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Vipassana Meditation Event

Added: (Sat May 12 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - We are all struggling for happiness, but none of the efforts to enhance our lifestyle have been able to give us contentment, peace with ourselves, harmony with our environment and blissful living. This is because instead of self-observation, we seek fulfilment far away from ourselves. Mindfulness in meditation will channel our energy inwards so that we can slowly transform our self; gain more awareness of our actions by therefore living in the present moment.
It is only when one delves inside; one can feel peaceful and lives in harmony with the forces of the universe. Come and join us for our Vipassana meditation event. This will be your journey of self transformation through the science of meditation. Meditation is an art; a science; a lifestyle and a state of awareness which only a spiritual master can nurture. Learn the Vipassana meditation technique with the scientist of the inner world, Swami Paramananda, who has profusely published dozens of spiritual books. Learn the classic meditation technique, the signature of Gautama Buddha, which will help self-transformation through self-observation. You will be able to begin your experience of the interconnection between your body and soul. In this way you will be:

more energised
more balanced
more content, happy and healthy

What is the Vipassana meditation technique?

Vipassana is often translated as ‘insight’ or ‘clear seeing’ or simply ‘seeing deeply’. The modern semantic equivalence for the Vipassana meditation technique is coined as ‘mindfulness’ or ‘wholesomeness in mind’. Through Vipassana you will learn the art of interconnecting the mind and the body, which can be experienced in a moment of self-observation. Therefore, in essence Vipassana simply equates to insight into the true nature of reality.

By developing awareness through practice that includes contemplation and introspection, one will be able to explore the connection between one’s body and mind as one entity. As the great mystic Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness.’ Once you master awareness of bodily sensations with a tranquil mind; once you experience how thoughts will slowly dissolve into silence; once you experience the deep interconnection between mind and body and heart; you will be able to experience the wholesomeness of life. It is important for each individual to have a grip on his emotions and actions through the art of mindfulness as this will help each individual to harness their inner self.

Benefits of the Vipassana meditation techniques:

It aids in restoring one’s mental equilibrium by treating illnesses of mind, such as, frustration, irritation, anger and hatred.

We all know the Law of Attraction; therefore, a stable mind will enhance bodily stability by making our immune system more robust. A positive mind set will certainly have a positive impact on one’s health.

Most of us are working like automatons; missing the joy of life. Like the Welsh poet W.H.Davies said, ‘What is this life if, full of care. We have no time to stand and stare…’ With the art of mindfulness you will learn how to filter your thoughts as well and be more positive in life.

Finally, the greatest cankerous disease of this 21st Century Era is STRESS. We are all stressed because of work; not having the right people around us; because of relationships which are failing; because of our ill health; our financial situation; or a plethora of commitments that drive us insane. By cultivating a poised mind, you will learn how to tackle your every day STRESS with ZEST. You will transform this pestilence, which is STRESS, into positive, divine energy and be grateful to existence. Grateful that everything is a blessing from life; for us to grow into more spiritual beings.

Submitted by:Vesna Manasieva
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