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How Samsung is Bringing the Trendsetting Kitchen to Life at IFA 2018

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Pressbox (Press Release) - Amman, Jordan (September 2018) - At IFA 2018, Samsung teamed up with Michelin-starred
chefs Michel Troisgros and Davide Oldani to host the Samsung Smart Life Recipe cooking show.
The event showcased the very latest of Samsung’s AI-enhanced kitchen appliances in a
beautifully rendered, top-of-the-line modern kitchen, designed in collaboration with Nolte. Over
70 IFA guests took part, eager to see the chefs concoct delicious meals prepared to perfection
with the help of Samsung’s smart kitchen appliances.
Intelligent Recommendations for Chefs
Chef Davide Oldani was in charge of the appetizer while Chef Michel Troisgros provided the main
dish and dessert. In order to decide what to prepare, the chefs used the View Inside function on
the Family Hub to look at ingredients without having to open the refrigerator.
The chefs then reached out to the audience for a volunteer to take a look at the Smart
Recipe offerings of the Family Hub with them. Smart Recipe is a novel intelligent function that
recommends menu options for you based on the shelf life of the ingredients stored within,
accommodating its suggestions to users’ tastes and preferences. Chef Troisgros (pictured above)
praised its resourcefulness, noting that the strategic nature of the Smart Recipe function meant
that no ingredient would be wasted.
Chef Troisgros confessed to the audience that the Family Hub was his personal favorite feature
for its aesthetic quality, intelligent suggestions and the usability of the screen – perfect for
messy cooking sessions.
With the volunteer having reviewed the screen and expressed their preference for something
with passion fruit, Chef Troisgros announced that he would create a Swiss meringue dessert with
a passion fruit filling arranged in the shape of a sunflower, “inspired by the expansive sunflower
fields of my home in France.”
When it was his turn to use the Family Hub, Chef Troisgros told the audience: “the ‘window’
function of the Family Hub is perfect for getting the most out of your food. Eliminating the need
to open the fridge door frequently, ingredients inside are kept fresh and at their best for
longer.” The View Inside function even lists the expiration dates of the products, ensuring your
ingredients are prepared when at their best.
Chef Oldani then utilized the Family Hub’s Smart Recipe function to settle on a unique
bruschetta appetizer, regaling the audience with the fascinating story behind the evolution of
the bruschetta recipe and even providing guests with a special Italian tomato water taster. Chef
Troisgros then decided on a dynamic recipe of his own for the main course, ‘Le Jaune Ivre de
Rouge’; a baked potato with egg yolk and parma ham in a red wine sauce.
Precise Cooking for Any Recipe
As the chefs got down to cooking, the audience was amazed when both of the chefs were able to
cook their dishes, with different cooking times and temperatures, simultaneously with the Dual
Cook Flex Oven. Chef Troisgros made the point that the Dual Flex makes the cooking process so
much less stressful; “with many dishes to prepare at once, it can be stressful to know when and
what to do. But at least with appliances like the Dual Flex, people can be more confident with
the assistance these smart features provide.”
In addition to this helpful dual function, Chef Troisgros informed that audience that the Dual
Cook Flex Oven automatically maintains the temperatures of both its compartments to ensure
each dish is cooked to perfection, a feature critical to food preparation.
As the chefs moved along to the stovetop cooker, the audience watched in awe when, as Chef
Oldani switched on the hob on, the hood automatically activated and the Virtual Flame function
lit up. Virtual Flame, which glows just like a real flame to alert users to the heat of the cooker, is
particularly useful in a family home to keep children away from open flames. Chef Oldani was
quick to inform the audience that this feature was his favorite; “Chefs can get a feel for the
temperature of the appliance and also stay safe in a busy kitchen.”
Premium Design, Smart Function
The built-in smart kitchen that was used during the cooking show is a collaboration between
Samsung and German premium furniture company Nolte, with Samsung’s latest smart appliances
fitting seamlessly into the luxurious design and décor of Nolte’s signature kitchen furnishings.
The sleek design and sophisticated layout of the cooking space attracted many guests’ attention.
This year’s Samsung’s built-in kitchen booth was also designed with other luxury furniture
brands including Italy’s LUBE, which are shown in the ‘Premium Kitchen Zone’ alongside Nolte
products, and at luxury built-in brand ‘Dacor Zone’, attendees are able to peruse some of these
innovative designs. The IFA kitchen is a testament to how Samsung smart kitchen appliances with
AI and IoT can harmonize seamlessly with kitchen furnishings. Samsung has also collaborated
with renowned brands including Scavolini and Veneta Cucine, and participated at exhibitions like
EuroCucina to strengthen its commitment to building world-class premium appliances.
The smart kitchen zone was enhanced by luxury built-in kitchen appliance brand Dacor for a
seamless finish incorporating the premium smart appliances into the kitchen space fluidly.
Having finished their meals, audience members expressed their wonder at the delicate tastes of
each course, all cooked to perfection with Samsung’s intelligent kitchen appliances. Audience
member Michael Wasiau especially appreciated the experimental nature of Chef Oldani’s
bruschetta course, made with such simple ingredients as discovered in the Family Hub fridge.
Other audience members found the cooking show informative, as it highlighted the practice
usage features like Smart Recipe can offer; “I usually check myself what’s in the fridge to see
what I can make,” said Thea Frosshoph. “So, when cooking, besides getting creative myself and
thinking ‘okay, what am I going to make today?’ I can find some cooking inspiration with what’s

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