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Online Patient Education Stirs Interest at 25th Annual ASMBS Meeting

Williamsville, New York, July 7, 2008 Info-Surge attracted the attention of many bariatric surgeons and other medical specialists with its web-based patient education platform at the annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Washington, DC, June 15–20. Visitors t(Added: Tue Jul 08 2008)

New York Bariatrics, Long Island specializing in StomaphyX & Lap Band - Dr. Rajeev Vohra

New York bariatrics center, led by renowed surgeon Dr. Rajeev Vohra, performs bariatric (weight loss) and laparoscopic surgery including laparoscopic gastric bypass, lap band and advanced laparoscopic procedures with a team of highly trained surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, exercise therapists and p(Added: Tue Jul 08 2008)

Bold and Beautiful…Beautology at “You’re Beautiful, Woman!”

Beautology is a brand new concept in beauty therapy owned and managed by Vivienne Addo, a business woman with a vision. With a solid background in beauty and hair care Vivienne’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry led her to start up Beautology in 2008. Beautology believes and s(Added: Mon Jul 07 2008)

SharperMed provides you the best pillow for stiff neck and back.

In the present era the market is full of competition and also every pillow firm is going to provides you different features because they want to swathe the whole market. If you are not going to take a restful sleep in the night then it will not be possible to work efficiently in the office or anythi(Added: Mon Jul 07 2008)

LH One Step Ovulation Test

Ovulation test helps you in finding out the possible ovulation period in advance, by knowing the LH hormone levels. Ovulation tests are gaining popularity through the use of ovulation calendars or predictor kits. Ovulation test kit measure the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. Immedi(Added: Mon Jul 07 2008)

Build your own Chocolate Wedding Favours with Chocol8

Your wedding day will no doubt be one of the best days of your lives and at Chocol8 we understand you want every detail to be perfect.

With this in mind we are sure our bespoke favours will compliment the day. And in order that our chocolate wedding favours match your colour scheme e(Added: Sat Jul 05 2008)

The Shamans Last Apprentice

Please find below a Press Release for the Book The Shamans Last Apprentice. Press Release 4th July 2008 The Shaman’s Last Apprentice The Shaman’s Last Apprentice is a true story that chronicles the extraordinary journey of one woman, Rebekah Bloom’s magical odyssey into the heart o(Added: Fri Jul 04 2008)

Leg support system reducing risk to the health professional

The North Yorkshire based healthcare innovations company - Salitas - is launching a newly-created powered leg suspension system which has the potential to reduce the risk of back injuries associated with manually lifting a leg in operating theatres and hospital wards. Developed in conjunction wit(Added: Fri Jul 04 2008)

Stretch Mark Cream Review Website Provides Cutting-Edge Advice

Dania Beach, FL ( PressBox ) July 1, 2008 – A new clearinghouse of consumer information about treatment options for stretch marks, StretchMarkCream.org, launched Monday. The website features information about the latest over-the-counter stretch mark treatment options and profiles of key ingredie(Added: Fri Jul 04 2008)

Alli diet pill: Give your body a perfect shape

As obesity and overweight problem is increasing, many people around the world are resorting to diet pills. In recent time, there has been significant increase in the sales of diet pills like Alli and weight loss aids. If we talk about diet pills, Alli diet pill is a very effective weight loss progra(Added: Fri Jul 04 2008)

Growing the bhut jolokia hot pepper.

Growing the bhut jolokia hot pepper in our vegetable garden in Northern California has added an element of mystery and challenge to the project.Seeds were started at the begining of Febuary and kept in a small greenhouse in zone 7. The native climate for these plants is much warmer than Northern Ca(Added: Fri Jul 04 2008)

Body Hair Removal - The Permanent Solution For Unwanted Hair

The New Standard in Hair Removal. Ultra Hair Away claims to be capable of successfully stopping the growth of all kinds of unwanted body hair, a process made possible through its unique enzyme technology. Such claims may appear to be quite impossible to achieve, so questions have naturally been r(Added: Thu Jul 03 2008)

Alcohol Advice...Do I Drink Too Much?

On first impression I'd say that it seems to be a quite an ordinary question that one would ask one self, but could you really tell whether you had a serious drinking problem, I ask myself. The incredible truth is that in fact most people throughout the world are just not capable of owning up to (Added: Thu Jul 03 2008)

Independence Day Warning! - What To Do About Senior Falls Before It's Too Late, says www.MedicalAler

For Immediate Release Home safety website http://www.MedicalAlertZone.com shares fall prevention tips & facts on senior falls; Injuries in the home posing a threat to older adults maintaining their independence and how medical alert systems are providing effective solutions. (Added: Thu Jul 03 2008)

'Real Rhode Islander' Charity Calendar Winners Named

(Providence, Rhode Island, USA) Winners of the first annual 'Real Rhode Islander' charity calendar contest to benefit the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation were named Saturday in front of a packed crowd of onlookers and finalists at Monet Lounge in Providence. Finalists to be include(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Advancing blood pressure monitoring

A new cutting-edge 24/48 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor designed to improve patient comfort and to be more convenient for staff is available from APC Cardiovascular. The ‘Mobil-O-Graph’ is able to take gentle measurements of blood pressure which prevents over inflation thanks to it unique(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)


Sanaltedavi.com Sağlık alanında dünyada gelişmekte olan medical dünyanın sorunları ve hastalıklar alanında gelişmeleri takip edip bu gelişmeleri tüm dünyada turkce okuyup turkce yazaan insanların hizmetine sunmak üzere hazırlanmış bir sağlık sitesi olma yolunda hizmet vermektedir.(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Blister Free Feet with Fab Feet from Freedom Healthcare

Fabulous Feet™ Blister Care from Freedom Healthcare The summer season is upon us and so has the season for blisters. The summer balls, the new summer shoes and of course the long summer walks or sight seeing trips whilst on holiday, even old favourite shoes can cause blisters. Fabulous Feet™ (Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Europa Sports Anticipates The Opening Of Its Orlando Distribution Center: Sixth Distribution Center

/1888PressRelease/ Leading distributor of nutritional supplements, Europa Sports, is opening its 6th distribution center in Orlando Florida. The strategic location of Orlando provides the direct benefit of next day shipping to the entire state of Florida. Europa Sports Products, a leading wholesa(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Aquae Sulis Spa Offers Advantages to The Baby Boomer Set

JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa is offering a special Baby Boomer Discount of 20% on all spa treatments (excluding waxing), with proof of age using a valid drivers license or AARP membership card. Las Vegas, July, 02 2008 -- Leading Edge Boomers (born from 1946 to 1957) comprise a population (Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in India

Nagercoil, India ( PressBox ) – 1st June 2008 – easyDNA, a leading DNA testing firm, marked the launch of their operations in India with an announcement that it had opened its first office in Nagercoil, to offer its portfolio of DNA testing services including DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Relations(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Virusolve+ proven to be effective against Clostridium difficile in Hospital Trials

Virusolve+ proven to be effective against Clostridium difficile in Hospital Trials Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is a bacterium that is present naturally in the gut of around 3% of adults and 66% of children. C. diff does not cause any problems in healthy people. However, some antibiotics that a(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Natural Cialis, Alternative Cialis

ProCalisX is the best natural supplement that includes herbal ingredients. It helps to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood to the penile region. Try ProCALIS - the best Cialis alternative. Acts in 15 mins. Effective for 24 hrs.(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Toxic Body Syndrome Is The Bane Of Modern Life

Toxic Body Syndrome Is The Bane Of Modern Life As the economic status increases, so does toxic body syndrome. Modern lifestyles mean less exercise and more pre-packaged meals that contain fewer nutrients. Memphis, Tennessee - July 1, 2008 Just fifty short years ago, there were very few res(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

How To Build And Gain Muscle Fast

Before anyone should just decide to build muscles and straight away sign up for a gym membership, one should really understand what muscle building is really about. Surprisingly to the general, gaining or building muscle is a short term goal. It is failed to be understood that muscle building, or(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

Cosmetic Dentist Learns Location is Key to Success

Arlene Shaffer is a New York realtor with the gift of gab. From home inspections with clients to waiting on line at the grocery store, Arlene likes to talk. Her dentist, Dr. Bertman has tried unsuccessfully for years to stop the gab. The best he could do was garble it. Dr. Bertman had come(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

What Medicine Should You Use to Cure Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses which can cause you to feel some of the following: - nasal congestion - difficulty in breathing - swelling of the throat - runny nose - coughing - facial pressure/pain, particularly in the cheeks and areas of the teeth - headache - fever - fatig(Added: Wed Jul 02 2008)

How do You Help Someone Who Does Not Want Help With Addiction?

If there was a disease suffered by one out of every ten Americans over twelve years of age, wouldn’t you agree that this disease was raging out of control? That’s exactly the situation that exists with drug abuse and dependence. The government agency that monitors the statistics on drug abuse and(Added: Tue Jul 01 2008)

Catching Addiction Before it Starts: The Five Stages of Drug Use

Every minute of every day, around the clock, five people try an illicit drug for the first time. That adds up to nearly three million people per year. Tragically, more than half of these initiates are under 18. People using drugs go through several stages on their way to full-blown addiction: (Added: Tue Jul 01 2008)
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