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Most Drug Rehabs Missing Vital Ingredient

Narconon Arrowhead provides effective detoxification program for long-term recovery. Cravings, guilt and depression make up the harness that keeps an addict in the downward spiral of drug addiction. In almost all cases these symptoms are generated after a long term of substance abuse. In the hist(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Relief as a Part of Drug Rehab

The Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehabilitation Program helps addicts take responsibility for their past and look toward the future. We live in a society today where too often people are taught to “look out for number one” as opposed to looking out for friends and neighbors. Morals and values have (Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Restoring Life Skills is Key to Success in Narconon Drug Rehab

Narconon Arrowhead helps addicts improve communication and perceptions as part of its successful drug rehabilitation program. Drug and alcohol abuse affects an individual’s ability to focus on goals and objectives long enough to accomplish them. Addiction also greatly impairs the ability to comm(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Natural Relief from Itchy Eczema popular

If you’re one of the thousands of people in the UK who suffer with eczema, dry, itchy and inflamed skin can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. Did you know that Reflexology, the popular complementary therapy, could provide the natural relief that you’ve been looking for? As 17-24 Septemb(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

New Hope for Future of Drug Rehabilitation

CANADIAN, OK…The Narconon International Science Advisory Board met at the organization’s largest residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Narconon Arrowhead. Among the attendees was State Senator Gene Stipe, former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General Emery Johnson and Keith Miller, President o(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Narconon Arrowhead Receives Certification from Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Ab

State officials recognize and welcome successful drug-free rehabilitation approach CANADIAN, Okla. - The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS) awarded full certification to Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. (dba) Narconon Arrowhead’s drug free withdrawal program after depart(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Fredric Rice Exposed: "Christianity has been historically evil"

From: Coalition of Jewish Freedom Activists
Here is a quotation from Mr. Rice website. It does all the talking:
"I learned the history of the Christian cult in High School. I think it's possible that the history teacher I had was often constrained against rev(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

e-stethoscope.com Releases a Review of Littman Stethoscopes

According to e-stethoscope.com, Dr. David Littman, a famous cardiologist, inventor, and Harvard Medical School professor, greatly improved the acoustic qualities of stethoscopes in 1963. He believed it was vital to have a stethoscope with two chestpieces, an open one used to hear low pitch sounds a(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

e-snoring.com Explains Why You Should Stop Snoring

According to e-snoring.com, snoring can have serious social and health consequences.

Snoring can cause severe problems in relationships because of the disrupted sleep of the sleeping partner. Research shows that sleep partners of people who snore heavily are wakened over 20 times per hou(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Adolph Hitler - Er, I mean David and Fredric Rice

September 8, 2005
From: Coalition of Jewish Freedom Acti(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

Relaunced Services for Survivors in Liverpool

Fire in Ice 2005 is a Merseyside based self-help project run by and for adults who have experienced childhood abuse and or adult sexual assaults Those who have not experienced abuse can only imagine what it feels like to experience total fear. Being a child where abuse is a way of life, or w(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

i-Testosterone.com Explains the Significance of Testosterone Deficiency

According to i-testosterone.com, testosterone deficiency, also known as hypogonadism, is a condition in which the testes are unable to produce enough testosterone to fulfill the body's needs. Testosterone deficiency has many possible causes, including genetic abnormalities, injury to the testes, and(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

Jewish People Urge Religious Tolerance - FOR ALL RELIGIONS

Religious Freedom is one of the most important Freedoms offered in the United States constitution - The First Amendment Right.
Individuals who are scrubbing up "evidence" to defame any religion, are truly degrading the society into what nazism tried to do. No single person or 'authority' (Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

Controversial book on alcoholism now available in America and worldwide

“Phoenix in a Bottle” the controversial new book by Scottish couple Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald that challenges conventional wisdom about alcoholism, is now readily available in America and throughout the world, as well as in the United Kingdom. “Phoenix in a Bottle” is available worldwide onlin(Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

Autumn in the Country

One in a series of color photography books designed to stimulate interaction between seniors with Alzheimer's and their caregivers.(Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

David Rice: Nut case Atheist "Activist"

September 8, 2005
From: Coalition of Jewish Freedom Activisits(Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

i-Pilates.com Explains the Benefits of Pilates Exercises

According to i-Pilates.com, Pilates is comprised of over 500 controlled exercises that are a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training intended to improve posture, create long, lean muscles, and reduce stress. Pilates exercises have evolved over the past 75 years.

Through smooth(Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

e-PrescriptionDrugAddiction.com Identifies Common Prescription Drug Addiction Symptoms

According to e-PrescriptionDrugAddiction.com, there are many common signs that people addicted to prescription drugs often exhibit. Prescription drug addiction symptoms are pretty universal, occurring in most addicts, such as an increased tolerance for the drug, and physical dependence on the drug.(Added: Thu Sep 08 2005)

E-NoniFruit.com Describes the Popular Types of Noni Fruit Drinks

According to E-NoniFruit.com, Noni fruit drink is available at brick-and-mortar health food stores as well as online vendors. It is also available from individual members of multi-level marketing companies, but it is recommended that you buy from an established seller.

As E-NoniFruit expl(Added: Thu Sep 08 2005)

I-HomeGyms.com Helps You Find a Cheap Home Gym

According to I-HomeGyms.com, the committed and perseverant bargain hunter will be able to find cheap home gyms. Discounted home gyms, home gyms on sale, and used home gyms all provide viable options for the cost conscious consumer. Websites such as BizRate offer shoppers the chance to compare pric(Added: Thu Sep 08 2005)

i-FirstAidKits.com Provides an Overview of Necessary First Aid Supplies

According to i-FirstAidKits.com, you should organize a first aid kit that is well stocked and handy at a moment’s notice. The first aid kit’s supplies will determine how prepared you are. Make sure it is supplied well.

A first aid kit may be designed specifically for emergencies in the ho(Added: Thu Sep 08 2005)

Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, genR8TNext, Hollander Consultants and Others Join Forces to prov

Berlin, CT: Hurricane Katrina’s devastation is still being assessed and numerous groups are severely affected who will not be helped by governmental disaster relief. Many disparate professional dental groups, led by Dr. Mike Maroon founder of genR8TNext, have joined together to help dentists and den(Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

Lester Robinson's Journey Through His Complementary Health TV Series

Lester Robinson's Journey Through His Complementary Health TV Series By Linda Cortese "An Easy Way to Reduce Stress, Relax, and Enjoy Life to the Fullest - Without Wasting Time and Money" Lester Robinson's background is diverse. He was an Eagle Scout. He graduated SUNY Brockport with a d(Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

e-WheyProtein.com Provides an Overview of Whey Protein Facts

According to e-WheyProtein.com, whey protein is a high quality powder made from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is made up of two proteins – casein (80%) and whey (20%). The whey is called the Gold Standard of protein as it is scientifically proven to be the most nutritious protein available. It is also more(Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

eMedicalBillingSoftware.com Describes the Benefits of Medical Insurance Billing Software

According to eMedicalBillingSoftware.com, medical insurance billing software, also called electronic claims software, is now one of the most important elements of a successful medical practice. Medical insurance billing is no longer as time consuming as it once was. Now you have the opportunity to (Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

E-Liposuction.com Explains the Price of Liposuction Procedures

According to E-Liposuction.com, the price of liposuction will vary from state to state and from physician to physician. Although cost is surely a crucial factor in determining whether or not to have the surgery performed, several steps should be taken prior to obtaining a price quote from a surgeon.(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

Narconon Best Drug Rehab

NATIONAL COUNCIL AGAINST HEALTH FRAUD 1239 19th Street #8 Santa Monica, CA 90404
Dr. Chelf 555 E. 71st St. Tulsa, Ok
Dear Dr. Chelf,
It is surprising that "Doctor" James J. Kennedy made it through university with his reading and comprehension skills.
In his gross mis(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

Herbal Head Lice Shampoo and Treatments

Head lice are once again a problem within our schools, and evidence points to them becoming immune to the usual insecticide chemicals. These chemicals have also shown in many cases to possibly have serious side effects for some children and their parents, including eye, kidney and behavioural pr(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

Free research listings to all in the health care field

New Web Site offer free listing to the entire health and non-health field at HEALTH CENTERS LISTINGS The main purposes of this new web site are to offer free research listings to all in the health care field. This will help connect prospective health care consumers to the world of complementa(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

Sudden Death Amphetamine Drug Allowed Back on Canadian Market

Sudden Death Amphetamine Drug Allowed Back on Canadian Market Health Canada has allowed itself to be buffaloed by the psychiatric-drug cartel into allowing the amphetamine drug Adderall back onto the Canadian market, thereby unleashing it again on helpless Canadian school children who have been luc(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)
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