or cheese. If you are working you can eat a small piece of vegetable pizza. You can put low-fat cheese, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce between two small slices of bread to have a practical meal.

Snack: As you can consume one of the fruits we mentioned above you can also consume yogurt or whole wheat biscuits.

Dinner: Boiled lean pasta. If you don't like this prepare a toast by putting cheese and tomatoes between two slices of wheat bread. If you don't like this boil the potatoes and eat without bread by adding spices.
We have come to the end of 800 and 900 calories diet list, people who adopted and benefited from this diet can share their experiences to help other people.

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