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General Advice on Smoking

Smoking is an addiction that can really make your life difficult. Today, you can find a lot of people who smoke. It is really distressing to know that most people smoke just to look more stylish. Well, that surely is something which can be considered as a critical mistake. Actually, when people (Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Info-Surge Signs New Rep to Serve Dallas Medical Market

Williamsville, NY, December 10, 2008—Info-Surge, a company that designs custom online patient education programs, has signed Allison Coover to serve the growing bariatric and aesthetic/plastic surgery markets in the Dallas, TX area. Coover holds a master’s degree in marketing from Kansas State U(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)


In today’s world of instant gratification, many of us demand, if not expect quick cures for things like headaches, fatigue and insomnia. Binaural Beats can offer an alternative to drugs and they are now available individually. Life coach, Steve Bunyan has just launched a range of “Binaural Beats” M(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Mums brave the cold to raise more than £300 for Living With Reflux

Mums brave the cold to raise more than £300 for Living With Reflux It’s not easy getting people to part with their cash – especially just before Christmas in a year of economic doom and gloom. But when three mums went out to raise money for an important cause, they found the festive spirit aliv(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Have you ever thought of the best pain killer with effectiveness?

Carisoma has capability to release fatigue from your muscles in chemical terminology it is carisoprodol. It is mostly used as a short term medicine. On the other hand it is prescribed generally to be used for any kind of muscle problems. It is available in all stores with tag buy carisoma or cheap s(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

The Harley Medical Group reports laser hair removal boom

The Harley Medical Group - the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider - is reporting an all-time high in Laser Hair Removal bookings, as patients look to take the hassle out of Christmas. The stress of juggling work, family commitments and Christmas shopping has led to a boom in the procedure (Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

UROsphere to take its urological expertise to Scandinavia

UROsphere to take its urological expertise to Scandinavia UROsphere of France, a preclinical CRO that specialises in genito-urinary and kidney pathologies, will take part in the European Association of Urology’s Annual Meeting, which will be held in Stockholm from 17 to 21 March 2009. It will a(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

A New Website That Aims to Cover All your Cosmetic Surgery Needs

Ca Dec 10, 2008- A new site- http://www.new-visage.com/ have emerged on the net. The website is driven by the experience of the well known Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roy A. Semlacher, who is based in California. The site acts as a mediator between the doctor and prospective patients and also as an intere(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Home Back Pain Relief - Simple Home Remedy For Back Pain Relief

Fl,USA,December 10,2008..........Nearly all individuals will experience some form of back pain in their lives. This is a relatively common, but troubling experience. Many may experience in the upper section of the body. Then, there are some that will experience lower back discomfort. Many fail to re(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

How Important is Exercise For Sciatic Nerve and Back Pain Sufferers?

Fl,USA,December 10,2008.............For back or sciatic nerve pain sufferers, exercise plays a vital and critical role in building a strong midsection or core and lower back muscles so they can lend support to the spinal column, ligaments, vertebrae, discs and nerves. This added support will take a (Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Exercises For Sciatica - 3 Simple Exercises For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Fl,USA,December 10,2008..........As anyone knows who has ever had sciatic nerve pain, it is extremely painful. Move in the wrong way and you will experience intense pain. Numbness and tingling may occur at any time. This makes it extremely hard to go about your daily activities or do productive work(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

New Hope for the Old Premature Ejaculation Problem-Learn To Train A Simple Muscle To Control Prematu

Fl,USA,December 10,2008.......There is new hope for the old premature ejaculation problem. In the past males had to rely on little tricks that would allow them to maybe last a few moments longer during sexual intimacy. These were hit and miss tactics which involved things like utilizing two condoms (Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Advice On How To Stop Premature Ejaculation-5 Premature Ejaculation Prevention Tips

Fl,USA,December 10,2008............Here are 5 premature ejaculation prevention tips that will help in lasting longer during sexual intimacy. 1. Lubricants. There are numbing lubricants available that will serve as desensitizing agents and will prevent over excitement from occurring. You can la(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)


PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE OF ICD-10 CODING Author: Dr. Dhirendra Verma & Ali Mohamed El-Sayed Binding: Hardback (pp: 243) ISBN: 978-81-903812-2-2 Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher: Rochak Publishing Pub. Date: 2008 Condition: New Description: The traditional emphasi(Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

Tiger Balm Online Shop

Tiger Balm Online Shop: Say Goodbye to Muscle Pain ! Are you experiencing headache, back pains or irritating insect bites? Not all lotions and mint oils can soothe all that, but there’s one available in the market that has the ability to ease your pain. You don’t have to look far, you don’t even (Added: Wed Dec 10 2008)

ME and Chronic fatigue Syndrome helped with Clinical Hypnotherapy

Alan Crisp, an essex based Clinical Hypnotherapist says "The existence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was actually questioned by many until recent times. The symptoms of it are so very diverse, and the causes still quite vague in nature" Alan goes on to say "Clinical Hypnotherapy has a new approach to(Added: Tue Dec 09 2008)

Conquest Hospital Parking £82 for 12 minutes

BREAKING NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Conquest Hospital Parking £82 for 12 minutes (Free National Health Service?) I had to attend the Conquest Hospital in Hastings for an out-patients appointment. Upon arrival the entrance to the hospital was congested with cars trying to enter the car p(Added: Tue Dec 09 2008)

Cosmetic Treatment Allows Solihull Woman To Remain Buoyant Despite Credit Squeeze

Solihull, 8th December, 2008 – A Solihull woman will remain buoyant this Christmas despite the credit squeeze, after having a new injectable treatment, Macrolane, to add volume to her breasts. A recent event at which a live demonstration of the treatment was shown to women who wanted to know(Added: Tue Dec 09 2008)

Revolutionary burn kit is set to amaze at Arab Health

WaterJel’s new Critical Burn Kit that aims to transform First-aid kits around the world is to be showcased at Arab Health next month - the largest healthcare event in the Middle East. Creators WaterJel, who lead the world in pre-hospital burn care are showcasing their new addition, The Critical (Added: Mon Dec 08 2008)

World leading woundcare and wound closure range showcased at Arab Health

Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) - a UK based developer and manufacturer of world-leading advanced wound care and wound closure products - will be exhibiting their technology portfolio for the first time at Arab Health 2009. AMS provides a full range of innovative, advanced wound care dressings t(Added: Mon Dec 08 2008)

Rapid Drug Detection Offers Wide Variety of Drug Testing Products for Various Organizations

Rapid Drug Detection offers a variety of drug testing products for organizational drug testing. Rapid Drug Detection, a specialist in organizational drug testing provides a wide range of drug testing solutions for various organizational requirements. Drug tests and drug testing kits offered by Ra(Added: Mon Dec 08 2008)

Los Angeles Dentist Offers Unique Procedure For People Who Are Unhappy With Their Gummy Smiles

A recent survey by the American Academy of Periodontology found that 1 in 4 people felt that their smiles’ were too gummy. Dr. Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills periodontist, offers an innovative solution. Beverly Hills, California, December 08, 2008 -- A smile is one of the first facial characteristics (Added: Mon Dec 08 2008)

CareAlert ID Card

CareAlert has been founded by three friends and former colleagues; Ian Woodfinden from Stockport, Cheshire, Terry Kirby, from Fleet, Hampshire and John Simpson, from Sandiway, Cheshire. Ian a former Police Officer came up with the idea as a result of finding a practical and affordable solution to wh(Added: Sat Dec 06 2008)

Bodybuilding Supplement Information: Is Capsaicin Effective Or Not?

If you make an effort in obtaining sufficient bodybuilding supplement information you will no doubt come across an excellent bodybuilding supplement that helps you immensely when it comes to losing fat. Most people must have heard about Capsaicin that is a bodybuilding supplement – but, many are n(Added: Sat Dec 06 2008)

Dealing with Kidney Stones

When it comes to the list of those medical conditions where patients have to feel a severe pain, then kidney stones will surely come in the list. It is quite depressing to know that kidney stones are one of the most common problems pertaining to urinary tract. Before going any further about the (Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)

Dealing with Hysteria

There are lots of people who are suffering with hysteria. Hysteria is such medical condition where people lose control over their emotions. The definition is just as simple as it looks. However, there are quite a few variations that can be observed in different patients. Basically, all of them will (Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)


Seriel Entrepreneur Andre Senyk - CEO of www.SpeckyFourEyes.com is rumoured to be on the brink of agreeing a deal to takeover an undisclosed rival. Senyk is believed to have offered a 6-figure sum that has been accepted. With people looking at saving money in the current economic climate its a(Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)

Aussie Company Hypnotizes Users Into Creating Wealth, Love and Happiness

Australian company believes that spending time in a state of hypnosis will help bring more love, happiness and money. Their online Day Spa for the Mind website asks users to tune out, unclutter their minds and focus on achieving their life goals. Gold Coast, Australia (PRWEB) December 5, 2008 -- (Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)

Advice on what to expect from your newborn

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, so when you become a parent you’re bound to have endless questions about how to care for your new arrival, from the best way to bathe him to how you will know if he is unwell. Luckily, gurgle is here to help! We have answers to the top ten questions (Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)

Keep Able Launches New Website

Keep Able is set to further its standing as one of the UK's largest and most popular mobility retailers with the launch of its new and improved website today. Visitors to the site - www.keepable.co.uk - can now benefit from a range of new features that help make shopping with Keep Able easier th(Added: Fri Dec 05 2008)
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