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London, 28 February 2002 - Food obsessions, sleep problems, drug prevention, domestic violence, male prostitution, mental health issues are just some of the areas receiving funding in the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) International IMPACT Awards 2002. Over the past five years 50 UK community healthcare c(Added: Thu Feb 28 2002)


CONTACT: ISIPS | Ron Stoker, 801-280-8797| SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Melanie enjoyed working in the cardiovascular cath lab. She was diligent in following safety procedures, always wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. She was assisting the cardiologist on an angioplasty procedure (Added: Wed Feb 27 2002)

Flexible processes and strategic marketing are key challenges for taking needle-free injectors to ma

NEWS RELEASE 25 February 2002 Flexible processes and strategic marketing are key challenges for taking needle-free injectors to market says PA Consulting Group At the 7th International Conference on Needle-Free Auto Injectors in London on 25 and 26 February, *Ian Bradley of PA Consulting Grou(Added: Mon Feb 25 2002)

Researchdesign.net brings 3-step Case Report Form design, automatic database and validation rule gen popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Arthur Coté Research Design Network, Inc 5722 South Flamingo Road, Suite 337 Cooper City Florida 33330-3206 Phone: (954) 483-7083 Email: arthurcote@researchdesign.net Web site: http://www.researchdesign.net Researchdesign.net brings 3-step Case Report Form d(Added: Mon Feb 25 2002)

Unique New Wide Spectrum Anti-microbial Technology popular

TO BUSINESS AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDITORS: Laboratorio SISTECAM, S.A. Costa Rica 28 Feb. Laboratorio SISTECAM, S.A. today announced the NEW Axenohl based product, Axent-Vet, has been approved for manufacturing and sale in Costa Rica. This unique new Wide Spectrum Topical Antiseptic is no(Added: Tue Feb 19 2002)

fitTRACK takes fitness tracking to the next level by unveiling fittrack.com web service. popular

Billerica-February 18, 2002: Today fitTRACK (a rhoque, LLC company) announces its first release of its online fitness tracking service for individuals who are interested in being fit. The main goal of the service is to address consumer needs of tracking health, fitness and dietary schedules; and to (Added: Mon Feb 18 2002)

Colon Hydrotherapy Proctocatheter Licensed popular

In September 2001 Karen and Carrie Cruickshank of ColEquip Canada Inc. received the Canadian Medical Device License for the proctocatheters designed and patented by the late Gloria Ouellette RN (1938-1998). Proctocatheters are used in the practice of colon hydrotherapy. "Proctocatheter" is the l(Added: Sun Feb 17 2002)

AssociaMed LLC unites information exchange within Medicine popular

PRESS RELEASE Copyright free Drs Jonathan Winehouse MD, CEO AssociaMedSM and Rakesh Patel, CTO MedsPDA are set to revolutionise information exchange within Healthcare. Their new websites www.AssociaMed.com and www.MedsPDA.com have joined forces to launch a medical community where Doctors and scie(Added: Sun Feb 10 2002)


NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: LAURA BRUZAS TELEPHONE: 630.766.7682 E-MAIL: LBRUZAS@aol.com EMPOWERING NEWSLETTER HAS NEW LOOK Bensenville, IL, February 1, 2002 - Living Well is the only wellness newsletter with a socially conscious bent. It inspires its reade(Added: Sat Feb 09 2002)


Have you been invited to attend the birth of your grandchild? Are you reluctant to go ar are you looking forward to it? In her book, ATTENDING YOUR GRANDCHILD'S BIRTH: A GUIDE FOR GRANDPARENTS, Carolynn Bauer Zorn, a grandmother who has been there, answers your questions about what happens during(Added: Fri Feb 08 2002)

Eco-friendly fossils set to revolutionise UK Pest Control

A UK based company,Diatomaceous Earth Europe Ltd,has launched its range of food grade diatomaceous earth products for use not only to control public health and stored product insects,but also as a feed additive. Company Director Mark Newman said"these are exciting times,especially for the u(Added: Thu Feb 07 2002)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6 February 2002 'Your Personal Health Record' is a new initiative & part of a growing world-wide trend to encourage people to take an active interest in their own health. This book provides the individual with the means to document and carry with them their medical details. I(Added: Wed Feb 06 2002)

new charity for child-killer disease popular

New Charity for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is launched A new charity is being launched this month for sufferers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Parent Project UK has been set up by parents and friends of boys with DMD and is dedicated to finding a cure and viable treatments. (www.ppuk.(Added: Mon Feb 04 2002)

Lookıng for stress- or pain relief? Check out this hot new wellness vacation spot......

Looking For Affordable Stress- or Pain Relief? Check Out This Hot New Wellness Vacation Secret In The Med! (Izmir/Turkey) - “Stress”, “sleep disorders”, “overweight” “chronic disease” – almost everyone today is familiar with those terms. (Added: Sat Feb 02 2002)

Primo International Offers an American Solution to UK's Obesity Epidemic popular

London, United Kingdom -- January 30, 2002 -- Forgetting everything you know about losing weight is the first step, according to Primo International, premiere diet consultants from New York City. Opening this month in Notting Hill, Primo is the first health and nutrition company in the UK foc(Added: Wed Jan 30 2002)

Corporate Stress Management Brings Relief to the Average Work Day popular

For Immediate Release Contact: Robin Lickliter Phone: (212) 838-7096 Fax: (212) 754-0369 rlickliter@corpstressmanage.com http://www.corpstressmanage.com New York City Corporate Stress Management Brings Relief to the Average Work Day New York, NY, Jan 17, 2002 — Corporate Stress (Added: Wed Jan 23 2002)

dadcheck launched worldwide to provide straight talking paternity test popular

DADCHECK LAUNCHED WORLDWIDE TO PROVIDE STRAIGHT TALKING PATERNITY TEST dadcheck is the first internet-based paternity test in the world to provide a fast, accurate, state-of-the-art test that talks straight to people in a fresh, direct style. The www.dadcheck.com website is being launche(Added: Sun Jan 20 2002)

Suicide Linked Drug Found in Florida Pilot’s Home adds to Growing Pressure on UK Medical Autho

Charles Bishop, the 15-year-old student who killed himself by flying a light aircraft into the Bank of America Plaza in Tampa, was taking the acne treatment drug Roaccutane which has been linked to severe depression and suicidal tendencies. The news has added strength to the new campaign launched(Added: Wed Jan 16 2002)


NEEDLESTICK PREVENTION GROUP GROWS WITH ADDITION OF THREE SAFETY PRODUCT LEADERS SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - Hiroshi, a waste-disposal technician, was assigned to a Tokyo-based university hospital. While collecting waste at the hospital, he was accidentally pricked by a contaminated needle. Months lat(Added: Wed Jan 09 2002)

Sardinia’s Wine a Fountain of Youth?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE contact: Jim Perry Phone: USA (message) 541 772 1241 Phone: Italy (home/work) 39 340 599 9389 email: info@sardiniavacations.com web www.sardiniavacations.com press kit: www.sardiniavacations.com/press.htm Sardinia’s Wine a Fountain of Youth? World’s oldest man,(Added: Tue Jan 08 2002)

New Oxazolidinone Demonstrates Potency Against Superbugs

Results for New Oxazolidinone Demonstrate Potency Against Gram-Positive Pathogens, including Superbugs Unique compound AZD2563 shows promise for once-daily dosing Chicago, IL World-wide data presented at the 41st Interscience Congress on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) show th(Added: Mon Jan 07 2002)

Website launch - Campaign for anti-TNF drugs to be made available on NHS popular

A new website has just been launched to collect positive personal stories of arthritis sufferers who are using new anti-TNF drugs. The web site's purpose is to provide compelling reasons why NICE should approve the drugs Enbrel* and Remicade* (also known as Etanercept and Infliximab) for general (Added: Mon Jan 07 2002)

One in Three Will be Affected by Dementia popular

IMPRESSIVE PRESS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Jacqueline Marcell (949) 975-1012 jmarcell@elderrage.com One in Three Will be Affected by Dementia, Either in Themselves or a Loved One IRVINE CA, January 2002 If you’re caring for elderly loved ones and find the task daunting, then(Added: Wed Jan 02 2002)

The Psychology of Happiness popular

Announcing the newly released book The Psychology of Happiness By Robert Elias Najemy Dear Friends, May this letter find you well on all levels of your being. We present to you our latest publication, The Psychology of Happiness by Robert Elias Najemy. (ISBN: 0-9710116-0-5, Paperb(Added: Wed Dec 26 2001)

Pioneering Study on Asthma in South Asia

For Immediate Release GlaxoSmithKline Announces the Launch of a Pioneering Study on Asthma in South Asia Mumbai, Friday, November 30, 2001: GlaxoSmithKline India today announced an academic grant for the launch of a pioneering study on Asthma Insights and Realities in South Asia (Added: Sat Dec 22 2001)

People Can Be Health Hazards popular

A complimentary copy of the 35 page special report " Dealing with Difficult People" is available on request from mikemoore@motivationalplus.com 519-753-0702 For immediate release People can be health hazards Some people are harmful to our health according to Canadian motivational s(Added: Wed Dec 19 2001)

Computer Clear® The very Latest Technology to help *Protect Yourself* from the harmful effects of e popular

Is this an End to 'Sick Office' Syndrome ? Both at Home and in the Office Computer Clear has been designed over a period of 10 years. It was initially part of a much larger software project used in the analysis and treatment of the subtle energy systems of the body. The effect was to re-ba(Added: Tue Dec 18 2001)

Silent Healing® Medicine of the future, are we ready ? popular

Silent Healing has been developed following the excellent success of Computer Clear and utilises the exact same principles. This now allows everyone to enjoy the benefits everywhere; no matter whether they have a computer or not! It can be used on any Audio CD player in the home, in the car or (Added: Tue Dec 18 2001)

The UK's leading health clubs and gyms reviewed popular

Before you choose a health club or gym, read our reviews on the UK's leading health clubs. Health clubs including LivingWell health, Holmes Place, LA Fitness, Cannons gyms, Fitness First health clubs and many more. From membership prices - facilities - gym membership numbers.(Added: Wed Dec 12 2001)

Beautiful, youthful, and radiant skin can be achieved popular

External Applications of Organic Germanium - Holiday Specials What is that unseen energy that exists in us all? How can we explain the electrical currants that exist in our nervous system? What gives a cell membrane the energy to move ions back and forth, in and out of cells? Why does the semicon(Added: Wed Dec 05 2001)
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