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Hydro-colon therapy: washing away health issues with an elaborate concept and pioneering systems

A well functioning digestive system is one of the key factors for a healthy and carefree life. The role of the colon as an integral part of the immune system and the last station of consumed food is easily underrated when it comes to general well-being. It is not until complaints such as obstipation(Added: Tue May 19 2009)

Keva Anti Radiation chip to make mobile handset usage safer

Keva Industries, a new-age organisation that aims to bring new innovative products to India, has brought the Keva Anti Radiation chip first time in India’. The Keva Anti Radiation chip is based on a revolutionary anti-electromagnetic field technology with proven biological laboratory testing to eli(Added: Tue May 19 2009)

AIPCE Millennium Emirates CME Conference 2009-2010, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharja

AIPCE Millennium Emirates CME Conference 2009-2010, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujeirah-CONTINUOUS MEDICAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS, Conferences, Workshops, Hands-on Courses. Healthcare Travel Exhibition is promoting Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Philippines, Indones(Added: Mon May 18 2009)

Lymm welcomes Back Pain Expert & Premiership Chiropractor Dr David Cosgrave to Cheshire

Dentist Gavin Laidlaw at Lymm's Dental Solutions is pleased to announce that Dr David Cosgrave BSc (Hons) Msc DC, a renowned Sports Chiropractor has joined the practice and will work alongside the team at The White Rooms. David is nationally and internationally respected for his work in the are(Added: Mon May 18 2009)

Coloured Contact Lenses –Reduce Visual Stress with Coloured Contact lenses

Look up opticians Dorset and you’ll find lots of them all ready to help with routine eyesight testing and the provision of spectacles and ordinary contact lenses for everyday use. Perry Optician in Poole specialise in reducing visual stress by means of coloured contact lenses.

Visual stre(Added: Mon May 18 2009)

Continuing Medical Education Programs:Abu Dhabi - CME,RAK - CME,AJMAN - CME,FUJEIRAH - CME,DUBAI -

Continuing Medical Education Programs:Abu Dhabi - CME,RAK - CME,AJMAN - CME,FUJEIRAH - CME,DUBAI - CME,SHARJAH - CME & Millennium Scientific,Research and Academic Dental Conference 2009 has been awarded 24 CME credits in line with UAE Criteria incorporates Dental Travel,Therapy Travel & Educationa(Added: Mon May 18 2009)

New Diet Pill On The Block

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Diet Pill On the Block After years of looking for a magical solution to weight loss or the perfect diet pill to help you finally lose those extra pounds, the weight loss industry proudly announces Napsil. A new diet pill that combines only three ingredients to ensure (Added: Sun May 17 2009)

Dental Fear Central Highlights National Smile Month 2009

The importance of brushing, cutting down on the frequency of sugar intake, and regular visits to the dentist is the focus of National Smile Month 2009. From the 17th of May until the 16th of June 2009, this year's campaign highlights the systemic links between oral health and overall body health. S(Added: Sun May 17 2009)

Online Pharmacy with No Prescription Needed at OnlineNoPrescription.info

Looking to order your medication online with no prescription from a safe and licensed online pharmacy? Look no further than OnlineNoPrescription.info! You can legally and safely order with no prescription because we have a team of US licensed doctors and pharmacies waiting to issue you a free prescr(Added: Sat May 16 2009)

“I wish I had not waited so long to get my man boobs removed- American in Mumbai after male breast r

“My girlfriend always had a point to tease me for my man boobs. I started feeling so awkward that I could not even take my shirt out even in front of her. That is when I started looking for options to get rid of them. I tried various pills and what not, but nothing seemed to be working. It was then (Added: Sat May 16 2009)

Welcome to Herbs-Wholesale.....

Welcome to Herbs-Wholesale Herbs-Wholesale provides you quality products and Nutritional Food Supplements to maintain good health and overall well-being at lowest possible price on the net with the finest selection of the National Leading Brands that inclu(Added: Sat May 16 2009)

End of hunt for the best valued water cooler

It is a challenge for any company to keep the office water coolers safe and hygienic. Still, as the conventional water cooling system is getting supplemented with the modern water filtration systems, things have improved a lot. It is true that clean water is necessary for remaining healthy and for t(Added: Sat May 16 2009)

The cosmetic trend - Cosmetic dentistry

Some people just have perfect smiles and they make you wish you were born with the perfect teeth. The truth is, a lot of people aren't born with the best teeth and smile. Chances are that a cosmetic dentist helped them get that perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not like traditional dentistry sinc(Added: Sat May 16 2009)

Perfect Teeth - Perfect Smile

A cosmetic dentist offers many services that you cannot get from an ordinary dentist. Some of the common cosmetic dental treatments can include: 1. Bonding. This is a process where a dental composite material similar to enamel is 'bonded' to the tooth's surface, formed into shape, then hardened a(Added: Sat May 16 2009)

Q-Based Healthcare Warns: Hand Sanitizers Increase Risk Of Swine Flu Exposure

Nearly all off-the-shelf liquid hand sanitizers and hand wipes are alcohol based. Over-use of hand sanitizers cause more health problems than they prevent. Alcohol dries the skin causing cracks that open a direct pathway to the human bloodstream. Q-Based Healthcare has developed safe non-toxic an(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Complementary Health Network Has Come Together Again

After a cosmetic make-over and the adding of some great new facilities, the complementary health networking site, CompTogether has relaunched. It was originally set up by an aromatherapist to find other practitioners to swap treatments with. It now offers tools such as the Purple Pages Directory of(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

A Flawless Skin is a Confident You!

When your skin tone is flawless, you are much more at ease with yourself along with being a lot more confident. Skin can get damaged due to number of reasons such as acne, whiteheads, blackheads and even nodules. Some other reasons where one could experience a bad skin tone are; stress, poor diet, a(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Is it better to train at home or in the gym?

Now we do not need to go to the gym anymore to have a perfect and sculpted shape. Now it is possible to build up your own gym in the house and use it when and how you want.

Doing physical exercise is a really sensitive problem in these years. Sedentary life leads us to pay little attenti(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Returning Hope Hits Home Run for Lou Gehrig's Disease With Stem Cell Treatment

/1888PressRelease/ A recent follow up study on patients treated with autologous stem cell therapy for Lou Gehrig's Disease, or ALS, has helped prove the effectiveness of stem cell treatment for the disease as facilitated by Returning Hope. A recent scientific follow-up study of patients who under(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Know The Facts About Amoxicillin

Amoxicillin is a penicillin-type antibiotic. It is a moderate beta-lactam antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections. It is absorbed easily and hence preferred by doctors. However, amoxicillin can be decomposed by the beta-lactamase producing bacteria and can be given with clavulanic acid. It is(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Access Pharma Offers Medicines With Big Potential For Low Valuation

BiomedReports, the news portal covering the biomedical news and financial sector is profiling Access Pharma (OTC:ACCP) in a special report today. Los Angeles, CA, May 08, 2009 -- BiomedReports, the news portal covering the biomedical news and financial sector is profiling Access Pharma (OTC:ACC(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Drug Delivery experts explain what sets Swine Flu apart from other influenza viruses

The world has been shaken to its core by the recent Swine Flu outbreak. But reports are contradictory and most people don’t know what to believe – can you catch the virus from eating pork, are you at risk when you travel and is it true that only infants and the elderly will be affected? Before you r(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Irehab announces the public release of their online back pain treatment service

May 15, 2009: Online therapeutic service provider Irehab.com has just announced the release on their back pain therapy service. The website www.irehab.com will allow doctors, physical therapists and the general public access to their revolutionary musculoskeletal pain treatment website on May 18th(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Controlled Totally By Diet

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Controlled Totally By Diet Female, 62 years old, have had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) since 1974 and controls her pain totally by diet. A very bold statement to make. Mary really does control RA totally by diet and has done since 1974 when her RA was diagnosed. M(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

World-leading wound care and wound closure range showcased in Latin America

The world’s leading specialist of advanced wound care and wound closure products - Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) - will be exhibiting their wide range of innovative technologies at Hospitalar 2009; the largest healthcare event in Latin America. AMS provides a full range of innovative, advanced(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Chantix Weight Loss - Chantix Drug Coupons

Recently, a study has shown that a large proportion of girls aged 11 to 18 years in Britain and Canada are highly dependent smokers to end the insecurity. It was reported that teenage girls who smoke cigarettes were 30% more likely to be heavy weight or are prone to over-eating. Interestingly, most (Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Effects Of Smoking Saliva Extracts As Explained By Black Hat Botanicals

May 15,2009 - “Smoking Salvia Extracts is becoming more popular each day. With the huge popularity of Salvia Extracts, many stores have opened up to supply this miraculous extract. You should always keep in mind that buying Salvia Extracts from non-authorized sources is not advisable. However, i(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Edible arrangements

Edible arrangements, the industry leader in providing high quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements has launched dippedfruit.com to promote their premium chocolate dipped fruit assortments. Dipped fruit.com is the perfect place to order a gift box of beautifully presented hand-dippe(Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Augment your health with home remedies- the best alternative medicines

May 2009 - We all look forward to enjoying a good health which is miles away from the various health disorders. But, to enjoy the same, you need to be healthy not just physically but also spiritually. This is what “The Spiritual Health” offers you. You can find various simple home remedies here (Added: Fri May 15 2009)

Dr. Larry Klein Launches a New Web Site dentist-stpetersburg.com designed & developed by JCTWEB.com

Having a professionally designed Web site is a given for most companies these days. Yet it’s just as important to get found online once your site goes live. Getting found online is why Dr. Larry Klein chose JCTWEB.com to design, develop, and optimize its new Web site. http://www.dentist-stpet(Added: Fri May 15 2009)
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