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Crown Court Judge tells wheelchair bound man to 'buy cannabis'

A Hastings man who has been wheelchair bound for almost 20 years, has been told by a crown court judge to buy cannabis, instead of growing it. This, after he had just been handed a prison sentence after being found guilty of growing approximately 84 cannabis plants at his flat in Hove, in January 20(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Low Carbon Innovation Network helps NHS trusts share best practice on reducing carbon emissions

Low Carbon Innovation Network helps NHS trusts share best practice on reducing carbon emissions July 13, 2007 Representatives from 54 NHS trusts have taken part in a survey to discuss their opinions on government targets of a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by 2010. The survey results showed(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Save Your Time and Money Choose Online Pharmacy

Today life has become so busy that no one have time to go to doctor or even medical stores to buy medicine until there problem become worst. That is why the trend of online pharmacies is growing rapidly. Online pharmacy has made it easy to get medicine conveniently at your doorstep, sometimes at(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Make Up Lessons

Wardrobe make overs and make-up lessons from London's premiere personal styling company.(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Hypnosis is for Life - Not just for Smoking

Press Release � For immediate release HYPNOSIS is for LIFE � not just for smoking Can you be a hypnotist? You already are. Parents, teachers, significant others all instil subconscious belief patterns through communication and everyone learns using the same process. Some people develop (Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Local Slimmers Stop for Tea to Help End Cruelty to Children

Local Leamington slimmers will be taking part in the NSPCC�s �Stop for Tea� event in a bid to raise money for vulnerable and at-risk children. Slimmers at the Slimming World group, held at Lillington Primary School on Thursday evenings will be baking and sampling some delicious tea time treats(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Alli: First FDA Approved OTC Weight Loss Medication

If you thought that FGDA approves only prescription medication, and you would be wrong. Renowned doctor Dr. Mrs. Emma Barclay working with Online Pharmacy Drugs comments, �Most of the obese patients prefer to opt for over-the-counter medication, but owing to the huge stock of medication and unreli(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Energie Myopia Prevention Centre opens in Singapore

Energie Eyecare, Asia�s leading eyecare management group has opened its first myopia prevention centre in Singapore. The centre is right in the heart of Shenton way, Singapore�s prime Central Business District. �EyeCare management is something we hold very strongly in our corporate cultur(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)


SINGAPORE (13 July 2007) � TrichoKare has recently introduced its latest hair spa therapy, Maxi Capello - a rejuvenating session with treatments to improve hair conditions for Singapore ladies. Senior Manager, Carienne Hew said, �More ladies are experiencing hair problems in this cosmopolitan(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

TrichoTalk - New Hair Loss Forum Launched.

Is a brand new forum where you can either telephone or email one of our panel of hair experts and receive a same day answer on your hair loss worries and concerns. Diagnosis over the telephone is very hard and in some cases virtually impossible, if that�s the case, and you need and want to take(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Fat Tax on Junk Food

In an effort to discourage the levels of obesity in Britain, recent research is recommending a tax on unhealthy foods, such as those high in sugar, fat and salt. They claim that this �fat tax� could prevent over 3,000 deaths from strokes and heart attacks every year. The research was led by Dr O(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Workers Shop For Cosmetic Surgery Online To Escape The Monday Morning Blues

Leading cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group, established 25 years ago, reports that web traffic on www.harleymedical.com peaks on Monday mornings, between 10am and midday as desk workers “body shop” online to beat the Monday morning blues.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harle(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Levitra hold trust of many sufferers of impotence

Approximately all men have assassin nature and propensity to show power in every sphere of life. Same is the case in the moment when he is having sex. Men like to show a glimpse of their power during sexual relations too. Although surveys show that females are strictly against this concept power puf(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Optimum Health

Nustart Optimum Health Program The Nustart Detox program is one the best Optimum Health programs in the world. For people that really want optimum health I highly recommend this program. It helps balance the body�s PH and helps your body expel toxins through the seven channels of toxic eliminat(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Sacremento Physician speaks out on Marijuana's Medical Merits

A practicing Sacremento Doctor has spoken out at what he calls the "irrationality" of cannabis laws in the US. Such strong feelings does Californian Dr Philip Denney have on the matter, he regularly (and readily) issues medical certificates which allow cannabis consumers who hold one of his certi(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

You Can Get Rid OF Back Acne

You Can Get Rid OF Back Acne Chronic acne sufferer announces a scientifically-proven method to permanently clear skin in three days. Hendersonville, Tennessee - July 11, 2007 - Acne can create low self-esteem and a bad self-image, hindering one from enjoying and sharing talents and abilities w(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Xlear Introduces Rain Dry Mouth Spray

Xlear, Inc., a leading manufacturer of xylitol products, today introduced RainTM Dry Mouth Spray, an all-natural solution that provides immediate relief to individuals suffering from �dry mouth� or xerostomia. Rain is made with the all-natural sweetener, xylitol, and was developed to relieve th(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

It's Time to Walk the Walk

June 29, 2007 (Chicago) - For the second year in a row, Heidi Seigel is doing more than paying lip service to breast cancer awareness. Instead, Heidi is sacrificing her time, and possibly toenails to the cause by participating in the 3-Day, 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago from August 10-12, 20(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Clenbuterol fat loss

Useful information about Clenbuterol and recommended use. Lear where to buy clenbuterol and find out about the warnings when consuming this ingredient.(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

The Harley Medical Group offers web users chance to win top designer accessories

Cosmetic surgery group, The Harley Medical Group, is celebrating the launch of its brand new web site with a special promotion for its fashion conscious visitors.

The site, one of the most visited in the cosmetic surgery world, has been updated to provide comprehensive information on cos(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Toyota and Autoadapt to show 11 adapted cars at this years Mobility Roadshow 19-21 July

Toyota (GB) PLC and AUTOADAPT UK Ltd will exhibited no fewer than 11 vehicles with enhance adaptability for elderly and physically challenged persons. Toyota in cooperation with Autoadapt will be one of the leading attractions at the Mobility Roadshow 2007, the world's largest outdoor mobility ev(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

First World Presentations at the Mobility Roadshow 2007

Autoadapt proudly launch two completely new products at the 24th Mobility Roadshow: Carolift 40, the true flexible wheelchair hoist and Carony Drive LOC electrical tie-down system specially developed for the Autoadapt Carony GO electric wheelchair. Carolift 40 is an articulated wheelchair hoist(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)


Try on thousands of hairstyles using your own photo! Read through over 100 helpful tips on creating the best hair styles for your type of hair and facial structure.(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Revitol Cellulite Solution

Revitol Cellulite Solution

It won't be a hard search if you're looking around for a different cellulite solutions and creams that are currently on the market. Some are not so good but some really have proved to be offering really good positive results on a frequent basis.

It (Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)

Smoking in the Boys Room

Smoke Free England is here. Or is it? The smoking ban in England officially came into force at 6.00am on Sunday 1st July 2007. Why 6.00am? Who knows. But there it is. Makes as much sense as the draconian measures the government have taken over this blanket ban. The original White Paper on Public (Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)


09/07/07 For Immediate Release Editors contact: 020 8334 5749 With an alarming 9,000 males suffering from eating disorders in the UK at any one time, the greatest threat for this disease is the lack of recognition and without treatment, the fear of relapsing onto other addictive substances. At(Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)

Get Your Hair And Looks Back

Hair loss and baldness has been an equal cause of concern in the society. It has swelled up to become a common problem today. With half the men in the United States suffering from hair loss by the age of 50, cure for hair loss hair-loss treatments using transplants have become the number-one cosmeti(Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)

European Health and Food Security - Ensuring Quality and Safety for Patients and Consumers

Whether the goods we buy are counterfeit or contaminated - there are clearly no winners only losers if the current upward trend is not stopped. Consumers and patients suffer from health problems or worse still, death; the environment suffers from pollution and other hazards; employees suffer from po(Added: Tue Jul 10 2007)

Birmingham Medical Student Receives Prestigious Cochrane Prize 2007

The prestigious Cochrane Prize 2007 from the Faculty of Public Health, United Kingdom, has been awarded to Birmingham medical student Rahul Potluri. Rahul was awarded the prize for his research comparing paediatric obesity in the Indian population living in the UK and India. He collected the prize a(Added: Mon Jul 09 2007)

Hair Loss: What really works?

There are many pharmaceutical prescription drugs available to treat all kinds of ailments and that includes hair loss. However, some people who experience hair loss and scalp disorders don�t want to take drugs for their problems. They just don�t want to risk side effects; it�s simply not worth(Added: Mon Jul 09 2007)
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