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Travel in Greece: free travel guide of Athens by Flashbooking on-line reservation

In the Athens City of Greece guide students, backpackers and families can get a large selection of budget or low cost reservation with plenty of low cost solutions in cheap youth hostels, Bed and Breakfast, guesthouses, budget hotel in Athens.

Athens is the indisputible cradle of western (Added: Tue Mar 20 2007)

Rimonabant and Obesity

Obesity is the most common dietary disorder and arises from the accumulation of extra body fat. Obesity is increasing rapidly in various developed countries worldwide. This rising rate symbolizes a pandemic, which needs awareness if its would-be side effects are to be avoided. Rimonabant (Acompl(Added: Tue Mar 20 2007)

Life and Business Coach, Personal Motivator - Are you ready to achieve the life you dream of?

What will you achieve in the next 3 months? Imagine it, feel it, see it, what does it sound like, look like, feel like? Make it incredible! Do you live life to the full, or simply exist? Is there something you have been thinking of doing for a while, but never seem to have the time, and opportuni(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

Sleep as Nature Intended!

March 2007: This month is National Bed Month, the Sleep Council�s annual campaign to get people focused on the importance of a good bed to a good night's sleep. A new US study, just released, confirms the link between bed comfort and body comfort. Subjects suffering back pain who replaced a mattre(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

Sleep as Nature Intended

March 2007: This month is National Bed Month, the Sleep Council�s annual campaign to get people focused on the importance of a good bed to a good night's sleep. A new US study, just released, confirms the link between bed comfort and body comfort. Subjects suffering back pain who replaced a mattre(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

New Medical Technology Offering Back Pain and Sciatica Relief with No Drugs or Surgery

Finally a solution to one of the most expensive health care problems in America, back pain. According to Dr. Howard Austrager, the most common cause of back pain is disc disease and it costs the American health care system more than $50 billion per year. Thanks to new technology called 'Spinal Decom(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

neupro rotigotine Schwarz Pharma drug

Neupro (rotigotine) is a newly released Parkinson�s Disease treatment available in the UK from Schwarz Pharma.
While it is still not available from your local drugstore, you can purchase Neupro with a prescription from your doctor. The truth is we have helped a large number of Americans ge(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)


Wellbeing and complementary health are once again in fashion and thebodywave has created a health management system integrating elements from ancient and modern traditions to provide a unique combination of therapies previously unavailable of in the UK. The range of services available include: N(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

American Horse Dentist back in action just eight weeks after hip resurfacing surgery at Wockhardt Ho

Dr William Allen An American Horse Dentist suffered pain due to hip arthritis for some years and found relief after Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals in India. He shares the fond memories of his stay at the hospital, the clinical expertise of the practicing physicians, the (Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)


Atlanta, GA The number of overweight children has doubled in the past 25 years. Now, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 30 percent of children are overweight or obese. Carrie Lauth (www.naturalmomstalkradio.com) and Susun Weed the author of Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Y(Added: Sun Mar 18 2007)

Deep Oscillation arrives in the UK popular

Physiopod UK Limited (www.physiopod.co.uk) are proud to announce they have gained Sole UK Distribution rights to all of PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG (www.physiomed.de) range of physio products for rehabilitation, sport and aesthetic medicine including DEEP OSCILLATION THERAPY. This is a unique, pate(Added: Sun Mar 18 2007)

Coping with Terminal Diagnosis.

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life. The psychological challenges that confront us when we are exposed to catastrophic news can be seen in our faces and postures immediately. They are the mind's automatic attempt to integrate and assimilate the brutal reality of a traumatic (Added: Sat Mar 17 2007)

Dynamic Medication Acomplia has Set the Weight Loss Market on Fire

Has your excessive weight taken away your peace of mind? Having sleepless nights because of the embarrassment caused by your over-sized body? You can get respite from the grind of your excessive weight with Acomplia. Thinking what is Acomplia? Acomplia is an effectual oral weight loss medication. Wi(Added: Sat Mar 17 2007)

The Heart Touch Project receives generous grant from S. Mark Taper Foundation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Heart Touch Project receives generous grant from S. Mark Taper Foundation The Heart Touch Childrens Program expands to serve older children SANTA MONICA, Calif. (February 1, 2007) A $25,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation, has enabled the Santa Monica-base(Added: Sat Mar 17 2007)

Myspace for Models

Launch of Video Model Pics - Social Networking Site for Models, Actors, Dancers, Extras & Agencies Press Release VideoModelPics, is a brand new social network for models (good looking people, not small stuff). So heres the idea: models,actors, dancers, musicians, photographers, agents, dire(Added: Fri Mar 16 2007)

MyHerbal.co.uk Launches and Announces Affiliate Program

MyHerbal.co.uk Launches and Announces Affiliate Program MyHerbal.co.uk, an herbal and dietary supplement Web site, announces its launch. Providing supplements for a range of ailments, MyHerbal.co.uk also introduces its affiliate program. Manchester, UK (Pressbox) March 19, 2007 MyHerbal.co.u(Added: Fri Mar 16 2007)

Our minds are as powerful as drugs and surgery in fighting disease.

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life One of the most powerful weapons we have to fight chronic disease such as cancer is our own mind and emotions. Sadly, very few of us know how to harness this extraordinary healing power that we all possess. There is hope in your fight ag(Added: Fri Mar 16 2007)

La psiquiatra Qu camino tomar?

Dr. David B. Stein, profesor asociado de psicologa dice: A los mdicos se les entrena para curar. Ellos realmente quieren ayudar. A menudo afirman que no tienen alternativa, que la nica manera de ayudar a estos nios es con drogas. Adems, los padres y los profesores continuamente los atacan ins(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

La Psiquiatra Contra la Medicina

A partir de 1808, Johann Reil (insercin) cre la palabra psiquiatra. A fines del siglo XIX, Emil Kraepelin (arriba) desaroll un sistema de clasificacin arbitraria de enfermedad mental. Sin embargo, la psiquiatra no ha progresado ms all de la torturosa silla tranquilizadora (insercin, de(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Los Peligrosos Efectos de las Drogas

Hay numerosos riesgos de salud y otras inconsistencias asociadas con la prescripcin de drogas que alteran la mente para la prevencin del TDAH o para otros trastornos de aprendizaje. El Physicians Desk Reference Guide [Gua de Referencias Mdicas] dice que el uso del Ritaln como tratamiento p(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

La Subversin de la Medicina Engao Psiquitrico la Manipulacin de la Medicina

En 1998, Alan I. Leshner, psiquiatra y antiguo jefe del Instituto Nacional para el Abuso de Drogas declar: Creo que hoy, en 1998, t [el mdico] deberas ser encarcelado si te rehsas a prescribir S.S.R.I. [antidepresivos] para la depresin. Por qu debera ir a la crcel un mdico que se re(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Achieve Healthy Body Shape with Acomplia Diet Pill

Acomplia diet pill has been in the news since its launch in the UK for effective weight loss results. Acomplia with Rimonabant as its active ingredient is developed by French drug maker, Sanofi-Avnetis. It has been made saleable in the Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Austria amid (Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Be your own boss Mind Control Techniques

Are you tired of trying to reach your goal? Are you very fickle minded and cannot stick to a single decision? Is your mind going out of your own control? More and more fickle minded people, who are unable to control their mind, have benefited themselves by controlling their thought process after vis(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Obagi Skin Care System

An extensive list of beautifying products & services are offered in the present consumer environment. Obagi skin care system is one of the latest beauty products. Actually, it is a revolutionary skin care process to reduce the ageing of skin. Obagi skin care system also maintains the perfect ski(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Boost Your Immunity!

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life Immunity boosters can keep one healthy and full of energy. A run down immune system leaves the body vulnerable to all manner of diseases and illnesses. There are ways to boost your own immunity and stay healthy. Keeping the body's immun(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Make Eye Contact

The eye says it all. You can read a persons feelings by just a look in the eyes. Eyes portray a mans true feelings. So whenever you want to know how exactly a person is feeling have a look into his or her eyes. Eyes convey all love, affection, anger, hope, joy and other innumerable emotions. But l(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Adore your mate

Love, care, attraction and affection are what come to our mind when we talk about a relationship. Well a relationship is much more than that. It is admiring and adoring your mate, adoring beyond the physical appearance. A relationship is about two individuals coming together in union for an everla(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Change Routines

In todays world most of us are so busy that we hardly spend time together, this affects our relationship. We are too tired to give time to each other, and do something different that will bring excitement in our life. Mostly we follow the same daily routine. We get up in the morning, freshen up, ha(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Learn more about your mate

How much do you know about your mate? Well if you think that you know your partner cent percent you could be wrong. It takes years to know each other well. I do not mean that you are not aware of anything about your mate but there are certain things that you never ever talked about. For example you (Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Follow your instincts

It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life, and if you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, then your life will be safe, expedient and thin. Katherine Butler Hathaway We all have heard that animal instincts are the stro(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)
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