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Healthy For Men goes digital!

Healthy For Men goes Digital! River Publishing is delighted to announce their second major digital launch. Healthyformen.com will follow the successful launch Honda�s customer magazine, Dream, into an online format. Going live last week Healthyformen.com takes advantage of the digital boom (Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

Manuka Honey Makes a Come-Back

After decades of disregarding this ancient wound dressing, modern doctors are reconsidering their opinions about utilizing Manuka Honey for medicinal purposes.

Infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, an abscess oozed in a woman's armpit long after it had been drained. (Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

Chantic cost chantix tablets and reviews buy chantix pfizer for quit smoking

Chantix Pill is an online source where a user can find information on Chantix, smoking cessation pill. We commit ourselves in providing the users affordable Chantix pills reviews (http://www.chantixpill.net/chantix_reviews.html) to help a user get out from smoking habit. It is one of the latest f(Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs - Discover All The Options

Man Boobs are an embarrassing cosmetic condition which 30-40% of the male population suffers from. Having man boobs may seem to be a curse from heaven, but it is certainly treatable. There are a number of treatment options available to men who have man boobs: 1. Specific diet and fitness progr(Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

Champix - Champix pfizer tablets Dosage Buy Champix uk for Quit Smoking Treatment

Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits which entrap many of us irrespective of age, sex and colour barriers. It possesses the ability to push you towards health risks even leading to fatality. Quitting smoking can be quite a tough decision to imply owing to the withdrawal symptoms it is tagged (Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

Manuka Honey Wipes Out the NHS Superbugs

A special type of honey found in New Zealand called "Manuka Honey" has the power to defeat the hospital-acquired superbugs which claim up to 5,000 lives a year, scientists have discovered.

Well known for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, Manuka Honey is able t(Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

Pregnancy Health & Fitness Guide eBook Released

Pregnancy Health & Fitness Guide eBook Released Crawley, UK � July 2007: A new eBook designed to keep expectant mothers in tiptop condition during and after their pregnancy became available today. The first title from new publishing house Purple Onions, �Fitness Designed for a Healthy Pregna(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)


Swing low, swing high wherever you go! In Russian Kettlebell Training the 2 arm kettlebell swing is the most basic and fundamental kettlebell moves that you will learn. It is definately a lower body workout. It brings into action every group of muscles on the back of the body and legs know as(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Healthier Business Ltd launches new occupational health clinic

Healthier Business UK Ltd has opened a new occupational health clinic in Belfast in order to help curb �soaring sickness rates� in the UK. The clinic, which performs health screenings, pre-employment medicals, pro-active absence and sickness management, and drug and alcohol testing, is one of(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Genetics And Gray Hair

If you have been looking for a permanent solution for your gray hair or something better than dyeing, your wait is about to get over. Geneticists have made the introductory discovery in the field of gray hair treatment. They have been successful in changing gray hair into black by carrying out speci(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Manuka Honey Heals

A special type of honey called "Manuka Honey" is being used to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Manuka Honey could be the new antibiotic, according to Frank Buonanotte, CEO of Honeymark International, a manufacturer of honey-based health care products. By studying the w(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Is Having Dental Treatment Under General Anaesthetic Really a Soothing Option?

One in four people in the UK feel anxious about going to the dentist, according to a survey by the British Dental Association. The reasons they give vary from bad experiences in the chair as a child to the sound of the drill and the thought of an injection. Out of the many options available many p(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Online Pharmacy - Get Easily Prescription Drugs

Online pharmacy introduces a lot of ease and privacy to the business of buying medicines. Due to increased competition in the pharmacy industry, the various competitors are trying to offer drugs at cheap price with consumer privacy and convenience, thus attracting more people online. For more and(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Announcing the launch New Blog by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants of India

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has launched Obesity Surgery India blog which will specially look after the problem related to obesity and the procedure obesity surgery where it will look forward to discuss about causes, symptoms, procedure, what to expect before and after the surgery and benefit(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Les Robinson tip of the day July 20, 2007 Daily Tip: Must be flexibility in life

Les Robinson Life Tip of the day for a Better Personal, Business, Career & Love Life July 20, 2007 Daily Tip: Must be flexibility in life Always said in the morning. " I will have a great day today" Set you intention everyday - To have a Healthy and Successful Life Build a good life (Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Heart Anatomy 3D to educate Patients - Animation Video from Your Practice Online

Your Practice Online, a medical website development company has released a 3D animation video on Heart Anatomy for improved patient education Heart Anatomy 3D presentation is released by Your Practice Online for improved patient education. This Video is featured in their website at http://www.you(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Launches Spanish-Language Web Site

In 2006, Hispanics led minority racial and ethnic groups undergoing cosmetic procedures (9.5% of all procedures performed, up from 6% in 2000), according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. More Hispanic women are seeking plastic surgery, according to Dr. Lloyd Krieger of Rode(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Active Manuka Honey as a Healing Agent

A special type of honey only found in New Zealand has been known to have incredible healing properties and is being used for medicinal purposes.

Manuka groves can be found cloaked with an array of dazzling white flowers every year for a short six-week period in the lush vall(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

The New Silver Solution

The New Silver Solution: Throughout the centuries and into today, silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind. Some cultures added powered silver to a newborn's first bath as protection against a harsh world. Milk farmers used to use a silver a pail to collect milk. The raw milk coul(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Are You A Very Busy Person With No Time? Learn How To Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast

Atlanta, GA July 18, 2007 -- Ellie Fields has devoted a great deal of time to health and fitness, as well as keeping up with the latest news and information surrounding the health and fitness industry. People are always wanting to lose weight, burn fat and gain muscle but they do not want to spend (Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Find Out How To Live A Healthy Life And Look and Feel Younger: Life Style Advice and Tips

Atlanta, GA, July 18, 2007— Brittany Whitman has devoted a great deal of time to health, fitness and nutrition as well as, keeping up with the latest news and information surrounding the health, fitness and nutrition industry. The public is typically uninformed regarding many important issue affec(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Vote Now for Photo Contest Winner

It�s time to choose our winner for the Baby Me TV �Mommy & Me� Photo Contest. Which photo will be your favorite? Voting is now taking place to choose a winner. As you view the beautiful photos of our ten finalists, you can�t help but notice the love of mother and child expressed in each p(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

What are cheap glasses?

http://www.selectyourspex.com/ is an online retailer of cheap glasses. The glasses available from selectyourspex.com are exactly the same glasses that are available in your local Optician for a fraction of the cost. The reason the glasses are much cheaper from selecyourspex.com is because we do n(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Confirm BioSciences Introduces First Home Hair Follicle Drug Screening Test to Combat Illicit Drug A

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.( Pressbox ) (June 4, 2007) -- Confirm BioSciences, a San Diego-based biotech company, announced today the introduction of HairConfirm�, a home-based hair follicle drug test kit that screens for cocaine (including crack cocaine), marijuana, amphetamine (meth/amphetamine and ec(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Honey as an Antimicrobial Agent

In addition to being used for food purposes, studies have found that honey has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Honey having antibacterial properties has been known for more than a century. Although it has been used as a medicine since ancient times in(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Registered Dietitian Casts a Harry Potter Like Spell on Children to Get Them to Eat Healthier

Registered Dietitian Casts a Harry Potter Like Spell on Children to Get Them to Eat Healthier Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter believes the release of the final Harry Potter book is the perfect time to educate parents on magic methods for improving the dietary habits of their children. He has (Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Weight Loss Challenge by Xooma Worldwide - Win $10,000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Calgary, AB July 18, 2007 Xooma Leaders (http://www.xoomachallenge.com/leaders), Brad and Kelly Smith (http://www.squidoo.com/BurnFatGainEnergy/) announced Xooma Worldwide's Xooma Challenge is offering significant prizes for participating in their weight loss transformat(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Novartis Oncology Participates in Cancer Prevention Conference Organized by the Arab Medical Associa

Novartis Oncology took part in the Cancer Prevention Conference organized by the Arab Medical Association from June 28th to June 30th 2007. The conference was held under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Ghaida Talal, Head of the Board of Directors of the King Hussein Cancer Center. In (Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

SP Services premier their latest catalogue at Ambex 2007

The Ambex exhibition conference and exhibition is one of the major annual events in the "ambulance industry" calendar but the persistent rain that has marred most of this summer did nothing to dampen the spirits of the staff from SP Services premiering their latest catalogue at Ambex 2007. As usual (Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy � CBT really help

Fuengirola Spain 20th July 07 Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy � CBT really help In southern Spain, the Marbella / Puerto Banus area was synonymous with cosmetic surgery and private dentistry, available only to those who could afford to pay the price, but now many Brits are joining the celebr(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)
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