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A healthy investment for business

Healthy, happy and wise? There’s more to be gained from a thriving workforce than you think. The British workforce is now one of the hardest working in the world, clocking up more hours per week than most of Europe. Increased workloads, long hours and poor work-life balance mean stress is one of (Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

24 Hour Fresh Breath Protection - Wherever You Are

‘Tis the season to be breath conscious which is why a miniature bottle of scientifically proven HALITA spray offers a handy solution 24 hours a day. Each pocket sized bottle provides around two hundred shots of HALITA’s fresh tasting mouthwash spray formula. Chlorhexidine, Cetylpyridinium Chlor(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Gérard Pons Voyages sets sail with Dialysis while Cruising

Gérard Pons Voyages of France has launched a range of Dialysis while Cruising holidays, which offer completely safe travel for dialysis patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and people with renal failure, as well as for their friends and family. The cruises cover the M(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

You also have a fire inside

Are you at the forth decade of your life and upset because of your dull and boring love relationship? Don’t think that you are the only one who is facing this phase of life because most of sexually active men suffer from such problems and that happens due to some hormonal and physical changes. It(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

It can make a difference in your life

Are you really happy with what level of satisfaction you are getting from your love life or suddenly you have stop evaluating the level of pleasure? In men there can be many reasons why they suddenly loose interest in making love to their partner but it doesn’t mean that things should go like that o(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Get equipped with Didrex – If you really want to defeat obesity

Have you ever noticed that a lion hunts when he is hungry, while a buffalo chews the food every time even when its stomach is full? Perhaps that is the reason lion is the king of the jungle and buffalo is kept in farms to serve the people with its products. Implementing the same theory on humans (Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Experience the Online Pharmacy

With the tremendous growth in the electronic commerce, we have witnessed great difference in marketing strategy be it small or large business of anything from household appliances, various health related drugs, accessories, software developments and many more. In this article, we will focus on the i(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Acomplia – A complete solution to obesity

Obesity is a widely spread disease today, since it is termed as the most common disease amongst humans the importance of combating obesity is highly felt. It has been observed that around 50 million Americans are suffering from obesity today. Understanding the wider range of effects obesity on th(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Relationship: Memory Box

There was a little girl who got a scrap from her teacher for being the best student in the class. She was very happy and kept it with her all her life even after she got married. Whenever she was nagged for being inefficient and incapable in future she looked at it and got the strength from it and l(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Relationship: Go On A Date

With the passage of time the marriage of a person loses the romance and love which existed initially. You are no more that intense lover and merely a room mate of your partner. It is more likely to happen when you have kids. You stop loving like romantic lovers and becoming very boring couples. Ther(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Relationship: Leave the Baggage Behind

It is really, really heavy! Yes the baggage of the past we carry along with us when we plan to start all over again. Let not the baggage of the past over burden you in the present. Live in the present and leave the baggage behind to start afresh. A past is a past, forget it and move forward. But is (Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Relationship: Realistic Expectations

“How romantic, I wish I too have such a lover, such a relationship”. Most of us are fascinated by the love affairs of others. We expect a relationship to be filled with love and passion. We often feel that in a relationship the couples will be holding hands and spending the whole day looking int(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)


The pharmaceutical industry is flooded with them, and there are names so many that most often it is difficult to keep track of the new ones on the block. Primarily speaking, diet pills, like all other kinds of pharmaceuticals fall fewer than two rudimentary categories: Prescription, and Over-the(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Enjoy life to the hilt with Cialis

Has your sex life taken a beating in recent months? Do you find it more and more difficult to sustain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse? What is worse—does this so-called symbol of your manhood give you the royal snub and simply refuse to come? Don’t worry. You are not alone.

C(Added: Thu Nov 23 2006)

Dreaming of a natural Christmas?

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas present that doesn't harm you or the environment... then look no further! The UK's only natural lifestyle website with hundreds of natural health and lifestyle companies featured, have launched a special new page for the Christmas period Wide range(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

World AIDS Day 2006: What can be done to halt and reverse the spread of AIDS?

Brussels, 22. November 2006. In just 25 years, HIV has spread relentlessly from a few widely scattered “hot spots” to virtually every country in the world, infecting 65 million people and killing 25 million. The fight against AIDS, put into the spotlight by the upcoming World AIDS Day (1st December)(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

Fertility Company develops system that sends text messages to women when fertile.

Fertility Company develops system that sends text messages to women when fertile. An online ovulation alert system has been developed that will send women text messages and/or emails to remind them to test for ovulation. The system is available at www.ovulert.com and has been developed by Med-Dir(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

Globepharm - eLearning

30 years world-wide pharmaceutical industry expertise in all aspects of GMP compliance and quality assurance. Globepharm, healthcare, manufacturing, API, api, BPC, bpc,active pharmaceutical ingredient, bulk pharmaceutical chemical, pharmaceutical, drug,medicine, medical, diagnostic, biotechnology,(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

The Natural Way to Heal Cancer

The Natural Way to Heal Cancer From the desk of Dr Laurence Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life Is it possible to control and influence rate at which injuries, wounds and even cancer heal? That’s the question a group of researchers from the Ohio State University asked when they decided to obs(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

Drugstore online

Do not loose your chance and visit this drugstore www.pharmacy1010.com It provides latest information about drug, medication, pharmaceutical, and more. Here you can buy all drugs with delivery around the world! We have wide range of antibiotics, herbs, contraceptives, immunomodulators, natural oils (Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)


Problems with your energy level, your immune system, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, hair and nails? Need to detox your body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins? Read more about Modifilan - miraculous, natural, healing, preventive food supplement produced from (Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

New Hypnotherapy Course Oxford

The Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis is proud to announce the opening of a new hypnotherapy-training centre in Oxford. Co-Principals of the Academy Carole Wan and Alan Cooper have appointed Sam Weller, as the Academy’s Director of Training, who will be running the Oxford centre. Sam Comme(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

Attention: The Power Of Positive Thinking Changes Lives!

Positive thinking is an amazing tool which can enable anyone to achieve a more fulfilling and successful life. Through harnessing the power of positive thinking your mind is tuned in to expect success. In fact it will make you feel sure of it so that you know deep down you WILL succeed in whatever y(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Can we live in a world with no villains?

Richardson, TX –November 21, 2006 - Living in a world of villains and victims predisposes us to conflict and violence. “When there is a ‘good guy’ and a ‘bad guy’ no one wins and everyone suffers,” says author, Melody Brooke. In her new book, “Cycles of the Heart: A way out of the egocentrism of ev(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Tis the Season for Kettlebells

Odd Looking Exercise Tool Makes for the Perfect Unique Fitness Gift This Holiday Season 11/21/06 - With the holidays fast approaching, the pressure to find that one special unique gift looms ever larger on the minds of gift givers worldwide. For fitness enthusiasts, however, the perfect gift c(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Rainbow candle, candle pyramid rainbow, rainbow color changing candle,

New from France! The worlds most amazing candle! Once lit, it begins to create a fascinating display of continually changing colour from cool blues, lilacs, greens, to warm oranges and vibrant reds! Each candle contains a special optical fibre alongside the wick, which senses the light of the fla(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Nicogel, cigarette replacement, gel

NICOGEL was designed as a cigarette replacement for the times when smokers find themselves in places they are not permitted to smoke e.g. the work-place, in-flight, bars, restaurants, the cinema and other smoking banned public venues. Wherever you find yourself unable to light up, replace your ci(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Thermotherapy, microwave thermotherapy, thermo therapy,

Natural fill pillows are all the rage, but most are more trouble than they are worth - they get dusty and dirty and soon find their way into the bin. Not so with the award winning Stay Warm Thermotherapy Cherry Stone Warming/Cooling Thermal Pillows. Why? Because this one is WASHABLE, so forget about(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Swarovski, swarovski crystal, swarovski optics, Sun catchers

Decorate your windows with exquisite SIX SCENTS CRAFTED AUTHENTIC HALLMARKED SWAROVSKI HANGING CRYSTAL CASCADE RAINBOW SUNCATCHERS. Pure crystal prisms that will fill your life with rainbows. SWAROVSKI crystals are the best quality hanging prisms in the world creating stunning rainbows in sunlig(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)

Salt therapy, salt pipe saltpipe, air salt, mine salt salzburg, breathe easy,

Hundreds of thousands of people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory system disorders have found that visits to the salt mines of Wieliczka in Poland, Hallen in Austria or Praid in Romania or the Dead Sea to inhale the salt brine vapour have brought amazing natural respiratory rel(Added: Tue Nov 21 2006)
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