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Zizzoo Digital Publishing Inc. is proud to introduce Novo Vitae

Zizzoo Digital Publishing Inc. is proud to introduce Novo Vitae, a site dedicated to overcoming depression. In a world full of information, it can be hard to find answers. Novo Vitae lays out the details of depression in a clear and concise manner. Depression has been around for as long as humans (Added: Wed Mar 30 2005)

Depression can literally take your life away from you.

Depression can literally take your life away from you. Novo Vitae was designed from the ground up to provide the information needed to take back your life from depression and start on the road to recovery. Zizzoo Digital Publishing Inc. has once again, taken a difficult topic and provided a substa(Added: Wed Mar 30 2005)

Zizzoo Digital Publishing Inc. introduces Novo Vitae, an invaluable online resource designed to out

In North America, there are literally millions of people who suffer from depression. It a is a debilitating illness that can sap a persons strength, cost them their jobs, friends and family, remove them from society. Depression takes many forms and has no single cause. It is still very much a my(Added: Wed Mar 30 2005)

Breakthrough Treatment for AMD Related Blindness

Michael Bennett, M.D., Honolulu retinal surgeon, is able to offer the first real hope to his patients who face blindness from age-related macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the primary cause of irreversible vision loss in people over 65. As the baby boom generation ba(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

“New Environmental Health innovations retailer, helps reduce asthma and allergy attacks by helping c popular

NEWS: For immediate release - 26th March 2005 “New Environmental Health innovations retailer, helps reduce asthma and allergy attacks by helping cure our nations’ sick buildings.” “Sick Building Syndrome” is usually associated with large office blocks rather than our own homes, but with the a(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

Aethlon Receives Government and Industry Support for HIV and Hepatitis-C Trials in India

News Release For Immediate Release: March 28, 2005 Aethlon Receives Government and Industry Support for HIV and Hepatitis-C Trials in India SAN DIEGO - March 28, 2005 - Aethlon Medical, Inc. (OTCBB: AEMD) announced today that it has been advised by Qualtran LLC, a contract research organizat(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

Consumers with Disabilities Empowered by American Disabilities Act

Research finds that the consumer interests of people with disabilities have been served by the ADA in a variety of ways, but there is more to be done. A study publishing in the latest issue of the Journal of Consumer Affairs is the first to present the perspectives of people with disabilities reg(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

Levels of the Aura, Body and Consciousness

Become aware of the energy field that surrounds your body. You can feel this with your hands. Rub your hands together for about 30 seconds quite quickly so they become warm. Hold your hands about 150cm/6” apart and bring them closer together and further apart. Can you feel the change in the ener(Added: Sun Mar 27 2005)

Biker’s knees get powered boost

Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Mike Irani has teamed up with a local businessman to help instil confidence in his patients and all with aid of pedal power. Dr Irani is a leading physician in rheumatology and cares for patients with damaged hip, knee and other joints, which may need surgical replac(Added: Fri Mar 25 2005)

The Fastest Growing Coaching Company in the World, MyPrivateCoach.com, Joins Forces with Dr. Nigma T

San Francisco, CA March 18th, 2005 The Healthy Doc and Healthy Coach team up in West Vancouver, BC, to offer the first ever lifestyle coaching system for clients who want the crème de la crème in wellness programs. A Healthy Coach and a Healthy Doc - this duo is sure to make headlines as they jo(Added: Fri Mar 25 2005)

"The Wrong Way & The Right Way To Soothe Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Hypnosis!"

"They All Laughed When We Went To A Hypnotherapist … Until Our IBS Went Away!" I know YOU might find this almost impossible to believe, but it’s 100% true! If you are interested in getting rid of the abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea of IBS safely ... finally enjoying life wit(Added: Fri Mar 25 2005)

THE ABC’S OF INSURANCE “ Complementary Health Series” hosted by Lester J. Robinson FICF Show 29: Gr

THE ABC’S OF INSURANCE “ Complementary Health Series” hosted by Lester J. Robinson FICF. TOPICS: Show 29: Grounding Oneself, to help to reduce stress and relax This show is about how to relax, reduce stress, and enjoy one life. Amy Koban is the owner of Amy K’s Mystick Boutique in Lewiston. (Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

Seabiotics Childrens Neurofactor

Correct and Prevent unstable mental health! ADHD, Alzheimer's, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Dementia This is the purist, most powerful, most potent combination of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Deep Water Shark Liver Oil on the market today! The only product out there with Alkylglycerols (regenerate th(Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

Not only a hope but a treatment popular

Not only a hope but a treatment After intense research Lovableskin concluded that the currently available skincare products are destined to women in their prime and ignore those with mature or aged skin, especially women over fifty. To close this gap in the market Lovableskin introduces, for t(Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

Suffering from Depression? Then for You Fish may be Brain Food

For immediate release Suffering from Depression? Then for You Fish may be Brain Food New research shows that the oil found in cold-water fish may be the key to treating Depression About 19 million Americans suffer from depression making it the most common serious psychiatric illness in th(Added: Wed Mar 23 2005)

Cardiac Telecom Clarifies Billing Practices

“We don’t miss a beat!” PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Lee Ehrlichman 800-355-2594, ext. 111 Cardiac Telecom Clarifies Billing Practices Pittsburgh PA March 23, 2005: www.cardiactelecom.com Cardiac Telecom Corporation, the inventor and premier supplier of outpatient real-time(Added: Wed Mar 23 2005)

Understanding How Vulnerabilities May Keep Women in Abusive Relationships

A new model looks to the socio-cultural contexts that make women susceptible to abusive relationships. The Vulnerability Conceptual Model provides a tangible representation of a woman’s experience in her abusive relationship(s) and may aid her in determining her own relational and situational vul(Added: Wed Mar 23 2005)

Perfect Eyebrows Everytime

Beauti-Full-Brows® are the new cosmetic "eyewear" you want to use when nothing less than perfection will do! They are semi-permanent tattoos applied to the skin ,with water, in about 60 seconds. Beauti-Full-Brows® are an innovative product designed to replace the trials and tribulations of eyebrow p(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Lancashire Police Mental Health Initiative Under Fire

Police in east Lancashire have launched an initiative to help vulnerable children avoid the risk of getting involved in crime. Enlisting the help of social workers, teachers, mental health services, youth offending teams, young offenders institutes and primary care trusts, the plan is to identify(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Hoodia Gets Dirty

What is promised to be a great treatment for one of the western world’s fastest growing diseases, obesity, is also turning in to a marketing catfight. For the uninitiated, Hoodia Gordonii was identified by the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in the 1960’s as a (Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

New premises, Extended Services

Survivors Swindon will be moving in new premises at 161 Victoria Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, on Tuesday 29th March 2005, offering an extended service to adult non offending male survivors of child sexual abuse and adult sexual assaults. Details about our group therapy sessions, and how to attend on(Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

Why Put up With Pain?

Whether the result of a sporting injury, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and burns, recent bruising there is a fast effective, penetrating relief in the form of :- 100% PURE AUSTRALIAN EMU OIL AND CAPSULES FROM TALYALA EMU FARM Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration AUSTL 9532(Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

UCKG Provides Renewed Hope for Health Sufferers Across London popular

UCKG Provides Renewed Hope for Health Sufferers Across London Over 700 people suffering from physical problems and health conditions attended an alternative Healing Day at UCKG Finsbury Park earlier this week and many claimed that they benefited considerably. “UCKG believes that God can(Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

Remote healthcare monitoring not so distant

Efficient, effective and reliable remote healthcare monitoring is a holy grail in medicine but solutions have so far proved elusive. But it took a step closer to reality with the successful conclusion of pilot tests under the E-Care project. E-Care developed a comprehensive monitoring system to (Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

Relaxation Techniques Screensaver popular

Free Screensaver from 'Relaxation'. Featuring relaxing pictures with easy and helpful relaxation techniques. 'Relaxation' by Sounds That Soothe - music to calm & relax. Provides news, guidance and free content. Here you will find free relaxing music and guided relaxation sessions, product news,(Added: Mon Mar 21 2005)

New books for children conceived by assisted reproduction popular

ATTENTION: PARENTS USING ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNIQUES WHEN THERE’S MORE TO TELLING YOUR CHILD THAN THE “BIRDS AND THE BEES” New Children’s Books Available Parents using assisted reproductive technology to conceive are often faced with the issue of disclosing this information to their (Added: Sun Mar 20 2005)

Taking the pulse of Europe’s e-health market

Are Europe’s hospitals equipped to meet e-health opportunities? This type of issue was covered by the Health Information Network Europe (HINE) in the largest ever survey of hospitals in Europe, just one of a range of studies it offers members. This unparalleled survey involved telephone interview(Added: Fri Mar 18 2005)

Five Powerful Reasons Why Owning A Pet Could Make You Live Longer

You may have heard that pets have been scientifically proven to increase your chances of living to a ripe old age. Well the rumour is true, but how exactly is it possible you may be wondering. Well, it is said that pets are able to penetrate our outer exterior and really connect with us on a dee(Added: Fri Mar 18 2005)

Swedish Opera Beer Feeling Its Oats, Cholesterol Lowering OatVantage(TM) Beer Makes Its U.S. Debut

Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., of Paris, Arkansas recently introduced Swedish Opera Beer™, the new light brew that provides 1.5 grams of oat soluble fiber per 12-ounce serving - 54% beta-glucan (the cholesterol reducing compound found in oat bran). Swedish Opera Beer contains 3.3 percent alcohol by v(Added: Thu Mar 17 2005)

3rd Annual Pricing, Reimbursement & Parallel Trade: In the global and emerging markets 2005 – B2B C

London, UK: 17 March 2005– Attend the visiongain’s b2b conference: 3RD ANNUAL PRICING, REIMBURSEMENT & PARALLEL TRADE: IN THE GLOBAL AND EMERGING MARKETS 2005. At this conference, you will hear novel strategies in P&R on national, global and markets levels: regional case studies from top players in (Added: Thu Mar 17 2005)
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